A sculptural Ode may be the last of its kind – the Professor: architecture students are planning to again box

the Architect magazine's former editor in chief Jorma Mukala is satisfied. Helsinki is completed within a short time the two buildings, the central library O

A sculptural Ode may be the last of its kind – the Professor: architecture students are planning to again box

the Architect magazine's former editor in chief Jorma Mukala is satisfied.

Helsinki is completed within a short time the two buildings, the central library Ode and the art museum of Amos Rex, who tell that Finland is a skilled factors.

Both is very well designed and implemented, Mukala said.

an Ode to decide according to his great töölö bay cultural buildings on the ring, which begins with Alvar Aalto designed Finlandia hall. It was completed in the early 1970s.

– Ode is as if the last piece of that plan, Mukala said.

He welcomes the fact that the Finnish library institution has got its own brand building in other institutions among them. The Finlandia-house after the area have risen to the opera house, the museum of contemporary art Kiasma and the Music centre.

Ode to the uppermost layer is most similar to the traditional library.Antti Kolppo / Yle

They all have been brand cases of Finnish culture in terms of, Mukala said.

an ode to the saw directly to the capitol building, and vice versa. The new central library is in the early 1930s with the completion of the parliament house only a couple.

Mukala sees an ode to the symbol of the city the importance of growth in society.

– Helsinki is like a state within a state. You can no longer ignore it, what in Helsinki said.

in the Same way in the late 1990s completed, the Ode standing next to said house to remind Mukalan according to the time, when newspapers were thriving.

“Ode does not refer to the future”

While both the Ode and Amos Rex has been said about the future of the library and the art museum, they do not Mukalan according to refers to "surprising or exciting" the future of architecture. It determines the most likely climate change.

Jorma Mukala is preparing a book on Finnish 2000-century modern architecture. He is the Architect of the magazine's former editor.Outi Kuitunen / Yle

It means in the future maybe a simpler architecture, Mukala said.

He sees the ode in 2000 century wow-the architecture of the last phase, which is anticipated in the late 1990s completed the Kiasma.

He suspects that the Ode, Amos Rex, the Kamppi chapel and, for example, at the university of Helsinki new library (Kaisa house) such as objects of sculptural and plastic forms may soon be history.

– I have a feeling that this stage began to be in the architecture of the past.

Finnish 2000-century modern architecture from the records of the preparatory Mukala is delighted that Ode is stretched nicely on the back of the office building to the front, to the “office of the house does not need to look at”.

the Architect magazine's former editor recalled that the Finnish architecture have never been a trendsetter in the world. On the contrary, the trends have landed here with a delay.

ode to the spiral staircase is the Karvonen book Signed.Antti Kolppo / Yle“Students are planning to again boxes”

the future of architects at Aalto university, educational building design professor Pirjo Sanaksenaho to keep ode to the expressive quality of a building.

in His opinion, it save the whole töölö bay environment.

It will bring its daily flow, Sanaksenaho said.

He likes building sculptures of ellis, which is suitable for the professor according to the specific well Ode-like, the unique culture of the building.

the central library of the idiom get Sanaksenahon to reflect the style of the direction of continuity.

Pirjo Sanaksenaho is a building design professor at Aalto university.

When I teach architect students, I see how the kids are doing, again, quite rational and rectangular shape of the building, Sanaksenaho said.

He reminds me of that Ode are the first exceptional library building in Finland. The Finnish library institution has a long common history with the architecture, and, for example, the Tampere main library Metso is attracting more attention.

Finnish contemporary architecture tuurille Ode and Amos Rex-like buildings are gold expensive. They evoke widespread interest in the art form.

I'm really delighted. They bring in some way for all the townspeople visible, what architecture can be achieved. Nice places for people Sanaksenaho said.

He believes that the Ode and Amos Rex will bring to Helsinki visitors to exclusively target the architecture. The phenomenon is seen already in the pea island rose at Steam-bath complex.

“Ode to the ranks of the world top”

the Finnish library architecture was impressively exhibited at the Venice architecture biennale, which ended a week ago.

the architecture of the information centre's executive director Hanna Harris, according to the Ode was a Finnish exhibition attraction.

the Finnish library system history was wondering 90 000 biennial guests.

– overseas people interested in the fact that Finland invests in public construction, civilisation and democracy as well as non-commercial public space, Harris said.

the World is being built at the moment quite a lot of new libraries, big cities, and many of them will reach the core of downtown, such as Ode.

Ode to the rose in the very centre of Helsinki.

the Finnish library system's new flagship ranked in the Harris, according to the international forefront. It revealed the Architecture biennale in Venice.

– Ode will look at the year ahead, Harris said.

the Building's versatility has attracted the interest: the first floor is public space an extension, which only a couple of parliament house.

– That's democracy and people's power as if the conversation the state and the city to the other core locations with Harris paints.

the middle layer of conversion for many uses and the top floor is the “book of heaven”, which open up interesting views of the surroundings.

This package of interest to Harris, according to the world.

the Ode is one of the Finnish contemporary architecture business card, and Harris have their work seen, how the interest of Finnish modern architecture is grown.

in Helsinki is according to him a number of items that “speak this language”.

They are an ode to the in addition, for example, Amos Rex, the Sauna, the Kamppi chapel and the university's new library, Kaisa house.

Ode to the lowest layer is the public urban space extension. Architecture information centre executive director Hanna Harris.Antti Kolppo / Yle

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