Eurovision : 12 artists competing to represent France

EUROVISION 2021 - The public and professionals will soon choose the next representative of France to the Eurovision contest, from among 12 candidates. Summary

Eurovision : 12 artists competing to represent France

EUROVISION 2021 - The public and professionals will soon choose the next representative of France to the Eurovision contest, from among 12 candidates.

Summary Candidate of France for the Eurovision contest, the Date of the final of the Eurovision 2021 Ranking of the Eurovision Winner Eurovision French Victories in the Eurovision

[updated at 10 December, 2020 at 12: 31 am] If the health environment remains uncertain, France was already preparing for Eurovision. Edition 2021 should take place within a few months, the final is scheduled for Saturday, 22 may 2021, while the two semi-finals will take place on 18 and 20 may 2021, the netherlands. Tom Leeb will not stand, France Television has announced the words of the national competition open to public vote to nominate the candidate who will be the face and voice of the country at the international vocal competition. The show "Eurovision France, it is you who decide", which will select the representative of France, will be released in the beginning of the year 2021 on France 2.

Twelve artists are competing to represent France at the Eurovision contest in 2021. We will return to June 21, the duo, who will perform "Can you tell me?", Ali, who sang "Paris said to me (Yalla ya helo!), the trio polynesian Amui, who will play his place with the song "Maeva", the duo Andriamad who will perform "Alleluia", Barbara Pravi (who co-wrote the song winner of Eurovision Junior 2020) will interpret "Here", Yoann Casanova (The Voice of 2018) will sing "Tutti", Céphaz will defend the title "We ate the sun", Juliette Moraine (The Voice 2014) will sing "as Long as you love me", LMK will interpret "Magic", the Philippines is set to defend the title "Bah non", Pony X perform "wild Love" and Terence James (The Voice 2020) will sing "I'll take you". The method of voting to choose the candidate of the France at the Eurovision have not been communicated by France Television.

Why Tom Leeb does not retry not his luck this year ?

After the cancellation of the edition 2020, the country had the opportunity to reappoint the candidate who had not participated this year. However, Tom Leeb has announced Non-Stop People last June that it would not participate in the singing competition european in the next year. "I have a calendar quite full, so I couldn't do the Eurovision," said the singer and actor. "Other things are coming my way, but France Télévisions will give an answer very precise".

learn more about the eurovision is the candidate who was to represent France at the Eurovision 2021 ?

We do not yet know the name of the candidate who will represent France at the Eurovision 2021. The public can vote among the twelve candidates : June 21, the duo, Ali Amui, a trio of polynesian, Andriamad, a duo consisting of Cecilia and Kevin, Barbara Pravi, Yoann Casanova, a finalist in season 7 of "The Voice" in 2018, Céphaz, artist from ghana, Juliette Moraine, the candidate of the 3rd season of "The Voice" in 2014, LMK is the artist name of EveLyne, Filipino, Pony X, a duo consisting of Clarence and a DJ disguised as a pony, Terence James, a semi-finalist of season 9 of "The Voice".

What is the date for the Eurovision 2021 ?

The cancellation of the edition 2020 of the Eurovision is making a lot of noise, but behind the scenes, the organizers have been working on the next edition. The final of the Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam on Saturday, 22 may 2021. You should also know the candidate countries ' presence will be decided in two semi-finals scheduled on 18 and 20 may 2021.

What is the latest ranking of the Eurovision ?

The Eurovision 2020 have been cancelled, the latest rankings available to date is that of the edition 2019. The contest has not been very favorable to Bilal Hassani, representative of France. The French candidate, who were among the favourites, was unfortunately finished 16th in the general classification. A disappointment for Bilal Hassani that the bookies ranked much higher. Here is the latest ranking as of the date of the Eurovision.

1 : the netherlands (498 points) 2. Italy (472 points) 3. Russia (370 points) 4. Switzerland (364 points) 5. Sweden (334 points) 6. Norway (331 points) 7. Northern Macedonia (305 points ) 8. Azerbaijan (302 points) 9. Australia (284 points) 10. Iceland (232 points) 11. The Czech Republic (157 points) 12. Denmark (120 points) 13. Cyprus (109 points) 14. Malta (107 points) 15. Slovenia (105 points) 16. France (105 points) 17. Albania (90 points) 18. Serbia (89 points) 19. Saint-Marin (77 points) 20. Estonia (76 points) 21. Greece (74 points) 22. Spain (54 points) 23. Israel (35 points) 24. Belarus (31 points ) 25. Germany (24 points) 26. The United Kingdom (11 points ) What is the last winner of the Eurovision ?

waiting for the ranking of the Eurovision 2021, let us return to the editing 2019 that saw the victory of the favourite of the bookmakers in the person of Duncan Laurence, who represented the netherlands, with the title Arcade. He won the Eurovision 2019 high hand, ahead of Italy and Russia. The juries and the viewers seem to have loved his song that evokes the loss and the grief. Unfortunately for France, Bilal Hassani was not able to climb to the top of the ranking of the Eurovision 2019 and finished in the 16th place. His interpretation of the title "King" has, however, been welcomed by the public of Tel-Aviv.

What are the French victories at the Eurovision contest ?
Date Of Update: 31 December 2020, 19:57

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