A Quick Guide on the Ways to Use a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator [2022]

: The eligibility for a home loan is essentially dependent on various factors, including present age, monthly income, financial obligations, credit history etc. Check out this article to clearly understand the techniques of using a home loan eligibility calculator.

A Quick Guide on the Ways to Use a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator [2022]

A Beginner’s Guide on the Techniques of Using a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

A home loan eligibility calculator works as a general self-help tool so that you can efficiently plan out your finances. Nevertheless, the results depend on many factors and include all your assumptions. You must remember that the displayed results are not accurate to your prevailing circumstances.

This article will give you informative insights into using a home eligibility calculator. Also, you will get to know a few other things that are associated with home loan eligibility. Let’s check them out.

Home Loan Eligibility - What is it?

Home loan eligibility is nothing but a set of criteria that any credible financial institution assesses. They basically assess a customer's creditworthiness only to determine whether they can avail or repay a specific loan amount.

You should note that home loan eligibility depends on various criteria. Some of them include the financial position, age, credit score, credit history, particular financial obligations, etc.

Home Loan Eligibility - How is it Calculated?

Home loan eligibility primarily depends on an individual's income and repayment capacity. However, other factors, such as credit history, financial condition, age, etc., are also taken into consideration.

How to Use a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator?

Most of the online home loan eligibility calculators will help you determine your eligibility for housing loans. Here is how you should be using a home loan eligibility calculator.

  • First, you need to enter your gross monthly income.
  • Next, you will have to input your desired loan term for which you wish to avail of the home loan. Keep in mind that a longer tenure significantly helps in enhancing your eligibility.
  • After that, you need to enter the interest rate for the housing loan offered by your desirable financial institution.
  • And finally, you need to enter all the EMIs of other ongoing loans (if any).

Once you have input all the details, you will have to click on the “Calculate” option. Your home loan eligibility amount will be calculated automatically. Also, you will be able to check the EMI amount for your home loan. So, if you are satisfied with the displayed amounts, you can easily apply for a home loan.

Home Loan Eligibility - How to Enhance Your Eligibility?

Here, we have comprehensively listed the techniques to enhance your home loan eligibility.

  • Try availing of a structured repayment plan.
  • Consider adding a potential earning family member as your co-applicant.
  • Remember to furnish all the details of your regular and any additional; income sources.
  • Always ensure a steady flow of income, investments, and regular savings.
  • You must take an instant action to rectify any kinds of errors in your credit score.
  • Try keeping a record of all your variable salary components.
  • You should consider repaying all the ongoing loans and any short-term debts.

Following the above techniques will actually help you acquire a housing loan seamlessly.

Calculate Your Home Loan Eligibility and Apply for a Home Loan

You can easily calculate your home loan eligibility through the online home loan eligibility calculator offered by Bank of Baroda. And once you have received an indication regarding your home loan eligibility, you can apply for a home loan easily. The best part is that you can easily apply for a home loan from the comfort of your home.

So, to apply for a home loan from Bank of Baroda, get in touch with professionals.


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