Result of the municipal Lyon : Doucet triumph, what he will change

Grégory Doucet won the municipal elections of 2020, in Lyon is Gérard Collomb. The ecologist intends to impose its paw in the capital of the Gauls. Scheduled,

Result of the municipal Lyon : Doucet triumph, what he will change

Grégory Doucet won the municipal elections of 2020, in Lyon is Gérard Collomb. The ecologist intends to impose its paw in the capital of the Gauls.

Scheduled, announced, and finally real one : the green wave has literally swept over Lyon on Sunday evening. Grégory Doucet, unknown there are still a few weeks, is now the new boss of the second largest city in France, after having obtained 52.6% of the votes, far, very far ahead of Yann Cucherat (29,70 %), and Georges Képénékian (17,70 %). History for the Greens, this election also marks the end of the era of Gérard Collomb, whose terms of office of borough mayor, and then mayor of the town, had started 25 years ago. "This is a page is turned", responded the former minister of the Interior after the confirmation of the victory of the ecologist in his fief, pointing to the "end of [s]a political life". Lyon have opted for the change and this should be concretely see, if one looks at the program of Grégory Doucet.

Among the key measures of the program of Grégory Doucet was the fight against pollution by limiting to 30 km/h up a large part of the city and facilitating travel by public transport especially buses. Rehabilitation of walking is one of the priorities of this campaign by giving back space to the pedestrian, "a safe space, a space that is vegetated with benches with fountains for the summer, with a public toilet". Of course, the cycle paths are not forgotten with the ambition of a city "100% cycling". The idea of a "cluster" bike, in other words, a network of companies, public and private actors, researchers who cooperate in this field has also been advanced. On the side of the scooters that invade the major cities and are beginning to raise some issues, Grégory Doucet has proposed a strict framework.

Lyon, the future city of the children ?

The safety, which has been one of the main themes of this municipal election, has not been forgotten in the program of Grégory Doucet for Lyon. The latter intends to open offices of the police municipal in some areas, and strengthen its capacity. "There needs to be more bicycle officers and it is necessary to consider also to extend the brigade's riding, because they are modes of travel that allow you to patrol slowly, to respond quickly also on cases of incivility, or of petty crime," he explained during the campaign. The idea of mediators of rue has also been suggested, "people who can intervene upstream in a logic of prevention". Sensitive topic among environmentalists, the video surveillance will be the subject of an audit to ensure their effectiveness.

In the interview he has given to mid-February, Grégory Doucet said from the outset : it did not stand a candidate in the municipal to Lyon "to make up the numbers". "Our project is to govern the city, and it is possible, of course," he added. To do this, the program of the candidate clearly wanted to take a turn green, while promising a city's "pacified". Among the topics headlights of Grégory Doucet : "to make Lyon the city of children "with a redevelopment of the progressive city, works to secure school zones and revegetate, to protect children from the heat." It intends to invest 230 million euros for the schools during his tenure. The candidate EELV is also proposing to close streets on the first of some institutions "on a case-by-case basis". Another goal set by Grégory Doucet, if he is elected mayor : achieve 100% of meals for the canteens of nurseries and schools from organic farming and 50% of foods of local origin, that is to say, products to less than 50km. A rearrangement of the school timetable, or the increase of the means of the networks of popular education (development of the Houses of Youth and Culture, MJC, social centres, Homes for children, centers of socio-cultural...) are also in the program.

short Biography of Grégory Doucet

Born in 1973 in Paris, Grégory Doucet arrived in Lyon in 2009 to take over management of operations in West Africa for the NGO Handicap International. This father of three children, unknown to the general public, was already on the list ecologist in the 8th arrondissement of the city at the municipal 2014. It will also be a time candidate in legislative elections of 2017 before leaving its place to a socialist under the agreement between EELV and the PS. He was still a candidate in 2019, in 27th position on the list headed by Yannick Jadot in the european. It is mainly through its activism that Grégory Doucet became known in the capital of the Gauls. The organiser of marches for the climate in the city, he will be running as early as 2017 to wear the colors green municipal 2020 in Lyon. He will be eventually appointed in September last, on the occasion of a primary, facing two local executives of the party, Stephen Head, and Bruno Charles.

Supported by the PS, the PC, and BIA, Grégory Doucet has also received the support of former walkers, in the image of Hubert Julien-Laferrière, deputy for Lyon, and Matthew Orphan. Aware of the enormous challenge for ecologists, the candidate says he is ready to govern the second largest city in France, even if he remained cautious on the second round. "This election has a historical dimension, because it has a mandate to act on climate", slipped it in Paris last week. Grégory Doucet also has several ingenious measures to strengthen the solidarity economy and local to Lyon. Prop itdares for example to introduce a new currency in Lyon, "The Gonette" to pay for access to municipal facilities (swimming pools, museums...). It also proposes that the elected volunteers to be paid to the height of 5% in Gonette.

Date Of Update: 29 June 2020, 04:57