U.s. Elections 2020 : outcome of the surveys, dates... The info key

Tuesday 3 November will be held the presidential elections in the u.s., which see it as oppose Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Find the latest news from the campaig

U.s. Elections 2020 : outcome of the surveys, dates... The info key

Tuesday 3 November will be held the presidential elections in the u.s., which see it as oppose Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Find the latest news from the campaign and the results of the surveys.

Summary Mode of employment Candidates Polls Dates Results the essence of The american presidential elections are held on Tuesday November 3, 2020. Two candidates oppose each other : the democrat Joe Biden, the winner of the primary, and Donald Trump, the republican president outgoing. According to the latest polls, it is Joe Biden who is in the lead in voting intentions. The democratic candidate from 77-year-old beat Donald Trump with a little more than seven point, to believe the site realclearpolitics.com that compiles all investigations (see our survey). Another area of concern for the outgoing president : his approval rating, which fell to its lowest level since he is in office (38% of Americans are satisfied according to the barometer Gallup). The Covid-19 disrupts the campaign in many ways. Donald Trump, until the arrival of the health crisis, was, it seems, quietly, to a new mandate. But the outgoing president pays a management decried the coronavirus in the United States, the most affected country in the world. If Joe Biden had decided not to organise any more meetings election by ballot, the democratic candidate has changed his mind. He will hold meetings in physics in several States crucial to the election by voting. Donald Trump is continuing on his campaign to a quasi-traditional. The national conventions of the two parties, formalizing the formal entry into the fray of candidates, were held in a completely opposite way : fully-in line for the democrats and in physics, in spite of tons reduced of public, for the republicans. The latest info on the Elections us info 1st September 2020 - Donald Trump moves in Wisconsin this Tuesday, . The outgoing president is expected to Kenosha, where Jacob Blake, an African-American, was turned down several shots at point-blank range by a white policeman on August 23. This event was the result of protests and outbursts, that Joe Biden is the responsibility of Donald Trump. This latter must give a speech in which he should pay tribute to the forces of the order. "We need to give back to our police officers, their dignity, respect", there are already know during a press conference on Monday, acknowledging that "sometimes there are bad police officers". The head of State does not encounter the family of Jacob Blake, after having refused to deal with their lawyers. For Trump, this visit can "bring excitement", "love and respect" for the United States. in The info of the 31 August - Outbreak of violence in the United States : Trump and Biden will return the ball . As new violence erupted in the margin of the demonstrations of anti-racist support to Jacob Blake, an African-American seriously injured by police shooting, the two candidates in the next election accusing each other of being responsible. Joe Biden, in a statement published Sunday, said that the current president "encourages recklessly violence", in particular through its tweets on law and order. "His inability to call his supporters to stop looking for the conflict shows to what extent he is weak," wrote the democrat. According to Donald Trump, the shooting had broken out in Portland this Saturday, during a demonstration of support against it is a result of the laxity of the democrats at the head of the city of Oregon. "Wheeler (the mayor of Portland, editor's note) is incompetent, just like Joe Biden's asleep", has tweeted the head of State, faced with the refusal of the municipal official to call in the national Guard and let the hand to the police, managed locally in the United States. "Our great national Guard could solve these problems in less than an hour," says Donald Trump. The info from the 28 August to the End of the republican national convention, marked by criticism of ever-more violent Trump to Biden . Then he accepted the nomination of his party for a second term in office, the outgoing president gave a speech during which he touted his action against the Covid-19, yet highly criticized, and attacked, once again, very violently, his opponent in this election. Puppet of the "radical left," according to Donald Trump, Joe Biden "has spent his entire career on the wrong side of history", he added. "Nobody will be safe in the America of Biden", has also dropped the republican, from the White House, transformed in a new way and backwards traditions american HQ of the campaign. "This is a place where I feel good, it is a place where the country feels good," said Trump in the face of the outcry that this move has caused. In addition, the head of the State has promised to put an end to the pandemic of Covid-19 with the creation and circulation of a vaccine... before the end of 2020. "And maybe even earlier !", has even announced Donald Trump. info August 25 - Donald Trump officially invested by the republican party . As expected, the incumbent president received the support of 330 deputies of the Grand Old Party gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, on the occasion of the republican national convention, which is held until Thursday. Donald Trump came on stage as early as this Monday, renewing his attacks against the democratic party, before delivering his closing address Thursday from the White House, which is not without provoking the ire of his opponents, who accuse him of is granted

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