Direct. Coronavirus in France : more than 300 new deaths, a worrying situation

be the coronavirus rises in power to Morlaix at the END OF the DIRECT - getting an appointment to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in Morlaix was not ea

Direct. Coronavirus in France : more than 300 new deaths, a worrying situation
be the coronavirus rises in power to Morlaix

at the END OF the DIRECT - getting an appointment to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in Morlaix was not easy, as reported by the Telegram. However, "there are places and vaccination rises in power," reassured Dr. Céline Plot, which coordinates the cell's health. If time slots are available, it recognises that they are "reserved in the quarter of an hour".

23:18 - A cluster to the nursing home of Biscarrosse

A screening campaign collective in the long-term care facilities Leon Dubédat of Biscarrosse (Landes) has enabled the detection of several cases of people infected with the coronavirus, forming a cluster, as reported by France Bleu Gascogne this Wednesday, march 31. A total of 14 positive cases of Covid-19 have been identified among residents and eight staff, including 22 cases in total.

23:00 - In the Haute-Loire, with the protective foam innovative to transport the vaccine

Since a month, the medical teams that are involved in the vaccination centers Covid-19 in the Haute-Loire department, but also at home, carry their bottles and syringes in boxes reinforced with foam supports, reports France Bleu. These materials have been designed specifically for this use by an enterprise of the Loire (Jacky Foam), as reported in the media. These racks are used to carry "one, two, thirty or fifty bottles" to the vaccination centers temporary in small towns, or even for the vaccination seniors at home, as it has done in recent weeks in the Yssingelais, explains France Bleu.

22:40 - A new variant of the Covid-19 discovered in Créteil

Tuesday, march 30, in the evening, the team of the laboratory of virology and platform, "Genome" of the hospital Henri-Mondor AP-HP) announced that they have discovered a new variant of the coronavirus, baptized with the name of the hospital, "Henri Mondor". This variant, first detected in a cluster of health-care workers, would have spread in the Île-de-France, in the south-east and in the south-west of France, reports Le Parisien. For the time being, the analyses are still in progress to determine its transmissibility and its dangerousness.

22:20 - Not "escape major" of the variant breton coronavirus

A new variant of the Covid-19 has been detected at the beginning of the month of march in the hospital of Lannion, in the Côtes-d'armor, as recalled by France Bleu. This Wednesday, march 31, the first results of the flash survey show that the virus will not propagate significantly, says the media. Not less than 662 tests Covid-19 positive were sent to the Pasteur institute to be analyzed. The variant was not detected in the 518 first samples examined. It remains 144 sequencing in light to carry, explains France Bleu. Since its discovery, thirteen patients have been contaminated by the varying breton coronavirus, seven of whom are deceased.

22:00 - The vaccination center of the Stade de France open 'at least' six month

As of 6 April, a great centre of vaccination against Covid-19 will open at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, as reported by franceinfo. The director of the infrastructure to be announced this Wednesday, march 31, that it will be open "as a minimum" for a period of six months, with the goal, 10 000 injections of the vaccine against coronavirus by week. "The first four weeks will be focused on the primo-vaccination, and the goal is to climb to power," said Alexandra Boutelier, whose remarks were reported by our colleagues. The centre will be open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 09: 00 to 20: 00 or 21: 00.

21:45 - The hospital of Carcassonne in the face of an assault epidemic

The property currently has thirty hospitalizations due to coronavirus, as reported in the Independent. A number that has soared since the beginning of the week. The media stated that, if the situation is stable at the hospital of Narbonne, his counterpart in the West of aude records since the beginning of the week, a strong surge of patients with Covid-19.

21:30 Of the products of first necessity for children of vulnerable communities

To help toddlers whose parents are threatened by the pandemic of Covid-19, the State secretariat for Childhood announced this Wednesday, march 31, a distribution of the products of first necessity by the summer, indicates CNews. This initiative, called the "Emergency first steps" will be of benefit to 50,000 children French. Specifically, families will receive a kit consisting of three packages of diapers, a liniment and a packet of wipes, a bottle of bath soap, three cans of milk powder and 60 petits-pots, specifies the media.

21:15 - What is the influence of the weather on the coronavirus ?

If it does not exist, even today, a consensus regarding the meteorological conditions conducive to the spread of Covid-19, epidemiologists agree on a range of low temperatures, ranging between 2 and 9 degrees, as well as a relative humidity, the rate of humidity in the air, which is relatively high (60 % to 90 %), details Ouest-France.

21:00 - Where is the vaccination against the coronavirus in Occitanie ?

In Occitania, since the beginning of the month of January, more than a millio

Date Of Update: 31 March 2021, 20:58

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