Parcoursup 2020 : how to manage the waiting or the rejection ?

While the first responses of the orientation procedure post-bac Parcoursup 2020 began to fall Tuesday night, many of the candidates already have to cope with th

Parcoursup 2020 : how to manage the waiting or the rejection ?

While the first responses of the orientation procedure post-bac Parcoursup 2020 began to fall Tuesday night, many of the candidates already have to cope with the waiting.

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[updated on may 20, 2020 at 20h52] This year will once again be special for Parcoursup. And for good reason, the first wave of proposals came while the schools still do not have déconfiné. It is therefore in a new context that 430 000 candidates were able to discover as early as Tuesday, may 19, at 17 hours, the first few answers to their vows, said the minister in charge of higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, Wednesday on France Inter. After it, 71 000 have already accepted a "first proposal". But not everyone in the world has unfortunately not had the luck there. We should remember that it is based on the first responses that the platform Parcoursup 2020 will redistribute thereafter places which have not been sold to the following. For the time being, the number of candidates on the waiting list. A wait can sometimes be difficult to manage. But patience is the key word and everything comes to those who wait, as they say in the proverb. To note that the admission phase is taking place until 17 July, and that it is therefore too early to worry. In the meantime of soon to receive a first response, read below to find out other important information of the news and the procedure Parcoursup 2020 :

More than 900 000 young people this year are registered on the platform, including "20 000 high school graduates more than last year," according to the minister of higher Education Frédérique Vidal. The date of the new academic year "will not be changed and the back will be well as usual in the month of September. In any case, this is what we hope, if health conditions permit", also said the minister of higher Education and Research. For all that, "in order to avoid lecture halls and crowded at the school, the teachers will be able to propose the dematerialization of a portion of the course. And to add : "of Course, if the conditions are more satisfactory, we can remove the constraints". According to the site investigation Mediapart in an investigation published on may 19, 2020 at a destination of its subscribers, "6 500 confidential records of students were broadcast on the internet". According to information provided by Mediapart, the candidates Parcoursup concerned are "high school candidates to a preparatory class at the lycée Janson-de-Sailly, in Paris." Mediapart states that "All of their confidential data have been viewed by third parties". How to handle the waiting or the rejection ?

For a lot of runners on Parcoursup, the start of the main phase of admission, in other words, receiving a response of the training institutions, is synonymous with "waiting". And for good reason, the principle of the platform is that it is the responses of candidates that would release or non-seats for those waiting. Once the first have been answered, the computer system reflects the proposals of other candidates. It is for this reason that the proposals will increase as the procedure.

are You on a waiting list ? Patience : the candidate files are updated each morning, which allows to change regular waiting lists. And don't worry, you will be alerted if you receive one or more requests for admission. It is also quite normal to be on a waiting list for all of its wishes at the beginning of the main phase. Like last year, you'll also have access to the display of the rank of the last admitted the past year, to better make you aware of your chances of being admitted within the industry that you want. Other important info : since the proofs of the bac are cancelled this year, the proposals of admission will be issued without interruption from 19 may until (Wednesday) July 15. In short, you need especially in this phase to wait for. More info on the management responses in the queue. Your choices are all rejected ? In this case, you can be accompanied now by the teams of your institution and the structures orientation. Objective : to prepare and anticipate the further phase, which will begin from Tuesday, June 16. It will then be possible to make, until Thursday, September 10, new wishes to join in training for the places still vacant. Of places can in fact often be free on the late. ► Toll-free number Parcoursup : 0 800 400 070 What is the contest postbac ?

As announced by the minister of national Education Jean-Michel Blanquer from march 16 last, for the calendar Parcoursup, examination of the folders replace the contest postbac (institutes of political studies, some of the schools of commerce and engineering...). The ministry of Higher Education confirmed on the 24th march, as "an exceptional basis, for the year 2020 and after consultation with the institutions, the written tests of the competition postbac for access to education selective of the first cycle of higher education will be replaced by a review of the academic files of the candidates". This new therefore to the entire course selective, among whichthe IEP, the schools of business and engineering post-bac, etc

All the advice Parcoursup to make his choice calmly during the admission phase are here

What are the new features Parcoursup 2020 ?

Three new products are the key to note in this "season 3" Parcoursup : this is the proposal of 600 new formations , setting up ParcourPlus for young people wishing to return to school several years after obtaining their baccalaureate (not to be confused with the students in reorientation) and the reform of health studies , with a deletion of the "Paces", the common first year for health studies. Two options now for the future high school graduates wishing to engage in health studies :

The path specific, access to health care, or "PASS" , training the closest to the ex-Paces and that includes a majority of courses pertaining to the health associated with a "minor" in another discipline The license with the option "access health" or L. A. S. , accessible including within the university does not have faculty of health : students will be able to start a normal license (STAPS, law, mathematics...) while following healthy options, and then join a course in health. ParcoursPlus, kézako ?

Dedicated to candidates Parcoursup in a recovery study, the new module "ParcoursPlus" provides information and guidance specific to training and services for graduates of the bachelor's degree for more than 4 years. These individuals are not students, or students re-orientation. Objective : to improve the training throughout the life, either at regional or national level.

How are Parcoursup and Ifsi ?

In addition to licenses academic (law, staps, sociology, communication, psychology, etc.), for the most part non-selective ; of the two courses health replacing this year the Paces or common First year for health studies (the LAS, licenses with the option "access health" or the Pass, with a majority of courses on health) ; the training Parcoursup available also include the courses selective : classes category for larger schools, IUT, BTS, schools of engineering and commerce post-bac... and IFSI, the famous institutes of nursing education, as well as other training paramedical training institutions in social work, or some apprenticeship training.

What is the schedule of dates Parcoursup 2020 ?

Here are the calendar dates Parcoursup 2020 to be aware of for this new session of the platform orientation post-bac, and it has really started on the 22nd of January :

January-march : greetings - from the Wednesday, January 22, registration on the site, preparation of the file Parcoursup and wording of the vows, of 1 to 10 at maximum, without prioritization requested (with sub-wishes possible, depending on the type of training). in Thursday 12 march : closing of the vows - The deadline to enter his or her wishes. Then, add training in addition to the folder, but finalize the inscription file, yes, and until Thursday 2 April. Thursday, April 2, : closed + a confirmation of the vows. Need to have completed their registration by this date, and to have validated his or her wish list for establishments for review. Tuesday, may 19 : the beginning of the admission phase main - Receipt of the replies of the institutions and ability to respond within the time specified by the site Parcoursup. Without a timely response, the training is lost. In the case of responses exclusively negative part of training, selective (OTC, prep, IFSI, BTS, schools, etc.), students may request individual assistance or group in their school. The students re-orientation may apply in the service of reorientation of their institution and / or to the CIO. Wednesday, June 17 Wednesday, June 24 - the procedure Parcoursup stops during the events of the bachelor's degree. In the summer, this is the time of the inscription in the setting finally chosen. Thursday, June 25, to Friday, September 11 : the complementary procedure - opens at the end of June, at the end of the written tests of the tray 2020, and lasts until mid-September. in candidates Parcoursup having received no proposal on the platform or whose wishes have not been validated as of April 2, or who had not registered on Parcoursup, may enroll in the "supplementary". They can then make wishes in the courses remaining. Monday 29 June to Wednesday 1 July : the point of stage - students are required to indicate the wishes of the interesting is always among their wishes in waiting list Tuesday, July 7 - diploma and registration the results of the bac 2020 must be delivered on Tuesday 7 July. Once their tray is obtained, the candidate Parcoursup having accepted definitely a training to carry out their administrative registration at the chosen institution. After the results of the bachelor's degree, from the Wednesday, July 8 , on solicitation of the student from his / her file, a commission is be responsible for proposing to the graduates having obtained no positive response to an assignment in higher education, under the leadership of the rector. It is the CAES (Commission of access to higher education) of the academy of the student, and it provides a personalized accompaniment. Wednesday, July 15, : the training send their latest proposals for the admission of the main phase. Friday 17 July : at the end of the main phase and the last day to accept any proposal for admission received during this phase. in September , this is the end of the assignments. Stated objective of the ministry of Education : that at this time there, "all the high school graduates who want" to be registered. How does the connection to the platform ?

The site, whose interface is accessible here, opened on December 20, 2019, for its third session. But how does the platform orientation post-bac, once you have made the connection ? He is entering his wishes. 10 wishes of courses by students, compared to 24 with PDB (in any case for the latest version Parcoursup in date) , but at the end of 20 possibilities : a future bachelor's degree may request, for example a pre-med literary and lister in sub-greeting several high schools offering category of this type - even if it is far away from home. Similarly, a student who wishes to study computer science will be allowed to enter into sub-wishes a IUT + BTS + a license, all counting as a single wish in the end.

After the initial login/registration/input of the vows initial, the responses are received over the water as early as the month of may. " Our goal is that 70 % of the responses fall before the written tests of the bachelor's degree" , has communicated to the ministry of higher Education during the latest edition. The process restarts, however after the events of the ferry, with a further phase beginning at the end of June.

greetings, how does it work ?

In their list of up to 10 wishes, in no order of preference and without obligation to add a chain non-selective (the "green dots" of the system APB), the candidate Parcoursup should explain their motivation for each one of the vows listed . They have to do this from mid-January to mid-march. A fact sheet about "the future" is also sent to the universities referred to, containing the notes of the young (first and terminal), but also the opinion of the class council or even the assessments of other skills by the professors...
The high school students have the opportunity to apply outside the academy : "some places [are] reserved in channels, non-selective university for candidates coming from outside of the academy," says the AFP. If the student chooses to limit his applications to courses, selective, or facs, which is located outside of his academy, there is a risk to remain without a proposal and receives a series of messages from the platform Parcoursup to let them know.

The applicant has an additional opportunity in his hands : one to make "wishes" multiple , which are limited to 20 maximum. Ex : a computer science degree required for all the universities of the academy, with more chances for the student to get the training in the sector of their choice.

What you should know about the responses Parcoursup ?

step long-awaited answers Parcoursup sent by the training proceeds as follows, starting in mid-may : the applicant initially receives a warning. This means that it has one or more answers. The answers come in "yes", "yes", or "waiting" for that is dies non-selective (general licensing). A "no" can only be issued by sectors selective (category, IUT, BTS...).

When the number of applications exceeds the number of places, either in the "profiles in power", universities favour a priori the nominations sticky the more to the proposed training, in terms of competence as acquired or projects. Each time a candidate Parcoursup receives two "yes" in different formations, he has the obligation to choose one of the two at the time, in order to avoid a clogging of the system. But it requires that the candidate retains in parallel the vows "in waiting".

To be able to manage your proposals for admission, please download the application Parcoursup from may 19. As a candidate, you must respond to the proposal within the timeframe indicated, and, once again, can only accept one at a time : in other words, you must make a choice between several proposals of admission, which frees up seats for the candidates in the waiting list. For you also, a wish waiting can turn in proposal for admission. For the management of your wishes waiting, only keep those that are of interest to you always. Finally, if you receive a proposal for admission to your training favorite, you need to accept permanently. You waive, then your other wishes, and release there still places for candidates in waiting.

What hist response times to meet ? If you receive a proposal for the admission between the 19 and 23 may : 5 days (J+4) from the 24th of may : 3 days (J+2) For the latest proposals, submitted on July 15, 2020, you will have to answer later on July 17,

If you fail to respond to a proposal before the deadline, "you lose this proposal, and it will be sent to another candidate," points out the explanatory video online Parcoursup.

what Is the application Parcoursup ?

When the downloads on his smartphone, the app Parcoursup can be informed in real time of the stages of the calendar not to be missed", says the site specialized Digischool. Attention, the app is not interactive : the candidate cannot ask questions. It is, however, the possibility to receive on mobile :

the notifications regarding the timing Parcoursup the answers to the questions asked in the Contact section of the site Parcoursup alerts about his record the responses of the vows The "auto-responder", kézako ?

beginning Wednesday, may 20, if you have any wishes in waiting, you can enable the "auto-responder". This option allows you to automate a part of the system to gain peace of mind. 1/ You put your wishes on hold by order of preference. 2/ If a proposal is made on one of your wishes waiting, you receive an alert, and 3/ the answering machine accepts your place. Your other wishes waiting are maintained according to the order you have chosen.

When would I have my result Parcoursup ?
Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 06:57

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