Sexism: When refugee movies are booming

Up to 800,000 search requests per month: in Germany and elsewhere, the demand for pornography is rising with refugees. It's about exoticization and submission.

Sexism: When refugee movies are booming
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    What makes polarization of topic complex Islam, integration, migration and escape with people in Germany and Europe lasting for years? She employs many citizens – even in her most intimate moments.

    © Michael Heck Mohamed Amjahid editor Time magazine, time to author page

    Research of time online shows that phenomenon of "refugee pornography" has become virulent in Germany and in many or European societies since 2015. The demand for pornographic films, in which women are shown in sex, is rising. Large platforms for pornography on Internet register an increasing demand, especially in weddings of political strife.

    Users can search on pages like Pornhub, XHamster and RedTube with terms for pornography. More and more users have been tapping word "refugee" in search bar since 2015, and n y come across videos that humiliate fled women or pornographic actresses who play refugees.

    Time Online has received records on consumption of this particular pornographic genre and analyzed it with statistical experts and sexual scientists.

    What is "Refugeeporn"?

    This genre focuses on heterosexual pornography. In process, refugee pornography plays with motif of mysterious, strange woman who is usually seduced, conquered and dominated by white men.

    On one hand, older clips on Internet were tagged with new keywords after year 2015. In film credits, for example, year 2003 is listed, clip was reloaded with keywords "refugee" and "Syrian" in year 2017. There you can see how a woman, dressed only with a headscarf, is penetrated by a white man.

    Or pornographic content is apparently produced directly for this new market. In se films, presumably real Syrians play with, spoken in Arabic.

    In Berlin, pornographic actor and producer Antonio Suleiman has settled down. The Syrians on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram make excessive publicity for his refugee pornography made in Germany. He was unable to reach an interview request from time online. But Suleiman is a good example of fact that this producer scene is rar young and responds to new demand in German pornography market.

    The corresponding videos are also produced in or Western countries, especially in USA. For example, in a video that is spoken in English, a Syrian is seen as penetrated by a "Caucasian man." The title of this pornographic film: Syrian refugee sucks huge white dick for dinner Money. The video was called 420,000 Times until end of April. The most popular comment comes from a user named Ghostwalker, who complains that women fleeing today would shave ir pubic hair. Anor user writes in German: Refugee welcome.

    How often is such a thing seen in Germany?

    The world's largest provider of pornographic content on internet, Pornhub, tells in writing that phenomenon of refugee pornography is "very sensitive". Although company, based in Canada, sees a link between political polarization and consumption of pornography, data provider wants to provide with more than two billion clicks (unique visits) worldwide per month.

    Updated Date: 16 May 2018, 12:02

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