Netflix : movies and tv shows to see in September 2020

NETFLIX - Like every month, new products arrive on the streaming platform. Find the catalog and schedule of Netflix for September 2020. Summary Catalog Netflix

Netflix : movies and tv shows to see in September 2020

NETFLIX - Like every month, new products arrive on the streaming platform. Find the catalog and schedule of Netflix for September 2020.

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[updated on August 28, 2020 10: 08] back to school is going to be loaded on Netflix ! The streaming platform has many new features and original productions in its French version, and this as from the 1st of September. Barely A month will he start that subscribers will be able to find a collection of the films of Godard, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark, Taxi 2, 3 and 4, but also 8 women. Throughout the month, new movies are going to be available, such as The exchange, Good Time, or even The devil all the time, a production with Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. The month will wrap up, next movies, by the output of Enola Holmes, the adventure movie and the police on the little sister of Sherlock Holmes, with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill.

Side series, fans of the format will also be spoiled in September. The season 2 of Family Business is to discover the 11 September, while series Baby until 16 September. Among the other series to see, it should be noted Away with Hilary Swank, the musical series by the creator of High School Musical Julie and the Phantoms, as well as Ratched, with a focus on nurse Mildred Ratched Flight above a nest of cuckoo. Find the full schedule of Netflix in the month of August below.

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First streaming offering by subscription in the world, Netflix has become a juggernaut in its industry despite the competition that is still struggling to form. Far behind, Amazon Prime Video tries to compete with lots of content but is still struggling to gather a big audience and faithful, while Apple and Disney have each launched their own streaming services. It should be said that Netflix has a catalogue bloated and constantly renewed to original works, be it series or movies. Through this special article, learn everything you need to know about Netflix. What movies and series out at this time ? What's new in the catalog this time ? It's all there. Click here for details of prices Netflix and explanations on the subscription to the streaming platform.

What are the new series on Netflix ?

In September 2020, Netflix adds content series to its catalog : the subscribers of the platform may discover the season 12 of Big Bang Theory from the 1st of September, but also the new mini-series of Sacha Baron-Cohen, The Spy (September 7). Season 2 of the French series " Family Business will be available on the platform of the 11 September, while fans can discover the ultimate season of Baby the 16 September. Netflix will also be posting the following series : Away (4 September), Julie and the Phantoms (10 September), Criminal UK season 2 (September 16), Ratched (September 18) and American Horror Story : 1984 (September 20).

What are the new movies to see on Netflix ?

Netflix puts online several movies in September 2020. From the 1st of September, subscribers can (re)discover many of the films of Jean-Luc Godard, but also Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost ark, Taxi 2, 3 and 4, and Max Maximonstres and 8 women. You can find the rest of the month of September the films in the following : The exchange (4 September), A life-violent (8 September), Good time (13 September), The devil all the time (September 16), the documentary Gims (17 September), and Enola Holmes (September 23).

That is there in the catalog Netflix ?

When one subscribes for the first time, the content vast Netflix can put off. The streaming platform provides thousands of series, movies, documentaries, cartoons, news reports, and it is not easy to make a choice. First, be aware that Netflix categorizes each piece of content, in order to find them more easily. The comedy part is very well furnished. Subsequently, the more you watch movies and series plus the algorithm that Netflix will find programs tailored to your needs and desires. Unfortunately, not everything is available on Netflix France, by reason of the rights of broadcasts to be distributed among multiple broadcasters. It should be noted, for example, the absence of series such as Lost, The Office US, Buffy against the vampires.

Next to tv series, Netflix is responsible for a number of phenomena anywhere in the world. They include Orange is the new black, the comedy-drama in a prison setting, but also Stranger Things, a nostalgic return in the 1980s with a big hint of fantasy, or 13 Reasons Why, a series lasts that evokes the harassment among adolescents. Be aware that Netflix broadcasts aus

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