Death of George Floyd in the united states : Trump and Obama oppose

Donald Trump appears to be increasingly isolated in his crisis management, his own minister of Defense had disowned. As the protests continue to denounce racism

Death of George Floyd in the united states : Trump and Obama oppose

Donald Trump appears to be increasingly isolated in his crisis management, his own minister of Defense had disowned. As the protests continue to denounce racism and police violence, Barack Obama has praised the "mentality" of the protesters.

Summary Images of events Video arrest George Floyd Blacklivesmatter, what is it ? Death of George Floyd Derek Chauvin charged Reactions to Donald Trump police Violence in the USA the essence of The peaceful demonstrations, held daily for a week to condemn racism and police violence continue in the United States . If riots and looting also took place in several cities, gatherings that were held last night to take place in the quiet. The four police officers who have arrested George Floyd, in Minneapolis on may 25, are all pursued by justice. Derek Chauvin is now prosecuted for "murder". Donald Trump continues to say that the protests are organized by "anarchists" and the extreme left. The us president has warned that in case of need, he would send military forces in the cities where protests are ongoing, but his own minister of Defense, is publicly opposed to this possibility. Donald Trump, increasingly being criticized for its hard line, has not seen fit to dismiss his minister, and finally took the view that it would "not need to mobilize the army." Barack Obama is out of his reserve for a few days. Yesterday, in a teleconference with activists, he welcomed the "change of mindset underway". "Remember that this country was founded on a protest movement. It's called the american Revolution", he insisted, whereas the politicians will have no choice but to legislate to put an end to racist acts. Live Receive our alerts live !

18:00 - Omar Sy denounces police abuse in a forum

End of the direct - In a column published in the Obs on Thursday, Omar Sy has denounced "the police violence that are being committed in France". "George Floyd and Adama Traoré were similarities : they were both black, of large build, their lives have turned to horror in a few hours. For nothing", he writes. The actor is questioned : "I measure 1.92 m, I am black, I like them. Is it that it can happen to me the same thing as them tomorrow ? Is this likely to happen tomorrow to my children ? On to your children ? This fear without a name, this fear is unwarranted, which swells in our lives, must disappear." His forum concludes with : I call on the change, questioning a system that cannot claim to justice without putting an end to the impunity of organised rampant for decades. This established order is no longer tenable." A petition is online.

17:40 - According to his teacher of second year, George Floyd wanted to be the judge

On CNN, the teacher of the 2nd Grade (7-8 years old) to George Floyd, Waynel Sexton, presented one of his school projects. In it, George Floyd had spoken of his desire to become a judge of the supreme Court. "When I grow up, I want to be a judge of the supreme Court," he wrote. It was also represented with a hammer in his hand. "How could we know that the little boy of eight years who has designed this precious drawing on justice, would be 38 years later," a victim, regretted Waynel Sexton. It added : "Unfortunately, I am sure that this is not the way he intended to be famous or to make justice. "

17:20 - The Time pays tribute to George Floyd and other victims of racism

The american magazine Time published a special edition on the events consequent on the death of George Floyd. The cover illustration is a painting by the artist Titus Kaphar - the paint had already signed the A of the Time in 2014 on the occasion of the protests in Ferguson. According to a press release, for the first time in the history of the magazine, the famous red border includes the names of 35 men and women in black, whose death, many by the police, is the result of systemic racism and has helped to fuel the rise of the movement Black Lives Matter.

17:00 - senate democrats have observed a moment of silence

This morning (Thursday senate democrats have watched 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence in tribute to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. The chaplain of the Senate, Barry Black, was introduced : "we are in solidarity with the brave Americans who have been protesting peacefully against racial injustice in our country." Cory Booker, New Jersey senator, said : "May we honor the dead while protecting all those who are alive."

16:40 - The mayor of Seattle to lift the curfew

The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, announced on Wednesday evening the suspension of the curfew - which was to extend until Saturday. This decisionzion has been taken in agreement with the chief of police, Carmen Best, and the leaders of the communities. The municipal official said : "For those who have been protesting peacefully tonight, know that you can continue to manifest. We want you to continue to make your voice heard." The lieutenant-governor of the State of Washington, Cyrus Habib, welcomed the decision on Twitter. "The curfews preventive were only making things worse. Other cities should do the same", he said.

16:20 - According to his brother, George Floyd was a "gentle giant"

On CNN, Philonise Floyd, the brother of George, said "Knowing my brother, he is like my brother". According to him, George Floyd, on top of his 1m93, was a "gentle giant" and was not "hurt anyone".

16:05 - A memorial service for private in Minneapolis this Thursday

A memorial service private to the memory of George Floyd will be held at 13h (local time) at the North Central University in Minneapolis. Benjamin Crump, family attorney, said on NBC that this ceremony was to be "a call to justice for that Floyd is not dead in vain." The reverend Al Sharpton, president of the organization National Action Network, will deliver the eulogy. On MSNBC, he explained, have "hope", because "I see more and more Americans of different races and of different ages standing together, walking together, raising their voices together," he justified.

13:00 - The friend of George Floyd, present at the time of his arrest, testifies

In the New York Times, Maurice Lester Hall — a friend of George Floyd was present at his death — and was assured that George Floyd did not resist during his arrest. "I could hear him beg: ’please, officer, what is this?’", reported by the witness. Hall was told that he never will forget that day. "He was crying for someone to help because he was dying", he regretted. Maurice Lester Hall added : "I will never forget the fear on her face. What remains for me is the image of an adult who cries before dying."

12:45 - "George Floyd Challenge" the unsuitable new challenge on social networks

"George Floyd Challenge" is a new challenge on the social networks. Dozens of teenagers, all smiling, reproduce the circumstances of the death of George Floyd. On Twitter many think of this challenge and evoke a behavior "absolutely disgusting".

12:20 - The duchess of Sussex speaks out on the death of George Floyd

on the occasion of a graduation ceremony, Meghan Markel spoke publicly about the death of George Floyd, the, calling them"absolutely devastating". In this speech video the duchess of Sussex has reported the words of one of his teachers : "always put the needs of others before your own fears." "These words have marked me for life and I thought about it more than ever last week", she explained. The actress has said that the life of each individual "was important". Meghan Markel has called upon the young graduates to "go and vote" and to "have empathy" for others.

11:55 - 9 300 arrested since the protests began

Since the beginning of demonstrations against police violence, consequent to the death of George Floyd, 9 300 people have been arrested across the United States.

11:35 - 90 arrests in New York last night

The chief of the police department of New York, Terrance Monahan, and was assured that last night was relatively calm and no looting. 90 people were arrested, a figure far lower than on Tuesday evening (280 arrests). Monahan recalled : "We are one with the protesters."

11:15 - The american Union for civil liberties filed a complaint against the curfew in California

The division of california of the american Union for civil liberties (ACLU) has filed a complaint, in the name of the organization Black Lives Matter, against the curfew in Los Angeles and San Bernadino. According to a press release of the association, the complaint "challenges the curfew draconian imposed in all of southern California to quell the widespread protests against the systemic violence of the police against the Blacks." The ACLU believes that curfews violate "the first amendment to the u.s. Constitution" (freedom of expression).

10:55 - The teammates of Derek Chauvin have been incarcerated

The police officers - Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao, and Thomas Lane, who are involved in the death of George Floyd were indicted for murder, arrested, and imprisoned in the prison of the county of Hennepin. The teammates of Derek Chauvin expected to appear before the court on Thursday.

10:34 - George Floyd was the Covid-19

The complete autopsy, released Wednesday, June 3, 2020, revealed that George Floyd has had the coronavirus at the beginning of April. Dr. Andrew M. Baker, chief medical examiner of the county, has indicated that a sample PCR has been performed on the victim and thatit turned out positive. However, it would be a "false positive" related to her recent infection. According to Dr. Baker, there is nothing to indicate that the infection Covid-19 played a role in the death of George Floyd.

And also Images of riots and protests in the United States

The protests, peaceful day, harden the night with acts of violence, for nearly a week :

what is the movement blacklivesmatter ?

The movement blacklivesmatter, which became a hashtag, widely relayed on the social networks since the death of George Floyd, is in reality not born with this sad event. It is a movement, which can be translated in French by "the life of the Black account", having emerged in 2013 to denounce any form of racism, including State, suffered by African-Americans in the United States. Police violence highlighted by the case of George Floyd, are regularly denounced by those who claim to BLM. The first time where the hashtag #blacklivesmatter appeared when George Zimmerman was acquitted in July 2013. This Latin-American, responsible for the surveillance of a residence in Florida, was accused of having caused the death of Trayvon Martin, an African-American 17-year-old, after he was pulled over. After 16 hours of hearings during the trial, Zimmerman was declared not guilty by the judges, which had provoked a wave of indignation in the United States.

The video of the arrest of George Floyd

The video of the arrest of George Floyd's net : we see this Afro-American put on the ground by a police officer pressing his knee against the victim's head. It also refers to a distinctly George Floyd complain of this treatment violent. "My belly hurts, I have pain in my neck. I hurt everywhere," he says, begging the policeman and his colleague to give him water. "I can't breathe. They are going to kill me", he said, George Floyd, who died a few moments later.

How George Floyd is he dead ?

George Floyd, age 46, died on 25 may 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, following an arrest by police, which was filmed and broadcast on the social networks. The images show an arrest very brutal carried out by 4 police officers. One of them, Derek Chauvin, appears kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, while the latter is tackled to the ground, for several minutes. The agents of the forces of order have shown to have acted in response to a call reporting George Floyd in a state of intoxication and noted in their report that the latter had opposed a strong resistance, that contradict the images taken by a witness and by a cctv camera. On the ground, George Floyd has expressed clearly that he could not breathe. An investigation by the police and an investigation by the FBI led to the arrest of Derek Chauvin.

Who is Derek Chauvin ?

Derek Chauvin was charged on Friday, may 29, for "involuntary homicide" and "act of cruel and dangerous causing death", following the first survey conducted on the conditions of arrest of George Floyd. On Wednesday, 3 June, the head of the charge against him was aggravated, as the demand for hundreds of thousands of protesters, and has gone from "manslaughter" to "murder". The man has been the subject of several reports from the american media since the events of 25 may. The journalists of CNN have announced that Derek Chauvin has been the subject of 18 complaints in the past for his behavior, which led, simply, to two letters of reprimand. The former police officer of Minneapolis has also been decorated with a medal, after having received a ball, during a response to domestic violence, in 2008. He has also been involved in two other shootings : one of it, in 2006, has led to the death of a 42-year-old, shot by police, who stated in an official report to have acted in self-defense.

What is the reaction of Donald Trump ?

The us president was first informed, Saturday, June 30, he had called the family of George Floyd for him to present his condolences. ".I stand on the side of all Americans in search of justice and peace", he said at a press briefing, before commenting on the events in these words : "I stand before you in strong opposition to anyone who exploits this tragedy to loot, steal, attack and threaten. [...] I understand the pain felt by the people. We support the right of peaceful protesters and we hear their calls. But what we see in the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or peace. The memory of George Floyd is disgraced by the rioters, the looters and anarchists. Violence and vandalism is the "Antifa" and other radical groups of the left who terrorize the innocents, destroy jobs, undermine businesses and burn buildings," said Donald Trump. Sunday, may 31st, the american president was more direct, targeting on Twitter its political opponents and condemning the rallies, calling the elect, and governors-democrats to be "more firm" against the rioters. "These people are anarchists. Call our national guard now. The world looks at you and mocks Joe's sleep (Joe Biden, ED.) Is this what America wants ? No !". Tuesday, 2 June, Donald Trump has called on the governors to stand firm to "control their streets," and that he was prepared to deploy the army to "quickly solve the problem for them".

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