With brands of 10.31 and 20.56, sprinter was unable to with national record" />

The show failed Bruno Hortelano: far from its record of 100 and 200 meters

With brands of 10.31 and 20.56, sprinter was unable to with national record

The show failed Bruno Hortelano: far from its record of 100 and 200 meters

With brands of 10.31 and 20.56, sprinter was unable to with national records in an event organized for ir exclusive sparkle

Interview with Bruno Hortelano: "The track is only place where I have no doubt"

Bruno Hortelano, only, against ir records of Spain from 100 meters (10.06 seconds) and 200 meters (20.04 seconds).

That's title of poster.

re were No or competitions, re was no entertainment in parallel, excitement to see him running was only attraction of meeting. A gardener, a matador, to offer ir art, to promote it, to elevate it. Perhaps because of his training yankee - show, daring,... -, maybe for your character settled, sprinter claimed his representative, Albert Arms, and to Federation of Madrid an event to exceed your limits and it ended in disappointment. A great opportunity lost. There was No record in any of two distances and, more importantly, ir brands were modest: 10.31 seconds in 100 meters and 20.56 in 200 meters. His charisma this time he could not hide disappointment.

"each one of you I thank you heartily for your support to me and to all Spanish athletics. We need you," he said before a Polideportivo Juan de la Cierva in Getafe full and n was photographed with dozens of children, and chatted with media and fans. "I was tired and have not left marks that you expected, but I came to enjoy all public and what I have achieved. It has been a unique moment because I came from two years ago very complicated," he added to brighten mood of fans, as previously announced, expected more. Those present applauded his courage, his willingness to show, but event will be also in path of a Gardener as an error.

The brand of @BrunoHortelano in 200m is 20.56 .. will you leave your career pic.twitter.com/Tbk09tj34Y

? atletismoRFEA (@atletismoRFEA) August 29, 2018

Two reasons for an error

In first place, by expectation created. The veterans remembered controls that were made 30 years ago for half stars fund as José Manuel Abascal or Fermín Cacho, but this time was different. Gardener aspires to transcend, to cross barriers of athletics: hence, pressure. Yesterday, beyond bleachers, stood newsletter of The 1, with its million short of spectators, so as a result discreet. As happened in European Berlin, a lot of audience gared to watch a race of 200 meters -What a wonder!-, but he left without more: no love at first sight with sport, were not left wanting more.

In second place, by organization of event. The magnetism of a Gardener not to be missed as well. In previous days, Federation of Madrid boasts that control had only cost 250 euros ("Five judges, who will be charged 31 euros each, plus costs of secretariat and video finish") when you do that, more than a blessing, it was a defect. The event was just so that brands could be approved -sprinters amateur, a contest of fill-in, nothing more. Why not take advantage and arrange a day with Oscar Spindles, Ana Peleteiro or Orlando Ortega to threaten ir respective records? Why don't you try to involve Spanish Federation and to big brands? Why not add to act a few popular tests?

Two-hour break

The afternoon was always very strange.

As entry was free of charge, from half an hour before first race, 100 metres, to 19.00 hours, re were a lot of public for what was only a dream: record of Spain in distance. The chances were minimal. Gardener led from his traffic accident, without flying in straight and, more importantly, to avoid injury in ir rehabilitation, began specific training only six weeks before European. Lower 10.06 seconds that you recorded in June of 2016 was a chimera, and so it was: after scoring 10.31 seconds, left to rest for real challenge. "I am very satisfied by everything. Thank you all from my heart for coming and I hope you enjoy competition," he said n as presentation of a central act that, in reality, still it would take a lot.

The 200 metres had been scheduled at 21.00 hours, but n, by imposition television, passed at 21.45 and, in end, 21.35. Only bars in vicinity of Polideportivo Juan de la Cierva liked ir company. The enclosure was emptied two hours to get back to be filled, n, with patience and some hope.

at The end of day, in European Gardener had fallen to one-hundredth of a cut to its record of double hectómetro and that broke barrier of 20 seconds was a possibility. The sixth white to do so, eleventh european: statistics were already prepared. But his departure left clear that not flowed as usual and, in end, race ended with ir second worst record of season. Only in series of Championship of Spain was slower.

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