Cabinet reshuffle : 6 new secretaries of State, 5 renewed

The first government Castex is finally complete. Here is the list of all the secretaries of State and ministers after the reshuffle occurred this summer 2020.

Cabinet reshuffle : 6 new secretaries of State, 5 renewed

The first government Castex is finally complete. Here is the list of all the secretaries of State and ministers after the reshuffle occurred this summer 2020.

Summary List of ministers in the new government The ministers who remain The new ministers The ministers in the outgoing

It will be therefore necessary to wait until the end of July that the government Castex is finally complete. After a reorganization occurred at the beginning of the month, with the departure of Edouard Philippe, the surprises, Roselyne Bachelot, Eric Dupond-Moretti and the disputed nomination of Gerald Darmanin in the Interior ministry, the Elysee unveiled the list of the 11 secretaries of State, Sunday, July 26, appointed to assist the ministers and deputy ministers already in place. Only 6 new personalities make their entry into the government : Bérangère Abba, in charge of Biodiversity ; Nathalie Elimas, in charge of the Education as a priority ; Sarah El Haïry , in charge of the Youth and Commitment, Olivia Gregory, in charge of the social Economy, solidarity-based and responsible ; and Joël Giraud, in charge of the Rurality, with the minister of territorial Cohesion ; Sophie Cluzel, in charge of Persons with disabilities. Find below the list of all the members of the government, which now has 21 men and 22 women :

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The new government Castex

Prime minister, head of government : Jean Castex ministers Minister of Europe (foreign Affairs : Jean-Yves Le Drian Minister of the ecological Transition : Barbara Pompili Minister of Education, Youth and Sports : Jean-Michel Blanquer Minister of Economy, Finance and the Recovery : Bruno Le Maire, Minister for the Armed forces and Defence : Florence Parly Minister of the Interior : Gérald Darmanin Minister of Labour, Employment and Inclusion : Elizabeth Terminal, Minister of the overseas : Sébastien Lecornu Minister of Justice, keeper of the Seals : Eric Dupond-Moretti, Minister of the Cohesion and Territories : Jacqueline Gourault Minister of Culture : Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health and Solidarity : Olivier Véran Minister of the Sea : Annick Girardin, Minister of higher Education, Research and Innovation : Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Agriculture and Food : Julien Denormandie, Minister of the Function and the Transformation of public : Amélie de Montchalin The ministers delegates Minister delegate for Relations with Parliament : Marc Fesneau Minister for gender Equality, Rights and Equal opportunities : Elizabeth Moreno, Minister delegate to the foreign Trade and Attractiveness : Frank Riester deputy Minister for Housing : Emmanuelle Wargon Minister for Transport : Jean-Baptiste Djebbari Minister for public Accounts : Olivier Dussopt Minister delegated to Industry : Agnès Basket Runacher Minister delegate for SMES : Alain Griset deputy Minister for Sports : Roxana Maracineanu Minister delegated to the Memory and veterans affairs : Geneviève Darrieussecq Minister responsible for Citizenship : Marlène Schiappa Minister delegate to the Insertion : Brigitte Klinkert Minister delegate in charge of the City : Nadia Hai Minister delegate in the Self : Brigitte Bourguignon secretaries of State State Secretary, government spokesman : Gabriel Attal Sophie Cluzel , in charge of Persons with disabilities, to the Prime minister With the minister of Europe and foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne , in charge of Tourism, of the French from abroad and Francophonie With the minister of Europe and foreign Affairs, Henrik jensen , in charge of european Affairs With the minister of the ecological Transition, Bérangère Abba , responsible for the Biodiversity ; With the minister of national Education, Youth and Sports, Ms. Nathalie Elimas , responsible for the Education priority, Ms. Sarah El Hairy , responsible for the Youth and the Commitment From the minister of Economy and Finance, Cedric O , responsible for the Transition to digital and electronic Communications With the minister of Economy and Finance, Olivia Gregory , responsible for social Economy, solidarity-based and responsible to the minister of Labour and Employment, The aurent Piétraszewski , in charge of Pensions and Health work With the minister of territorial Cohesion, Joël Giraud , responsible for Rural affairs To the minister of Solidarity and Health, Adrien Cleat , responsible for Children and Families. What are the ministers who remain in the government ?

In reality, very many ministers of the last government of Philippe shall remain to the responsibilities as : Jean-Yves Le Drian (foreign Affairs), Jean-Michel Blanquer (Education, but also this time of Youth and Sports), Bruno Le Maire (Economics), Florence Parly (Defence), Jacqueline Gourault (Territories), Olivier Véran (Health), Frédérique Vidal (higher Education) remain at their post. Have left the ministry for another : Gérald Darmanin, who passes the Budget on the Inside, Elisabeth Terminal in the Transition to Work and Employment, Sébatien Lecornu Communities overseas, Annick Girardin, who inherits a new ministry of the Sea, Julien Denormandie, promoted Agriculture and Amélie de Montchalin in the public Service.

Who are the new ministers ?

Eight new ministers or deputy ministers make their entrance : Barbara Pompili to the ecological Transition, Eric Dupond-Moretti Justice Roselyne Bachelot to the Culture, and Elisabeth Moreno to the Equality of women and men, Alain Griset to SMES, Brigitte Klinkert on Insertion, Nadia Hai to the City, and Brigitte Bourguignon Autonomy.

Who are the ministers in the outgoing ?

Date Of Update: 28 July 2020, 02:57

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