Accountants of Auschwitz : Former SS-man Oskar Groening is dead

The former accountant in the Auschwitz extermination camp, Groening, died shortly before his arrest. The 96-year-old had been convicted of aiding the murder.

  Accountants of Auschwitz  : Former SS-man Oskar Groening is dead

The former SS-man Oskar Göning died. This is due to a letter from his lawyer to Hanover prosecutor's office. A spokesman for Public prosecutor's office said that Groening died on Friday at age of 96, according to lawyer's letter. Initially, Spiegel and Hanoverian General newspaper had reported about it.

Groening was soon to take a four-year prison sentence. He was sentenced by Lüneburg District Court in 2015 for aiding murder in 300,000 cases. The Federal Supreme Court upheld verdict in September 2016.

Groening, often referred to as an "accountant of Auschwitz", had admitted during trial that he had counted and forwarded money from baggage of abductees in concentration and extermination camp. He also conceded that when he arrived in 1942 he was told that Jews were gassed. "I have no doubt that I have been morally complicit," Groening said at time. "I beg your pardon. You have to decide on question of criminal guilt. "

Later Groening had tried to take legal action against verdict. He wanted to be considered non-haftfähig for health reasons. In December 2017, Federal Constitutional Court rejected its action as last possible instance. The court had justified its decision by fact that serious health risks were not identifiable by imprisonment. The medical precautions in prison are sufficient. Because of severity of Groening's deeds, enforcement of sentence has a special weight.

Groening had submitted a petition for clemency, but had also failed to do so. The competent prosecutor's office in Lüneburg had n informed in January that Groening should take his sentence as soon as possible.

Date Of Update: 13 March 2018, 12:03

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