Coronavirus in the world : nearly 10 million cases, concern in the United States

CORONAVIRUS. According to the WHO, the bar of 10 million cases of Covid-19 in the world is likely to be exceeded in the course of the next week, so that the epi

Coronavirus in the world : nearly 10 million cases, concern in the United States

CORONAVIRUS. According to the WHO, the bar of 10 million cases of Covid-19 in the world is likely to be exceeded in the course of the next week, so that the epidemic has not reached its peak on the american continent. A strong rebound is particularly evident in the USA. Check out the balance sheet of the coronavirus by country.

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[updated June 25, 2020 at 10h48] The last balance sheet date of the new coronavirus Covid-19, established on Thursday 25 June 2020, at state 9, 3 million of confirmed cases on the planet, and 482 752 people since the beginning of the pandemic. Figures of tragedy are still expected to climb in the next few days. The world health Organization (WHO), which recalls the last week that the spread of the pandemic continues to accelerate, warned yesterday that the threshold of ten million cases of Covid-19 in the world should be reached next week, so even as the epidemic has not yet reached its peak in the region of the Americas.

The United States, not the most affected in number of cases and deaths by the Covid-19, are the symbol of this inability to stop the first wave. After the results were rather encouraging in may, the country led by Donald Trump finds as well, in recent days, a new spectacular rebound in the number of contaminations, that is of concern to the health authorities. The USA have recorded this Thursday 751 excess deaths caused by the novel coronavirus and 36 000 new cases, a balance sheet daily near-record for the world's leading power, primarily affected, now, in the Southern states (Texas, Florida...).

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Statistics of the coronavirus

Statistics of the coronavirus to the 24/06/2020 in the evening

a Country Number of cases New cases deaths New deaths United States 2,462,554 +38,386 124,281 +808 Brazil 1,192,474 +40,995 53,874 +1,103 Russia 606,881 +7,176 8,513 +154 India 472,985 +16,870 14,907 +424 United Kingdom 306,862 +652 43,081 +154 Spain 294,166 +334 28,327 +2 Peru 264,689 +3,879 8,586 +182 Chile 254,416 +3,649 4,731 +226 Italy 239,410 +190 34,644 +30 Iran 212,501 +2,531 9,996 +133 Germany 193,254 +476 9,003 +17 Turkey 191,657 +1,492 5,025 +24 Mexico 191,410 +6,288 23,377 +793 Pakistan 188,926 +3,892 3,755 +60 Saudi Arabia 167,267 +3,123 1,387 +41 France 161,348 +81 29,731 +11 Bangladesh 122,660 +3,462 1,582 +37 South Africa 111,796 +5,688 2,205 +103 Canada 102,242 +279 8,484 +30 Qatar 90,778 +1,199 104 +5 China 83,430 +12 4,634 British 77,113 +3,541 2,491 +87 Sweden 62,324 +343 5,209 +48 Belgium 60,898 +88 9,722 +9 Belarus 59,945 +458 362 +5 Egypt 59,561 +1,420 2,450 +85 Ecuador 51,643 4,274 Argentina 49,851 +2,648 1,116 +38 Netherlands 49,804 +82 6,097 +2 Indonesia 49,009 +1,113 2,573 +38 United Arab Emirates 46,133 +450 307 +2 Singapore 42,623 +191 26 Kuwait 41,879 +846 337 +3 Portugal 40,104 +367 1,543 +3 Ukraine 39,014 +940 1,051 +16 Iraq 36,702 +2,200 1,330 +79 Oman 33,536 +1,142 142 +2 Poland 32,821 +294 1,396 +21 Philippines 32,295 +470 1,204 +18 Switzerland 31,376 +44 1,958 +2 Coronavirus in China

China has plunged in the doubt for the past ten days with the onset of new cases, spread from the food market Xinfadi, Beijing. The country reported Wednesday that 19 new cases of Covid-19, of which 13 are recorded in the capital. 382 new cases have been registered in Beijing since the reappearance of the virus. In total, the balance sheet of the China now stands at 83 494 cases and 4 634 deaths (no deaths in recent days). If the authorities have quickly responded by reconfinant some districts of the capital and limiting the travel, and then by testing a massive population, the chinese Center for control and disease prevention has also sought to reassure these last few days, stating that the situation was "under control".

Coronavirus in the USA

The United States is the country most affected by the Covid-19 with 121 979 deaths from a total of 2 381 361 cases. According to the institute of Johns Hopkins university, the number of deaths, Wednesday, of 751 deaths in the 24-hour (800 yesterday). The number of daily new infections recorded in the United States is these days above 30 000 but this figure had fallen to about 20 000 last month. After having raged in the eastern united states, the virus has moved mainly to the south and the west. Certainsétats, such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut impose a quarantine for people coming from Southern States, such as Florida or Texas, which are seeing their number of infections soar for several days. Some local officials do not hide not, moreover, their concern about the hospitals ' ability to manage the influx of patients, in the image of Sylvester Turnet, the mayor, a democrat from Houston (Texas), who said : "I have the impression that we are going in the wrong direction, and we are going at any speed".

Coronavirus in Brazil

In Brazil, 1 in 185 deaths, have been recorded in 24 hours, this Thursday, June 25, (1 374 yesterday), for a total balance which now stands at around 1.2 million cases were reported and 53 830 dead. The government, however, continues to communicate messages of encouragement, assuring that the situation is under control, under the leadership of president Jair Bolsonaro refractory containment measures implemented by the governors of the states and supporting the thesis that the consequences of economic of these restrictions could cause damage far more serious than those caused by the coronavirus. Experts believe that Brazil should soon reach a "plateau", but with more 1 000 deaths per day.

Coronavirus in Spain

Spain, the record was on Wednesday, with 196 new cases in 24 hours (108 yesterday) 246 086 cases in total, for 28 327 deaths (2 deaths in 24 hours). In terms of déconfinement, the date of the 1st July is the next cap set by the Spanish government. The state of alert, which ran until June 21, to limit travel, has come to an end. The reopening of the borders to tourists, has also been booked. The football championship has taken over the last week, and many cultural venues have also opened their doors. In contrast, the schools will re-open in September.

Coronavirus in Italy

In Italy, the official report release Wednesday by the authorities reported 30 deaths in the 24 hours (18 standby), bringing the total to 34 644 dead, to 239 410 cases (+190). The country's authorities have however called for caution and prudence, last weekend, after the discovery of several outbreaks, especially in Rome, while seeking to reassure. "We've got some lack of attention, as the young nightlife scene, and so on, but in Italy, most people continue to wear the mask and apply the distancing physical," said Massio Andreoni, head of the department of infectious diseases at the hospital Tor Vergata of Rome, interviewed by La Depeche du Midi. The virus will continue to circulate and we'll have the sudden reappearance of a few outbreaks. If there is a second wave, this will be our fault. This will mean that we will not have been able to apply what we have learned from the situation in the spring".

Coronavirus in the United Kingdom

The last balance sheet reported in the United Kingdom was a state, Wednesday, 154 more deaths in 24 hours (compared with 171 the previous day). In total, the country has 43 081 dead since the beginning of the epidemic to more than 306 862 positive cases (+653 in 24 hours). According to the office for national statistics (ONS), the number of deaths attributed to the new coronavirus is nevertheless higher than that announced by the ministry of Health, and the overall balance would be in reality more than 50 000 victims of the Covid-19, taking into account the actual number of deceased persons in retirement homes. In addition, the health professionals in the country have asked the class british policy to prepare the United Kingdom in the "true risk" of a second wave, Wednesday, in a letter published in the British Medical Journal.

The Uk is also continuing with its déconfinement progressive, including the partial reopening of the schools since the beginning of the month. The return is done by age groups for primary schools with pupils aged 4 to 6 years, and from 10 to 11 years. All stores were allowed to reopen on Monday, June 15, with the implementation of precautionary measures (limitation of the number of customers inside, markings on the ground to facilitate the detachment physics...). The port of the mask is also mandatory in the transport. For the reopening of bars and restaurants, it will be necessary, however, to wait for the 4th of July, and again a little later (no date set) for the leisure parks, discos, gyms or swimming pools.

Coronavirus in Germany

Germany identifies 630 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours according to the balance sheet provided on Thursday by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases. 13 additional deaths have been identified, bringing the total balance to 8927 dead since the beginning of the epidemic.

on Tuesday, the news of a reconfinement local in the canton of Gütersloh has the effect of a bomb in a country that had pretty good content, the epidemic in the spring. More than 1500 cases have been detected in recent days in an abattoir of this canton, very populous North-Rhine Westphalia. Provided up to 30 June, reconfinement provides for a strict limitation of contacts between the people, the closure of bars, movie theaters or museums, and the prohibition of recreational activities, with the exception of those in the open air. The canon of Gütersloh has 360 000 inhabitants. "We are dealing with the most important site of infection," announced during the weekend the Prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet. "In the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of infections decreased by 75% since the déconfinement, but here, in the district of Gütersloh, the numbers explode, this is closely linked to the meat industry". Later in the day Tuesday, Armin Laschet announced the containment of another township of the region, that of Warendorf.

This is especially the reproductive rate of the virus, the famous R+0 that is of concern. The primary indicator of virus circulation in a territory, the rate has climbed sharply in recent days, from 1.79 to 2.88 to Sunday, but it's a figure of controversy since, based on an average of the last few days and could therefore finally be on the decline these days.

Coronavirus in Portugal

The Portugal hardens its containment after the increase of new cases of coronavirus in recent weeks. If the police Portuguese administered to previously little-fines relating to non-compliance of the containment, the situation has changed in recent days, according to Maryse Burgot, journalist FranceInfo this in Lisbon. "Now, any person who participates in an unauthorized gathering will be subject to a fine of 350 euros," she explains.

With 1 543 deaths per 10 million people and over 40 000 cas confirmed cases of coronavirus, Portugal remains rather untouched by the epidemic. Problem, it is accelerating in recent weeks in the country and the authorities were obliged to take measures of isolation and reconfinement in areas particularly affected by these new infections, including the capital, Lisbon. On Monday, the government announced a reconfinement of the 2.8 million people residing in and around the capital city. The gatherings are, for example, again limited to 10 people, shops, terraces and cafes will have to close at 20h.

"We're struggling to break the chains of transmission", was recognized Friday by the minister of Health. At the end of last week, Portugal was the second country of the european Union in number of infections per day reported to its population (10 million). Only Sweden was ahead, according to AFP. Several european countries have announced launched of the controls with Portuguese nationals arriving on their soil, via screening tests or quarantine periods.

The country heard yet wet on her good numbers, and its status as a safe destination to attract the european tourists. The government has recently introduced a mobile application "Info Praia" on the terms of opening of the beaches this summer. We have included on this application, information about the rate of occupation of beaches as well as a color code for whether the beach is open in "dynamic" mode (walk permitted only) or if it is possible to cover it with his towel. The dating of the beaches could be monitored and reduced by half compared to usual, but their access could remain free.

Coronavirus in Belgium

The national security council met on Wednesday, June 24, endorsed the new measures of the déconfinement in Belgium, measures, which will come into force on the 1st July next. The "bubble social" measures to limit contacts to 10 different people per week, will be expanded to 15 people. Swimming pools, amusement parks or casinos, will be able to reopen but under strict conditions of security. The live events will be limited to 200 people for those standing inside and 400 outside. Receptions and events in the party room will be limited to 50 people. The mask is not mandatory but is strongly recommended in the public space.

new figures had been passed on Wednesday by the FPS Public Health bearing on the evolution of the epidemic of coronavirus in Belgium. 9 additional deaths are reported compared to the last balance sheet date, relating to 9722 dead since the emergence of the virus in the country. Sciensano evokes an average of 9 deaths daily over the period of the last seven days. In regards to the contamination, 60 898 cases, which is 88 more than the day before. On average, Sciensano account 104 contaminations per day over the period of the last seven days.

Coronavirus in Africa
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