Refugees: Migrants drowned before Greek island

After your boat is capsized, at least 16 people have died in front of the island of Agathonisi, including six children.

Refugees: Migrants drowned before Greek island

At sinking of a refugee boat off coast of island of Agathonisi in eastern Aegean, at least 16 people died. Among m were also six children, shared Greek coast Guard. After two missing, we're still looking for.

Two women and one man had managed to swim ashore and alert authorities. The three would have said that y had found mselves in a wooden boat, in which an estimated 21 people would have sat, shared Coast Guard. Why boat sank is still unclear. It is assumed that passengers were refugees who wanted to get from Turkey from direction of Europe.

Despite agreement between EU and Turkey, which has limited influx of refugees and migrants, dozens and sometimes hundreds of people are trying to get from Turkish coast to Greek islands and thus to Europe. Most of m break up with inflexible inflatable boats or or non-seaworthy boats.

The UN refugee facility declared that it was first boat disaster in Aegean Sea in 2018. In past two years, however, some 500 refugees and migrants have drowned re.

In Ans, around 2,000 people demonstrated on Saturday refugee agreement with Turkey, which marks second anniversary on Sunday, and closure of EU borders. Greek Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas said that tragedy of Agathonisi underscores in a sad way that human life should not depend on interests of human smugglers or on politics of States.

Updated Date: 18 March 2018, 12:02

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