Choose the Best Dress for Occasions that Matter

If the quest for the immaculate dress can be complicated for the bride

Choose the Best Dress for Occasions that Matter

If the quest for the immaculate dress can be complicated for the bride, the choice of her outfit when getting ready for the wedding of her children is just as much of challenge. "She will be seen by all the guests, photographed ... It is therefore necessary to bet on something she assumes but which, at the same time, will not eclipse the bride", summarizes fashion connoisseur and blogger Maëlis Jamin-Bizet. It is a real challenge therefore, if we add the small complexes due to morphology or age while choosing the Mother of the Bride Dresses.

A Chic Outfit But In Which We Feel Good

As the blogger recalls, it is therefore essential to opt for a model in which "we feel good". A small jacket will hide the arms if you do not want to draw attention to them. What about the length, which is so often debated, especially during ceremonies? "The right compromise is a knee length, both in accordance with the event and also with age."

"Mid-length skirts, in a very fifties spirit, mixed with a blouse will have the most beautiful effect," says one who is also the author of several books on the theme of marriage. Indeed, the most important thing is to be comfortable. If we are not used to being in skirts or dresses, we will be able to turn to elegant trousers, a model palazzo for example, or simply to a pantsuit. "Be careful, however, the latter remains a difficult piece that forgives little defects. On the other hand, it is perfect and definitely more practical for the evening, as an alternative to the long dress."

Beautiful Materials and Harmonious Colors

The hat is no longer an obligation even if some families maintain this tradition. "Attention, it has a disadvantage for the photos, because it creates a shadow on the face if there is sun." The fashion experts therefore recommend betting on hair jewelry that is not just more discreet but just as elegant if you want accessorize your hairstyle.

The marriage of your children being a happy occasion, experiment is the keyword when it comes to choosing the color for Short Mother of the Bride Dresses. For the wedding expert, we can refer to the theme of the union: a bucolic atmosphere calls for soft tones while an urban decor allows more colors more vivid.

You do not need to be in tune with the personality of your child's mother-in-law, even if it's useful to be up-to-date with the choices that she prefers.

While you choose your prints, be careful that they do not attract too much attention. "Yes to floral patterns but if worn on all-over, for example on a dress, and we will focus on soft colors. And if we opt for a blouse, we will calm the game with a skirt, pants or plain accessories", is what a fashion enthusiast would recommend.


Finally, for those who are out of inspiration, why not turn to icons of style that succeed in playing the card of elegance without doing too much? "Katherine and Audrey Hepburn, Ines de la Fressange... these are real models who can help find the perfect outfit for the D-day."

Updated Date: 17 March 2019, 01:33

Recep Karaca

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