Volkswagen: Denunciation of a suspected Islamist is unlawful

Volkswagen has terminated an employee because he allegedly wanted to join the jihad. The mere suspicion, however, did not matter, judged a court.

Volkswagen: Denunciation of a suspected Islamist is unlawful

A court has declared termination denunciation of a presumed Islamist at Volkswagen to be ineffective. "The mere suspicion of belonging to radical militant ' jihad movement ' and reasoned preventive withdrawal of passport are not readily sufficient as grounds for termination of an employment relationship," State labour Court in Lower Saxony's decision. Volkswagen can still appeal to Federal Court of Auditors.

According to court, man from Wolfsburg wanted to fly to Istanbul in December 2014. The federal police prevented journey back n and took man's passport. According to court, re was suspicion that man wanted to join militant jihad. The departure ban was confirmed in 2016 by Administrative Court of Braunschweig.

As a result, VW announced man who was employed as an assembly worker. The plaintiff's behaviour endangers business peace and security in company, it was said in explanatory memorandum.

According to court, however, such termination is only justified if employment relationship is specifically disturbed. "Purely out-of--box circumstances cannot justify termination of an employment relationship without notice or in due time", judges said.

Date Of Update: 13 March 2018, 12:03

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