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Lava and lapilli, mount Etna comes back to erupt

Jets of lava up to 150 meters, but in no imminent danger. The signs of recovery had begun in July. In activities all the craters main">

  • 26 August 2018 Sunday 12:06
  • Lava and lapilli, mount Etna comes back to erupt
    So brontolograve;, egrave; awakened. ldquo;Lrsquo;Etna has given beginning to a new episode of activity; strombolian and emission of lava flows in night between 23rd and 24th of August 2018rdquo; writes lrsquo;National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. Lrsquo;eruption is in progress in Bocca Nuova, norast Crater, and in Mouth of Sella, which is located in midagrave; between old and new south-east Crater ( first egrave; formed in 1971, second only by a dozen years, but both are among piugrave; of active volcano). Lrsquo;rash is not endangering anyone, since that is confined to summit, and that gave signals from July. Have not been issued orders of evacuation. Lava, erupting south-east crater of mount Etna


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    map of The Gruppo guide alpine Etna sud

    Share nbsp; By afternoon of 23rd trembling of mountain rose and lava began twirling in night sky, up to 150 metres of height. A small lava flow that is output from New souast crater, moving towards Valle del Bove to a few hundred meters away and explosions, in course of day of Fridayigrave; y are slightly diminished. It is brimful of ash lrsquo;air around volcano, even if above lrsquo;airport sky is clear and flights on a regular basis.nbsp;

    A rmal image, taken from Ingv on 16th of August, on craters of Mouth New 1 and 2

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    The volcano Friday morning

    Share nbsp; Friday morning, local Civil Protection unit has raised level of risk from ldquo;baserdquo; to ldquo;attentionrdquo;, only for common dellrsquo;s summit area. The awakening dellrsquo;Etna was started last July. Lrsquo;last eruption dates back to April of 2017. The volcano has 500 thousand years of age, but remains one of piugrave; active drsquo;Europe. With its 3,300 meters egrave; piugrave; high active volcano in continental Europe.

    Bomb volcanic erupted on 18th of August from Crater of north-east

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    Updated Date: 26 August 2018, 12:06



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