Coronavirus in the world : a record number of cases in the USA and in Brazil

CORONAVIRUS. The Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the american continent, more particularly in the United States and Brazil, the two countries with the most

Coronavirus in the world : a record number of cases in the USA and in Brazil

CORONAVIRUS. The Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the american continent, more particularly in the United States and Brazil, the two countries with the most deaths linked to the new coronavirus. Check out the balance sheet of the pandemic in the world on Wednesday 1st of July 2020.

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[updated July 1, 2020 at 10: 39 am] the balance sheet of The Covid-19 in the world, on Tuesday reported 10 302 052 confirmed cases and 505 505 dead. In both countries the most affected by the pandemic, namely the United States (2.6 million cases, more than 127 000 dead), and Brazil (1.4 million cases, more than 59 000 people dead), the situation is still alarming since a surge in the number of infections is seen in the past few days, even with a record number of cases registered during last 24 hours : 42 528 cases in the USA (+ 1 199 deaths), almost 34 000 in Brazil (+ 1 280 deaths). The expert forecasts do not encourage optimism... "I wouldn't be surprised if we were to reach 100,000 new cases per day if we do not reverse the trend," indicated Dr. Anthony Fauci, an epidemiologist and a member of the crisis unit of the White House. For its part, the pan american health Organization (PAHO) reported that the number of deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean could quadruple by the 1st of October and therefore approaching 500 000 deaths to only this region of the world.

In Europe, the situation is more encouraging. The decrease in the number of infections in most countries has led the european Union to decide, yesterday, to reopen the borders to travellers from 15 EU countries, which are obviously not part of the United States and Brazil. We find in this list are Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China. For the latter, the condition qsera that Beijing also allows on its territory the nationals of the european Union.

the map of The coronavirus in the world

Statistics of the coronavirus

Statistics of the coronavirus to the 30/06/2020 in the evening

a Country Number of cases New cases deaths New deaths United States 2,727,853 +46,042 130,122 +764 Brazil 1,408,485 +37,997 59,656 +1,271 Russia 647,849 +6,693 9,320 +154 India 585,792 +18,256 17,410 +506 United Kingdom 312,654 +689 43,730 +155 Spain 296,351 +301 28,355 +9 Peru 285,213 +2,848 9,677 +173 Chile 279,393 +3,394 5,688 +113 Italy 240,578 +142 34,767 +23 Iran 227,662 +2,457 10,817 +147 Mexico 220,657 +3,805 27,121 +473 Pakistan 209,337 +2,825 4,304 +137 Turkey 199,906 +1,293 5,131 +16 Germany 195,832 +440 9,052 +11 Saudi Arabia 190,823 +4,387 1,649 +50 France 164,801 +541 29,843 +30 South Africa 151,209 +6,945 2,657 +128 Bangladesh 145,483 +3,682 1,847 +64 Canada 104,204 +286 8,591 +25 British 97,846 +2,803 3,334 +111 Qatar 96,088 +982 113 China 83,531 +19 4,634 Sweden 68,451 +198 5,333 +12 Egypt 68,311 +1,557 2,953 +81 Argentina 64,530 +2,262 1,307 +27 Belarus 62,118 +328 392 +5 Belgium 61,427 +66 9,747 +15 Ecuador 56,432 +767 4,527 +25 Indonesia 56,385 +1,293 2,876 +71 Netherlands 50,273 +50 6,113 +6 Iraq 49,109 +1,958 1,943 +104 United Arab Emirates 48,667 +421 315 +1 Kuwait 46,195 +671 354 +4 Ukraine 44,334 +706 1,159 +12 Singapore 43,907 +246 26 Portugal 42,141 +229 1,576 +8 Oman 40,070 +1,010 176 +7 Philippines 37,514 +1,076 1,266 +11 Poland 34,393 +239 1,463 +19 Panama 33,550 +765 631 +11 Coronavirus in China

the Birthplace of the pandemic coronavirus, China was thought to have halted the crisis, at the beginning of the spring, but the appearance of new cases since mid-June, especially in Beijing, has put the country under tension. In total, more than 300 cases were discovered in Beijing from mid-June, where "the situation of the epidemic is serious and complex," said Sunday Xu Hejian, a spokesman for the city. Since the month of December, the Covid-19 has caused the death of 4 634 people (no deaths over the last 24 hours), for 83 522 cases. The government has put into place measures of restriction in the capital, closing schools and reconfinant several districts in areas considered at risk, mostly located not far from the market giant of Xinfadi, which would be part of this new wave of contaminations.

Sunday, the authorities have decided to operate in the containment of the township of Anxin (500 000 people), located sixty kilometers south of Beijing, after the census of ten new cases. Eleven cases related to the rebound of the epidemic in beijing have been registered, according to the newspaper Global Times. One person per household will be allowed to go out once a day to buy food and medications, until further order.

Coronavirus in the USA

The United States account for a total of 2 634 432 million cases and 127 322 dead. According to the institute of Johns Hopkins university, the number of deaths on Tuesday was 1 199 dead in 24 hours (372 the previous day). The number of daily new infections recorded in the United States hit a new record on Tuesday, with 42 52834 cases. This figure had fallen to 20,000 in April, before rising, at the option of the movement of the virus in the south-western part of the country. "We have a serious problem in some areas," acknowledged Dr. Fauci, the epidemiologist-in-chief of the White House, last Friday, during a press conference, appealing to the individual responsibility of each American in the control of the spread of the virus. The contagion accenteu and in more than half of u.s. States, including California, Texas and Florida, very large and very populated area.

Coronavirus in Brazil

In Brazil, 1 280 deaths have been recorded during the last 24 hours, for a total balance which now stands at 1 402 0415 cases and 59 594 deaths. The figures continue to follow an upward trend, but the government, however, continues to communicate messages of encouragement, assuring that the situation is under control, under the leadership of president Jair Bolsonaro refractory containment measures implemented by the governors of the states and supporting the thesis that the consequences of economic of these restrictions could cause damage far more serious than those caused by the coronavirus. Experts believe that Brazil should soon reach a "plateau", but with a high figure of more than 1 000 deaths per day.

Coronavirus in Spain

Spain, the record was state, Tuesday, from 99 new cases in 24 hours, or 248 970 cases in total, for 28 355 deaths (9 deaths in 24 hours). In terms of déconfinement, the date of the 1st July is the next cap set by the Spanish government. The state of alert, to limit travel, came to an end on the 21st of June. The reopening of the borders to tourists, has also been booked. The football championship has taken over there a fortnight, and many cultural venues have also opened their doors. In contrast, the schools will re-open in September.

Coronavirus in Italy

In Italy, the official report release Tuesday by the authorities reported 23 deaths in 24 hours (6 sleep), bringing the total to 34 767 dead for 240 578 contamination. Vigilance is always appropriate, in particular since the discovery, last week, several outbreaks, especially in Rome, the capital of the country. "We've got some lack of attention, as the young nightlife scene, and so on, but in Italy, most people continue to wear the mask and apply the distancing physical," said Massio Andreoni, head of the department of infectious diseases at the hospital Tor Vergata in Rome. The virus will continue to circulate and we'll have the sudden reappearance of a few outbreaks. If there is a second wave, this will be our fault. This will mean that we will not have been able to apply what we have learned."

Coronavirus in the United Kingdom

The last balance sheet reported in the United Kingdom was state, Tuesday, of 155 deaths of more in 24 hours (compared to 25 the previous day). In total, the country has 43 730 people since the beginning of the epidemic to more than 312 654 positive cases. According to the office for national statistics (ONS), the number of deaths attributed to the new coronavirus is nevertheless higher than that announced by the ministry of Health, and the overall balance would be in reality more than 50 000 victims of the Covid-19, taking into account the actual number of deceased persons in retirement homes. In addition, the health professionals in the country have asked the class british policy to prepare the United Kingdom in the "true risk" of a second wave, last Wednesday, in a letter published in the British Medical Journal.

The Uk is also continuing with its déconfinement progressive, including the partial reopening of the schools since the beginning of the month. The return is done by age groups for primary schools with pupils aged 4 to 6 years, and from 10 to 11 years. All stores were allowed to reopen on Monday, June 15, with the implementation of precautionary measures (limitation of the number of customers inside, markings on the ground to facilitate the detachment physics...). The port of the mask is also mandatory in the transport. For the reopening of bars and restaurants, it will be necessary, however, to wait for the 4th of July, and again a little later (no date set) for the leisure parks, discos, gyms or swimming pools. On Monday, the United Kingdom announced in the evening a hardening of the containment in Leicester, in the centre of the country, after an outbreak of new cases (866 over the last two weeks).

Coronavirus in Germany

466 cases of more in 24 hours were reported Wednesday morning in Germany by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases in charge of monitoring the epidemic in the country. These new cases concern the balance sheet of the contamination at 194 725 cases reported since the arrival of the Covid-19 in Germany. There are also 12 additional deaths, bringing the total balance to 8985 dead.

After the discovery of many cases in the largest slaughterhouse in the country, in North-Rhine Westphalia, the two townships had been placed in confinement until the 30th of June. On Monday, the authorities of the Land have announced that the measures were lifted in the township of Warendorf but on the other hand extended for a week in Gütersloh, the nearest to the slaughterhouse Tommies where 1500 employees have been tested positive Covid-19. Bars or movie theaters will remain closed, residents asked to stay in their homes and gatherings of more than two people in the public space are prohibited.

The dissemination of a video, which seems to be recorded in the month of April in the premises of the slaughterhouse Tommies to Gütershloh in North Rhine-Westphalia has created the scandal in recent days. It is this slaughter that was born the largest home épidéeconomic facing the country, with more than 1500 employees have been tested positive to the virus. "I find it outrageous that Tönnies has reacted so late, and now everyone in the district suffers the consequences, one has even the right to go on holiday," said a resident in remarks picked up by FranceInfo. The reconfinement part of two districts of the region North Rhine-Wespthalie had the effect of a bomb on a european continent that fears the arrival of a second wave. The measure was scheduled for a week until June 30. "We are dealing with the most important site of infection," announced on June 21, Armin Laschet. The latter said on Monday 29 June that few people outside of the slaughterhouse were contaminated by the Covid-19.

Coronavirus in Portugal

important Day on 1st July in Portugal as it marks the reopening of the land border with Spain closed for the month of march. Since midnight, the tourists but also expatriates Portuguese can again win the Portugal by the road, a very important data for the Portuguese economy, which relies heavily on summer tourism to limit the impact of the epidemic.

This new, highly anticipated, however, was troubled by the announcements of the last days. Lisbon remains in part in quarantine this week. The capital region represents 80% of outbreaks of contagious diseases discovered in Portugal, while 300 to 400 new cases daily are detected in a country which had until now only about 40 000 cases of coronavirus. The Prime minister Antonio Costa has warned and announced "voting is a civic duty containment at home" for the neighborhoods, city limits, concerned. It is not of Lisbon but of a few districts of municipalities close", has he insisted, no doubt sensitive to the possible impact of this announcement on tourism.

In these neighborhoods, residents are invited to stay with them, and can not get out to go to work, do their shopping for food or health as well as for medical appointments. Any gathering of over 10 persons is prohibited. Since 1 July, Portugal is split into three areas. In the one where the rules are less strict, wearing a mask is still required in the transport and places closed, but the gatherings are allowed for up to 20 people. In the second area, which relates to Lisbon and its environs, we are talking about a state of "contingency". The collections are limited to 10 people and the shops close as early as 20h. Finally, in the third area, the containment is in effect, and the business limited to a maximum of 5 people.

The final 8 of the champions League football, scheduled for the beginning of August in Lisbon, can it be threatened ? While Portugal was pleased to have been chosen by the UEFA in view of its good results in the management of the outbreak of coronavirus, the surge of new cases in the Portuguese capital concerned. The country heard yet wet on her good numbers, and its status as a safe destination to attract the european tourists. The government has recently introduced a mobile application "Info Praia" on the terms of opening of the beaches this summer. We have included on this application, information about the rate of occupation of beaches as well as a color code for whether the beach is open in "dynamic" mode (walk permitted only) or if it is possible to cover it with his towel. The dating of the beaches could be monitored and reduced by half compared to usual, but their access could remain free.

Coronavirus in Belgium

The Belgium starts this Wednesday the 1st of July phase 4 of its déconfinement. This new stage is accompanied by symbolic measures highly expected that the enlargement of the "bubble contact" of 10 to 15 people allowed to see per individual and per week. Swimming pools, theatres and cinema are allowed to reopen but with reservation systems and niche determined to limit the crowds. Receptions can take place over the festive halls, but by limiting the number of guests to 50 people. The wearing of masks in the public space is advisable but not mandatory.

The last report on the evolution of the epidemic in Belgium reported an average of 83 new cases of infections every day on the week past, a given decrease of 11% compared to the previous seven days, according to Sciensano. Saturday, June 28, Belgium, identified a total of 61 509 cases of Covid-19 on its soil. It is now the summer holidays which crystallize the attention of the authorities. According to the belgian press, at least 10 million Belgians have decided to pass on the coasts of their country, resulting in a peak inflow that it will be necessary to manage to prevent a resumption of the contamination. An application should be put in place to prevent the influx and try to manage the flow.

Coronavirus in Africa

The last balance-sheet of WHO was in state Monday, June 29, of 380 000 for confirmed cases of coronavirus across the african continent, for 9664 deaths have been documented. South Africa is the most affected country ahead of Egypt and Nigeria. African country that makes the most of screening tests, South Africa has passed the milestone of 100 000 reported cases and nearly 2000 deaths. A test vaccine will be conducted on 2000 people. Developed by the university of Oxford and is considered as promising, it is already the subject of clinical trials in the United Kingdom and Brazil. The"objective, for the moment, is to ensure that the vaccine is not dangerous for patients, and to measure the response of the immune system", explains to France 24 Lee Fairlie, a paediatrician at Wits university, who supervises one of the sites of the clinical trial. The challenge is to verify the absence of side effects. "This is what's called a phase 2, during which one seeks to determine what is the dose of a vaccine produces the best immune response," says his side Pierre Saliou, chairman of the Group of intervention in public health and epidemiology (GISPE).

In Algeria, the president Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced that it is maintaining the closure of all its borders, a decision that started on the 19th of march last. According to the last balance-sheet published on Sunday, 300 cases daily were detected, a record in Algeria, which has officially 13 000 cases reported to 897 deaths. The authorities are fighting against a release of the compliance of the gestures barriers, less than a month after the beginning of the déconfinement.

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