House occupation: Gentrifizierungsgegner occupy houses in Berlin

In protest against scarce and too expensive housing, several houses were occupied in Berlin. In Kreuzberg and Neukölln, the police are now carrying out evictions.

House occupation: Gentrifizierungsgegner occupy houses in Berlin

In Berlin, squatters in protest against precarious situation in housing market have invaded several vacant buildings. A total of eight houses were affected, police said. In six cases, however, se are only "bogus". The police did not meet any people re. However, windows were hung with banners – possibly as "distraction", a police spokesman said.

In two buildings squatters stopped, and police continued to inform. In Bornsdorfer Straße in Neukölln re was a hundred police on spot. The owner of House has submitted a petition for police and a request for eviction, which police will "implement immediately", it was said. 56 people were taken out of building whose personalities were now to be taken up. "It is clear that real, genuine recourses will not be tolerated," police spokesman had already said before.

The owner of a building in Bornsdorfer str. In Neukölln has submitted a petition and now a written request for eviction, which our colleague. Be put into effect immediately.

— Police Berlin Mission (@PolizeiBerlin_E) May 20, 2018

The police are also present in rich Berger Street in Kreuzberg district with a large contingent in front of an occupied house. The squatters have re banners attached with inscriptions such as "putting an end to police violence" or " houses of those who need m". The owner of this House also made an eviction request, told police. According to occupiers in and in front of houses in Kreuzberg and Neukölln, approximately 100 people are on site.

"Illegitimate that houses are empty"

A spokesman for occupier criticized that tens of thousands of people in capital were homeless, and an ever greater proportion of income had to be spent on rising rents. Given prevailing gentrification, it is "illegitimate that houses are empty," he said.

According to a communication, squatters in Bornsdorfer Straße in Neukölln want to create an "open, uncommercial Kiezraum" and "self-managed living space" in 40 flats and commercial premises. The house has been empty for years. There have already been negotiations with owner, a country housing company. Also, furniture had already been carried into house.

As occupiers continued, y occupied at least nine houses, for example in Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Friedrichshain. The compositions were created in long term, it was said furr. On Internet, action was previously announced under keyword besetzen, but without mentioning exact locations.

In some cases it is about buildings owned by provincial housing companies, it was said by police. Since it is clear that an occupation is not tolerated by owner, furr access is restricted in se cases.

Updated Date: 21 May 2018, 12:02

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