Antigenic : new on its deployment in France, who can benefit ?

hours. The time may be longer depending on the crowds at some centres and some cities. serologic tests These can be used to find whether a person has develo

Antigenic : new on its deployment in France, who can benefit ?
hours. The time may be longer depending on the crowds at some centres and some cities.

serologic tests

These can be used to find whether a person has developed an immune response after contact with the virus. These tests are performed using blood tests, traditional or collection kits fast. The list of the devices judged to be "reliable" is available on the website of the ministry of Health. They are reimbursed by the social security when they fall within the indications defined by the High Authority of Health.

There are two ways to perform this test, by blood or by simple removal of a drop of blood. The first-named is an ELISA test and will not be refunded if it is not prescribed on the prescription, the result of the test will also have to wait a few hours. The second is called the test TROD. The latter is feasible in your local pharmacy with a price that is non-negligible 10 to 15 euros (not reimbursed). "It is an immunological test that can detect the body's reaction to the viral infection (...) If there is presence of antibodies, it will appear on the plaque, there will be a small horizontal line", which will confirm the contamination, explained to AFP the pharmacist Peter Fritz is located in Strasbourg.

The tests salivary

what are t-they ? Thanks to the collection of a few drops of saliva, mixed with a reagent, you can know if you are positive Covid-19. During a press conference online this Friday, September 18, the High authority for health (HAS) has found reliable the use of tests of salivary screening of Covid. Dominique Le Guludec, president of the College of the High Authority of Health (HAS) has, however, indicated that this test would be only for people with symptoms because with this test, "it would more than 75%" of the infection because of inadequate performance" she explains. For the time being, the onsite oral fluid tests are not carried out in the laboratory or in the pharmacy.

What are the essays on the tests salivary ?

A test called "Covisal" began at the end of July in Guyana in order to validate the fact that saliva is a good sample to perform a test at Covid. It involves taking two times by removing mucus in the nose and collecting the saliva symptomatic persons presenting to the emergency department of the hospital of Cayenne on suspicion of Covid-19.

A second trial is baptized in his side "Salicov" soon to be launched to the public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), with the objective to evaluate the interest of sampling the salivary in the framework of a screening. It is in this protocol that tests the salivary already allowed in the United States and those developed by other researchers that are not registered, could have a validation in France.

Finally, a third test "EasyCov" is also under investigation. It is a saliva test fast which is developed by the CNRS and the CHU de Montpellier. Intermediate results should be communicated at the end of the month of September. The technique of this saliva test is to heat the tube containing the saliva and the reagents to 65 °C to make it readable the genetic signature of the virus. It takes about an hour to get the result, compared to several hours for RT-PCR : if it's yellow, it is positive, if it is orange it is negative. The cost will be around 30 to 35 euros.

antigenic tests

A decree dating back to the October 26, enables pharmacists, nurses, liberals and doctors of city practice antigenic testing free of charge and without a prescription. A nasopharyngeal swab (one inserts a swab into the nostrils) is made, the solution is then placed on a plate. At the end of 10 to 30 minutes, we get a result : if there is a bar, the test is negative, there are two of them, the test is positive. Antigenic tests, however, are less reliable than PCR tests. That is why they are addressed as a priority to symptomatic persons less than 65 years of age who does not exhibit risk factors. Vulnerable patients must move to the laboratory to perform a test Covid.

The self-tests

Date Of Update: 01 December 2020, 05:57

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