5 tools to analyze the SEO of your site

A well-referenced site (corporate, online store, professional blog, etc.) generates traffic

5 tools to analyze the SEO of your site

A well-referenced site (corporate, online store, professional blog, etc.) generates traffic. There are two ways to improve the visibility of a site on the internet: the paid method with sponsored links or the free method with natural referencing.

Here are 5 analysis tools used by SEO professionals to analyze and optimize a site's ranking in search engine results.

Why use SEO analysis tools?

For a professional with a website, SEO analysis tools meet several challenges. In particular, they will make it possible to:

  • Check if all the elements that make up its site correspond to the target's searches.
  • Determine whether or not essential searches (queries) related to site activity are driving search engine traffic.
  • Analyze the keywords used by Internet users that lead to the site.
  • Check which pages are the most read and the least visited.

These analyzes carried out by different tools are part of an overall acquisition marketing strategy. They will then make it possible to optimize the content of the site to increase the audience and the number of prospects.

The biggest advantage of SEO is that it's free and most of the tools that optimize it too. Better visibility, increased traffic, improved conversion rate… a business has everything to gain! There are many online share trading sites that rank better on Google.

SEO analysis tools

Google analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to know the origin of the traffic on a site: direct, referral, organic (via Google), social or Paid Search and to adapt the content of the site according to the results.

Google Trends

Google Trends analyzes the search trends of Internet users, namely the popularity of keywords and their evolution over time. A good way to find ideas for keywords associated with the theme of the site's activity, or to detect the seasonality of a keyword.


The Majestic backlinks tool is an extensive link index database. It analyzes the url of the domain name of a site, the number of inbound and outbound links. Its numerous indicators (citation score, credibility, authority, etc.) are used to assess the quality of a website.


Keywordtool is an analysis tool which makes it possible to determine around a particular theme (for example “location”) all the related keywords most searched by users (example: “car rental”, “vacation rental”, “ house rental ”,“ apartment rental ”). It is then sufficient to create, refine or adjust the content of the site according to the interest of Internet users around the chosen sector of activity. It is recommended to cross this tool with Ubersuggest to maximize your chances of finding the right keywords.


Alyze analyzes a web page the Google way. This tool gives statistics of the most important words used in a page and their relevance.

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