Emergency plans, patient information and research can be stolen from Health South-East

on Monday 8. January came to pass that that should not happen. Norway's largest health region, the Health South-East, which ensures spesialhelsetjenester to

Emergency plans, patient information and research can be stolen from Health South-East

on Monday 8. January came to pass that that should not happen.

Norway's largest health region, the Health South-East, which ensures spesialhelsetjenester to around 3 million australians, experienced the data breach.

health minister Bent on High, could not rule out the possibility that patient information was wrong. PST believed the attack could indicate professional actors.

11 months later notifies the PST that they now reject the case.

– For our creator is this case now closed, says the PST-head Benedicte Bjørnland to NRK.

– Potentially full access

It is still uncertain what the attackers actually got with him, but according to Bjørnland, they have access to a plethora of sensitive information.

Remark: Your health is hackernes favorite

They have potentially had access to the entire network. It is patient data, emergency plans and research data. But we can not conclude that such data is drained from the network, " says Bjørnland.

the Attack should have happened via a remote server that was connected to the internet. Then one has gained access to internal servers and got admin rights.

the Investigation has shown that the invaders should have shown extra interest for a learning program on helseforetakets network, but PST don't know who stands behind.

"There is reason to believe that it is a professional actor, but we can not conclude that it is a state actor," says Bjørnland.

the PST has previously warned that foreign powers may have the interest of emergency response plans.

NRK revealed the vulnerable ICT systems

In may of last year revealed NRK that IT workers in India, Bulgaria and Malaysia had access and privileges to the computer systems to the Health of the South-East.

NRK had documentation that showed that the 110 foreign IT workers had the opportunity to work towards the servers and IT system to helseregionen.

computer expert: do not Trust the Health South-East

A half a year later was the same helseregionen faced with a data breach. The alert came from Sykehuspartner, which is responsible for all ICT operations in the helseforetaket. The way the heist was done on suggests that the actors are very advanced and professional.

Page 16. January PST investigated the case as a possible violation of penal code section 121: Etterretningsvirksomhet against statshemmeligheter.

the PST has been meeting with Health South-East about the outcome of the investigation. Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet have the responsibility to follow up the incident further.

We want that one for the future arm themselves against potential new attacks.

Sorry henleggelsen

the ceo of Health South-East Cathrine M. Lofthus, says to NRK that she thinks it is regrettable that the investigation is now being dismissed.

But we can with great degree of certainty say that the details are not gone astray or is misused.

the PST chief Bjørnland says, however, that one cannot rule out the possibility that, as has happened.

I think that it is very natural that the Health South-East explains how they come to such conclusions, " says Bjørnland.

Lofthus shows that the Pst's investigation has been more limited than investigations Sykehuspartner even have stood for.

They have analyzed a much longer period of time and in a much larger scope. They say that it is not is suggesting that patient information is lost, and it is, I'm very happy.

– you Can then guarantee that this information is not wrong?

We can never give guarantees. So it is with all computer systems.

Lofthus says they interpret the results from the Pst's investigation that the invaders were not looking for details, but that they were interested in an e-learning programme for employees.

– The program contains neither details or is directed towards patient care.

But why would this e-learning program be interesting for the invaders?

– It is always difficult to answer what is the subject of a cyber attack, but we see that they have been looking for this program.


Even if the invaders haven't helped themselves by pasientinformasjonen, and the investigation that they had access to it if they wanted.

– We have all the time viewed this as a serious cyber attack, and it was also why we reported it to PST and hoped that they could turn the firm who was standing behind.

Lofthus says they're constantly working to improve the security of computer systems.

– What should patients their be able to expect about how you deal with your personal information?

– It is important that our patients should be confident that we handle patient information in a safe and secure way.

Updated Date: 06 December 2018, 04:15

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