Great Britain: Tens of thousands of Scots demonstrate independence

In the Scottish city of Glasgow, many people went to the streets for the secession of Britain. There were more participants than in previous years.

Great Britain: Tens of thousands of Scots demonstrate independence

Tens of thousands of people in Glasgow protested for Scottish independence from Britain. According to police, about 35,000 people participated in demonstration "All under one banner" (all under one flag). The organizers spoke according to British BBC of 80,000. Many demonstrators waved Scottish flag, and flag of Spanish region of Catalonia was often seen. The roadside stood against demonstrators carrying British flags. The independence demonstration takes place annually and number of participants increases. According to BBC, about 20,000 people had gone to streets last year.

The Scots had already held a referendum on independence of Great Britain in September 2014. At that time, 55 percent had decided to remain. However, since British voted 2016 to withdraw from European Union, many Scots are calling for independence referendum to be repeated. At Brexitabstimmung, majority of Scottish voters had voted to remain in EU.

In March 2017, Scottish Parliament voted for a new referendum. However, Scottish head of government, Nicola Sturgeon, had postponed referendum and announced that he would use a soft Brexit. A second referendum, however, is not excluded.

Scotland-"Independence is not a panacea" summer 2017: The Brexit referendum has provided a new impetus in Scottish revolutionary movement. With a good result in parliamentary elections in June 2017, Scottish nationalists wanted to put pressure on Theresa May.
Updated Date: 06 May 2018, 12:02

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