The veto of Israel two congressmen undermines the strategic relationship with the U.S.

With the decision to ban the entry to Israel two democratic congressmen at the request of Donald Trump, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called into questi

The veto of Israel two congressmen undermines the strategic relationship with the U.S.

With the decision to ban the entry to Israel two democratic congressmen at the request of Donald Trump, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called into question the special relationship of the U.S. with the jewish State —a strategic link in the margin of the party that controls the White House— to lean in favour of the campaign domestic policy of the current republican president. Washington protects diplomatically for Israel with its veto power in the Security Council and is the largest guarantor of its defense. Even the democrat Barack Obama, estranged from Netanyahu, he did not hesitate to approve a plan of military assistance of 38,000 million dollars to shore up the superiority israeli war in the region a hostile middle East.

To ignore the Democratic Party with the denial of visa to the representatives Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, the first muslim on Capitol hill, the prime minister has been accused in Israel of acting against the national interest. The main rival of Netanyahu in the elections of the 17th of September, the former general centrist Benny Gantz, has put on the face of the “damage caused to the relations with the U.S.” because of its wavering policy in this case. Since mid-July, the Israeli ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, had made it clear that it was much less damaging to the image of the Hebrew State to authorize the visit of the two congressmen that prohibit it, as has finally happened.

The impact of the veto have also been noted in the united STATES. The unusual decision to Trump to press a foreign Government to prevent entry to two members of the Legislature has stirred the already murky political waters at home. The president has not clarified if he spoke with Netanyahu. But yes declared before the press have spoken “with people” before launching the tweet in which he claimed that if Israel were allowed to enter Tlaib and Omar “would be showing a great weakness.”

The choice of Israel was not only criticized by the companions of rows of the congressmen. Also prominent republicans, like senator Marco Rubio, considered it wrong. “Deny them entry is a mistake,” tweeted the senator from Florida.


From left to right, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley. J. Scott Applewhite AP The congressmen attacked by Trump: “do Not bite at the hook, this is a distraction,”

Stuck already in campaign for re-election in 2020, Trump has found in Omar and Tlaib the perfect target to attack the Democratic Party, in the process of finding a candidate to prevent a second term for the republican. Turning to the two congressmen muslim in the face of a “radical left” that would have taken over the party, the president seeks to attract voters, moderates, unhappy with the turn of democrats to positions more progressive. The strategy would also stir the racial divisions to mobilize their bases. In this endeavor, Trump has just proved that will not slow down or even international borders.

The president put in a position complicated to the democrats, forced to defend the two representatives of muslim. In February, Omar had to apologize for implying that his country's support to Israel was fueled by the money of a group of pressure jew, words that were sentenced by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House low. All of this has given to Trump and his team the golden opportunity to try to break the historic alliance between american jews and the Democratic Party.

From 2017, the israeli Government prohibits by law the entry into the country of the foreign supporters of the movement propalestino Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) the jewish State. Israel had blocked up the time at the border to meps and other elected officials europeans under the pretext of promoting the BDS. For the first time, has crossed the line now red veto to american congressmen.

The two democrat representatives were scheduled to visit the iconic Esplanade of the Mosques, which the jews called the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, before continuing their journey towards the west bank, invited by the organization Miftah, headed by the leader of palestine Hannan Ashrawi. “Do you have a fear that the congressmen be able to find something hidden in Palestine?”, quipped the veteran parliamentarian in a statement.

the debts of The prime minister

“After wavering between what should be good for Israel and what should be the U.S. president, Netanyahu has chosen to finally Trump”, interpreted in the pages of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth columnist Shimrit Meir. The debts incurred by the prime minister with the president's republican dating back to December of 2017, when the White House acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the campaign for the unsuccessful legislative April, Trump promoted the victory of the Likud with the recognition of israeli sovereignty in the Golan heights.

On the other hand, in the united STATES has grown to a feeling of boredom among the democrats before the indisimulado partisanship that exhibits the israeli prime minister on american politics. “The racism of Trump and the dependence of Netanyahu have brought us to this point: Israel shows a lack of respect for the Congress of the US”, warns Daniel Shapiro, ambassador to Israel under the mandate of the democrat Barack Obama, in The Atlantic. “Together, they have generated a profound alienation between some of the closest friends of Israel in the Democratic Party.”

Updated Date: 18 August 2019, 14:27

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