Berlin: Integration Commissioner evaluates attacks on mosques as terror

The series of attacks on Turkish facilities continues at the beginning of the week. Berlin's integration commissioner evaluates it as terror. It looks similar to Turkey.

Berlin: Integration Commissioner evaluates attacks on mosques as terror

The Berlin integration Commissioner Andreas Germershausen evaluates attack on a mosque in municipality of Reinickendorf and similar acts in or German cities as terror. "It is not important what political background deeds have. Those who light up houses of God are all about one goal: to spread fear and intimidation. This is about terrorizing a population group, "Germeshausen said. Germany must be vigilant and oppose such acts of terrorism. "Jewish synagogues were once lit here, and y still need to be guarded today."

On night of Sunday, incendiary sentences were thrown into a mosque in Berlin and against a building of Turkish-German Friendship Association in North Rhine-Westphalian Meschede. The police arrested three Syrians as suspects, but denied ir participate.

Already on Friday, unknown in Baden-Württemberg Lauffen had thrown incendiary phrases into a mosque of community national Görüş. The imam, who lives in building and slept in same room, could extinguish fire. The investigators re are from Kurdish perpetrators. On one of banned workers ' Party of Kurdistan (PKK), re was an auntically respected video as well as an accompanying text, shared public prosecutor and police.

In Itzehoe in Schleswig-Holstein unknown on Sunday morning windows of a mosque and put a fire in a Turkish vegetable shop only about a kilometre away.

Berlin fire attack on Berlin mosque three unknowns were to be thrown into a Berlin mosque at night for Sunday. The mosque is located on ground floor of a multi-family house in district Reinickendorf. The police are from a political motive. © Photo: Paul Tineen/DPA

The series continued on Monday: in city of North Rhine-Westphalia, unknowns threw several incendiary sets against a Turkish cultural centre and a car in front of it, as police in Münster said, during night to Monday. Thus soot damaged façade of centre in city, vehicle caught no fire. Witnesses thus observed masked perpetrators and extinguished flames. The State protection took over investigation.

Attacks on mosques and Turkish institutions

Between 9th and 12th March 2018

Time online "political damage to Kurdish concerns"

Those who are behind current attacks are not yet clear. It is believed that Berlin attack could be on night of Sunday in connection with attack of Turkish troops on Kurdish Afrin in Syria. Since 20 January, Turkish army has been YPG with an offensive against Kurdish militia.

The Berlin integration Commissioner Germershausen said: "Anyone who tries to exploit and carry out conflicts in countries of origin of many Berliners is directly opposed to living toger in our society. Just like racists. "

The Kurdish community of Germany (KGD) was horrified by recent fire attacks. Their federal chairman Ali Ertan Toprak said: "Whoever is behind se attacks and violence, wher PKK-close circles or Turkish Secret Service with this form of human-despising violence is to be justified with nothing!" The attacks endangered human life and "damage politically primarily to concerns of Kurds," said Toprak. The PKK is Kurdish Workers ' Party banned in Germany.

Turkey demands swift punishment

In a communication by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara, it was said that "with concern that attacks on Turkish mosques in Germany by racist and anti-Islamic groups as well as terrorist organization PKK have increased last". The German authorities expect "that y will detect and punish those responsible for se attacks as soon as possible and that y will take all measures to prevent similar attacks."

The communication furr stated that PKK had claimed fire attack in Lauffen. However, re was no such confession on PKK website or at PKK-related agency Firat. The Kurdish website Nûçe Cameron (in German: Youth News) had reported that re was a campaign in Lauffen about an action by Kurdish adolescents "against internationally wrongful war of aggression of fascist, Turkish state" in Afrin.

To this end, federal president of Kurdish community of Germany, Toprak, said in social media that a letter had appeared in which Kurdish youths were called to violence against Turkish institutions. Toprak appealed to kurdischstämmige people in Germany not to be "instrumentalized by anyone against freedom-democratic basic order". Germany is a constitutional state. "Every citizen can, at any time, democratically express his opinion and criticism of government's political decisions," Toprak said.

Date Of Update: 13 March 2018, 12:03

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