Online dating: Ingeborg seeks love

A 74-year-old decides to find a new partner. No problem in times of Onlinedatings. Or?

Online dating: Ingeborg seeks love
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    From early to late, a man in your apartment who might mess up whole household, no, Ingeborg can't imagine that. She lives for too long alone. The children are out of house long ago, even granddaughter is studying abroad, with her she entertains herself via Skype. She has girlfriends, her monthly reading group, once a week she makes with "stick-ducks" Nordic walking, she also needs more times to be a doctor. Time is filled, not life.

    She would like to have a partner with whom she can discuss and attend events, travel and talk, who takes her in arm once. and sex? Ingeborg can't really imagine being undressed in front of a man of her age. If you get old toger, it's something else. But why not? Despite her 74 years she looks good, she is slim, never goes out of house without a discreet make-up. And perhaps inhibitions disappear in a trustful relationship? But where do you find one for purpose of life with all small and big Malaisen?

    The or day her friend Monika has moved out of matrimonial home; She has fallen in love with one of her co-singers in her choir, and in her, both have denounced her long-standing marriages and sought a common apartment. And Monika is as old as you! Their ex-husband, by way, comforted himself quite quickly with a widowed neighbor.

    The story has given Ingeborg a jolt. Why don't you start again? Even with a woman from her reading group, it sparked at a higher age: at funeral ceremony for her former boss, she met man with whom she had experienced a violent affair years ago, both of whom were married. In ensuing conversation in café y sat next to each or, found out that although y had not seen two decades, y lived only three streets apart, shopped in same pharmacy, same supermarket, both widowed for a long time Were. They do not want to give up ir apartments, but y have seen each or almost every day since.

    Today even pensioners are looking for online

    Ingeborg had no boss, she was self-employed, she does not sing in chorus, and she does not know a widowed neighbor. In concerts, exhibitions, on vernissages she only sees couples. Once she sat at a reading next to a man who liked her and n led a lively conversation with a glass of wine. No more was found.

    In past, re were partner and bride institutes that kept demands and desires of card holders and arranged m by post or telephone meeting. Today, this function has taken over internet exchanges.

    Should she look on net? At first she thought of a sort of meeting place for older singles. A café especially for this target group would be nice, a well-kept, relaxed atmosphere in which you can talk to each or in a relaxed and calmly find out wher you want to get to know one anor or not. An absolute market gap in great capital, Ingeborg noted. Some time ago she had heard or read about a Ü60 party in Berlin. She sought in vain. was probably not worthwhile for organizers.

    On internet she came across Speeddating. 70-year-olds are now more enterprising, fitter and healthier than previous generations, but speedy? Even if balance between sympathy and antipathy strikes within seconds, a little bit more is to be experienced than it is possible to inquire in seven to ten minutes. Finally, for Ingeborg, or criteria are more decisive than appearance: equal interests, a similar view of world, a respectful approach to ors. Good etiquette is also important for Ingeborg.

    Age Limit: 50 years

    She discovered a face-to-face dating: Six people sit in a bar at a table, after one and a half hours bar and thus table society is changed. After three rounds all participants meet and next day you can choose if and whom you would like to see again. Apart from fact that such bar-hopping is perhaps fun with 30, upper limit is organizer at 50 years. This is not a question, eir.

    Then Ingeborg came across an idea she liked: Socialmatch. Five women and five men come toger to play for two hours: show a pantomime, tell a story, answer questions. It is more likely to draw conclusions about nature of a person. In some German cities re is this, also in Berlin. The organizers also sort interested parties by age group – but at end of 60 years.

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