Sporting Events Where you Can Dress to Impress

Sporting Events Where you Can Dress to Impress

The thrill and excitement of a sporting event, especially when watched live, provide you with a feeling like no other, being able to feel the vibrations of the crowd in the stands makes the experiences second to none, a feeling that simply cannot be experienced from watching at home. But, another thing that makes spectating certain events even more special is When are required to abide by a dress code as sporty events where you can dress to impress and be amongst the pageantry, all add together to create truly unforgettable days out.

A dress code adds to the class and sophistication of these particular events is a selling point to many, those that have less interest in the sport but enjoy getting dressed up for a day out with friends and family with the excitement of the sport being an added bonus. So, let’s take a look at the sporting events around the world that allow you to dress to impress.

Horse Racing - Royal Ascot

Horse racing has always been associated with the upper-class and it’s close connections with royalty have added to this reputation, this has become an attractive factor of attending horse races even to this day, allowing people to get dressed up and enjoy the races, some drinks and place a bet at as the action of the races unfold. One of the most famous of all races for the dress code is none other than Royal Ascot, being held annually Since 1711 and has managed to maintain its sophisticated reputation and appeals to many racegoers for many reasons, it’s pageantry being one of the biggest.

It is wise to search the dress code for Royal Ascot before attending as it can be somewhat confusing, men attending the races are required to wear a matching suit, meaning that both the blazer and trousers must be made of matching material, hats are also encouraged to be worn and are mandatory in some enclosures so to be on the safe side bring one along. When it comes to female attendees the rules become slightly more in-depth, but in recent years suits and jumpsuits have been added to provide more options for women, along with dresses that have always been encouraged to be worn. A dress must be just above the knee or longer as well as having a strap of thicker than 1 inch this means that no spaghetti strapped or strapless dresses are to be born, women are also encouraged to wear a hat or headdress as long as the base is Wider than 4 inches.

Tennis - Wimbledon

Much like ascot, Wimbledon is a prestigious event for its sport and its traditions include the class and sophistication of its reputation that has remained intact for over 100 years, as Wimbledon is one of the oldest tennis tournaments and yet still one of the most popular. Although Wimbledon does not have a specific dress code, people enjoy getting dressed up to enjoy a glass of champagne and strawberries and cream courtside, As well as looking out for well-known celebrities and members of the royal family who can often be spotted in the stands. Therefore it’s an unwritten rule that spectators dress smartly for the event such as jackets and ties despite not being specifically required. Despite no rules being made on what you should wear there are a few things prohibited such as sports wear, shorts and dirty trainers.