Mother's day 2020 : the date arrives, gift ideas and messages

a MOTHERS ' DAY 2020. The date of mother's day 2020 "falls" on Sunday June 7. Gift ideas and messages, surveys, informative or origin of this day to share..

Mother's day 2020 : the date arrives, gift ideas and messages

a MOTHERS ' DAY 2020. The date of mother's day 2020 "falls" on Sunday June 7. Gift ideas and messages, surveys, informative or origin of this day to share... tells you more !

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LATEST NEWS According to an infographic conducted by Yougov * on "mother's day and the French", 66% of the inhabitants of the Hexagon is viewed as a major celebration . 31% of respondents have, on the contrary, "already missed at least once", a missed also experienced by 47% of the Millenials (18-34 year olds) at least once in their life. And side gift ? "28 % of the respondents do not count offer gifts for mother's day," says the study, nearly one French person in three. Here are the other lessons from the survey :

The Top 5 gifts that the French intend to offer for mother's day : 1/ flowers (29%) ; 2/ Of the fragrance (10%) ; 3/ A meal at the restaurant with family (8%) ; 4/ jewelry (8%) ; 5/ chocolates (7%) The budget what they are planning for mother's day : between 20 and 30 € (22%) ; between 30 and 40 € (17%) ; between 0 and 20 € (14%, including 30% of 18-24 year-olds) ; between 40 and 50 € (14%) and finally beyond 50 € (22%).

* Survey Omnibus conducted from 01 to 02 June 2020 from 1 005 persons representative of the national population aged 18 years and older, according to the method of quotas.

The date of the mother's day 2020 in France does not fall in may... It will have to wait for this year's the first Sunday of June, the 7 , to hear the echo of the "happy birthday mom", instead of the last Sunday of the month of may, as is usual. In question, the Pentecost, the date mobile with all the always held on a Sunday, and coming this year the weekend of mother's day ! The date religious has in fact held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. On the day of the mothers has, in fact, been shifted to the Sunday after, and the month after that.

You still hesitate about the gifts or messages that you are going to whip up to spoil your mother this year ? Below you will find our gift ideas, but also of the inspirations for messages, poems, images or even quotes that are the pride of the imagination. Without forgetting the origin of the Feast of mothers, whose history dates back to 1906...

What is the date of mothers day in France ?

Every last Sunday of may shows the date of mother's day. Not to be confused with that of the father's day every third Sunday of June ; nor with that of the grandmothers, on the first Sunday of the month of march. An exception is that if Pentecost falls on the last Sunday of may, as is the case in 2020, the date of mothers day is postponed to the following Sunday.

The second Sunday in may, which creates each year the confusion in the minds of many French (who feared to have left past mother's day !) rhyme about him with mother's day in many countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Spain or the United States.

When "falls" mother's day 2020 ?

The date of the mother's day 2020 is scheduled for Sunday, 7 June. a delay of A week compared to its usual (the last Sunday of the month of may), due on the date of Pentecost, which "falls" on may 31, and has first priority ! The "day of mothers" 2020 also place only two weeks before father's day, scheduled for June 21,...

What is the history of the day of moms ?

Every last Sunday of may, it was the habit of celebrating mother's day. But do we really know where does this tradition come from ? As reported in the Express, it was in 1906 that is born the mother's day when the village of Artas (Isère) is organizing a ceremony to honor mothers of large families. Two mothers of the nine children are then awarded a High merit breast. The village continues today to claim the creation of mother's day in France. In 1918, after the First world War, Lyon follows the movement born in the United States and pays tribute to the mothers and wives who have lost their sons and/or husband. This Day of the mothers will be formalized by the government in 1929. In 1942, marshal Pétain gives a tone more solemn event, in particular, in a message on the radio : "You only, know how to give all a taste of the work, this sense of discipline, the modesty, the respect of men healthy and people strong. You are the inspiration of our christian civilization". Rather than celebrate the moms, the goal is to revive the birth rate in France.

But the tradition of Mother's day dates back in fact to the dawn of time, or almost ! The Greeks already were already celebrating in their way, the mothers, worshipping Rhea, mother of Zeus, at the time of the spring. A Mothers day in some way, since they they also celebrated the fertility. Among christians also, this symbol has long perduré. Each year, at the time of the fourth Sunday of Lent, believers would pray in the church, "mother", the most important of their region. It was to celebrate in a special way in a passage of a gregorian chant, the introit, which refers to the breast milk.

What great gift ideas for mother's day ?

Gift mother's day : best ideas, our special selection in 2020 !

It is more than time to order your gift for mother's day since the edition 2020 takes place this weekend, on Sunday 7 June. Here are a few ideas taken from the web as well as some good deals for not having to break her piggy bank.

If the love of the mothers shows throughout the year, mother's day is an opportunity to offer them a nice gift. And the ideas present are not lacking, from the most traditional (flowers, jewelry, chocolates...) to the more personalized (written, personal, object, custom, travel...). The "children" of all ages are concerned with looking for a gift for their mom, the youngest and the oldest. The top 5 gifts on the feast of mothers, we find, in order, are : flowers, perfume, chocolates, jewellery, and finally the gift.

Here are the top 10 gifts that mothers would like to receive , according to a poll Toluna / LSA in 2017 :

1/Perfume, cosmetics (36%) 2/Flowers, plants (32%) 3/Restaurant (25%) 4/Jewelry, watch (23%) 5/gift certificates to the store (21%) 6/Books, movies, music (19%) 7/Clothing, shoes (19%) 8/Confectionery, chocolate (18%) 9/Trip (17%) 10/Drawing, poem, object made by my child (16%) See the folder

20 ideas of gifts decoration for mother's day

what are the messages and poems to inspire ?
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