Allocation of back-to-school 2020 : what is the amount ? what is the date ? The conditions to get it

ALLOCATION RENTREE SCOLAIRE 2020. This year, the government decided to revaluate the allocation of back-to-school to the tune of 100 euros. What is the time fra

Allocation of back-to-school 2020 : what is the amount ? what is the date ? The conditions to get it

ALLOCATION RENTREE SCOLAIRE 2020. This year, the government decided to revaluate the allocation of back-to-school to the tune of 100 euros. What is the time frame that premium will she be paid ? Under what conditions is it possible to get it ? Find all the information.

Summary payment Date maximum Amount in Steps Custody

[updated July 26, 2020 at 15h04] many families are waiting for the payment of the allowance of back-to-school, which each year helps millions of households to cope with the costs associated with the return to school. To stem the consequences of the crisis related to the epidemic of coronavirus, Jean Castex, has announced, during his general policy speech, Wednesday, July 15, the national Assembly, and an appreciation of "exceptional" from the allocation of back-to-school. This outstanding increase has been fixed at 100 euros. To qualify, the homes must not declare resources that exceed a threshold, set based on the number of dependent children, 6 to 18 years. The amount of the school return allowance depends on the age of the children (read more below).

About three million families, whose children are aged 6 to 18 years old benefit from this allocation of back-to-school. The payment is however subject to conditions of resources. For this season, what are your income in the year 2018 as the basis for calculating the amount of your rights : they must not exceed 25 093 euros if you have a child, for example. On the occasion of the academic year 2019/2020, this assistance is paid by the Caf amounted to 368,84 euros for a child aged 6 to 10 years, 389,19 euros for a child from 11 to 14 years and 402,67 euros for a child from 15 to 18 years.

If many in the media have referred to a payment date fixed for 18 August, for the time being, the Fca has not yet indicated a specific date : "The ARS is paid at the end of August. For young people 16 to 18 years, you need to register online in advance that your child is in school," one can read on the page of information dedicated to the ARS on the website of the family allowances Fund. He reminds us that if you are not a financial aid recipient, you must fill in a form on the website of the family allowances Fund, print it, fill it in and return it to your Cfo contact (which depends on your place of residence). If you are already a beneficiary, and if you meet the criteria set by the administration, the allowance will be "paid automatically".

What is the date of payment of the allowance back-to-school in 2020 ?

The date of payment of the stipend of the school year 2020 is not yet known. It should be unveiled in the near future, the Fca is content for the moment to indicate that the payment will be effective the end of August . In 2019, the date was fixed Tuesday 20 August in the mainland. This year, it should respond to the August 18, in metropolis and early August in the overseas territories, the academic year earlier. As a reminder, it is normal that the payment is not effective to the bank account immediately. It may in fact be a delay of treatment, depending on the bank. In the absence of a payment a few days after the date announced by the government, it is advisable to contact your Fund family allowances.

What is the amount of the premium of the return of the Caf ?

It differs depending on the age of the child The Fca has defined three amounts corresponding to three age groups. The amounts of the allowance of back-to-school 2020 had already been announced, here they are :

From 6 to 10 years : 369,95 € 11-14 years : 390,36 € 15 to 18 years : 403,88 €

What is the upgrade for the return allowance 2020 ?

On 15 July, Jean Castex, has indicated that the allocation of back-to-school would be upgraded to "outstanding". Here are the amounts that you should expect :

For a child aged 6 to 10 years : 469,95 € For children aged 11 to 14 years old : 490,35 € For a child aged 15 to 18 years : 503,88 €

Note that if you do not meet the income requirements, the Fca may pay part of the premium back. So we are talking of allocation of back-to-school differential (read the next paragraph).

Can we do a simulation of the allocation of back-to-school 2020 ?

The site of the Caisse centrale de la Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) gave access to a simulator, here. You must indicate the amount of income of your household, and the number of children in care and their birth dates respective.

The allocation of back-to-school differential, how it works ?

When the resources of the family slightly exceeds the limits set by the Fund family allowances, the Fca may agree to pay the return allowance, on the condition that the resources are inferior to the accumulated between the ceiling of the ARS and the amount of the assistance for the child", we had been provided last year. On the other hand, the household does not perceive, therefore, thata portion of this financial assistance. In 2019, a family with an 8 year old child and resources 2017 25 065,84 euro could touch 165,84€.

What are the conditions of the return allowance 2020 ? The ceiling

The CAF does not consider the income of the current year, but those dating back to two years. This year, this is the income of 2018 that are being studied. Here are the limits that apply to the new school year 2020-2021 :

1 dependent child : 25 093 euros 2 dependent children : 30 883 euros 3 dependent children : 36 675 euros Per child additional charge : 5 791 euros

in Addition to the income requirements, in the Fca requires that the child goes to school in a public or private institution. The Caisse des allocations familiales may give the return allowance when the child follows a course through an agency at a distance as the Cned. On the other hand, it excludes families who have opted for training at home. Your child is under 18 years of age and he is learning ? You can touch the ARS, provided that the compensation does not exceed 55% of the Smic."For the academic year 2020, the child must be born between September 16, 2002 and December 31, 2014" , says it on the site

What happens if my child is still enrolled in school after the age of 18 ?

You may not receive the allowance of back-to-school if your child is over the age of 18 years of age and still enrolled in high school, for example. As explained previously, this bonus applies only to families with children aged 6 to 18 years. Have you looked at the side of the stock exchange school ? It represents between 147 and 311 euros per quarter and is also paid in terms of resources, but without the age requirement.

What steps to get the allocation back to 2020 ?

The steps to make a request for allocation of back-to-school depend on your situation. Here are the situations that may arise :

You are a beneficiary and are eligible , the bonus is paid automatically to your children who are 6 to 15 years old on the 31 December following the start of the year. You are not already receiving Caf : see you in the "online services", then click "Make a claim", and "Allocation of back-to-school". You will then need to print the form and return the completed form to your Caf. If your child comes home in a CP in September, but it will be six years old in 2021, you must think how to get a certificate of attendance from the institution. You must send to Caf to get the premium back. For teenagers aged 16 to 18 years, only in a declaration on the honour ", ensuring that the child is properly enrolled in school is enough", said the ministry of Health in a press release last year. My child is in joint custody, can I get the return allowance in 2020 ?

Your child is between the ages of 6 to 18 years of age, you meet the previously mentioned conditions, but you're separated from the father or the mother of your child ? The allocation of the school year may not be shared between the two parents. The financial assistance is granted to the first among them who made the application to the Fca, and in full, for the school year to come .

Date Of Update: 26 July 2020, 09:57

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