Good plan Animal Crossing : where to find the console and the game at the best price ?

n however, you must have caught all the fish in the game, at least once. For the golden watering can, your island must get a five-star reputation score. As for

Good plan Animal Crossing : where to find the console and the game at the best price ?
n however, you must have caught all the fish in the game, at least once. For the golden watering can, your island must get a five-star reputation score. As for the ax, you need to break 100 axes (the quality does not matter). The gold net, as with the fishing rod, requires that you have caught all the insects in the game, at least once. For the golden shovel it is necessary to help Gulliver 30 times. Finally, the slingshot is obtained by collecting 300 flying gifts. < / p>

As a reminder, there are 80 fish and 80 insects available in the game. Some are seasonal, so you'll have to wait in order to get your much-desired item. After completing these conditions, you will receive a work plan corresponding to the object in question. To shape a gold tool, you need to have gold nuggets, and the tool you will improve. As we told you in the introduction of this article, the gold tools are not unbreakable, and will have to be rebuilt, but you can reuse this worktop. < / p>

How to have the scale ? < / h3 >

Whether at home or on the island of one of your friends, there are necessarily high platforms that are unattainable, at the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizons. They are often home to interesting fruit trees. It is essential to obtain the scale, to achieve it. Note that it is not accessible until you have progressed a minimum in the game. As every time, it is Tom Nook who will give you the plan, for the realization of this tool. First, you have to stop by to see him once his shop is open on your island. It will transmit you a mission where you will need to build a bridge, and then three locations for three future resident houses. Once this task is done, it will provide you with the scale plan (by Nook Phone). < / p> < p> Its realization requires 4 units of wood, 4 units of soft wood and 4 units of hardwood. You can then keep it in your inventory, and use it when you go to visit mystery islands. Enough to recover the maximum of resources, and refuel before returning home. Also, this object is essential in the daily routine that you will have to gradually adopt. < / p>

How to increase the size of your inventory ? < / h3 >

20 places, this represents an evolution compared to New Leaf, which was limited to 16 places. Animal Crossing New Horizons brings new resources like stone, wood and nuggets that are used to build furniture and tools. These new products take up a lot of your storage space every day. In order not to spend your time going back and forth to get rid of it, you can simply double the size of your storage space. You can get your first inventory upgrade very quickly by knowing where to look. Go to the residents ' office and access the bell vending machine. For 5,000 Nook Miles, you can acquire your first upgrade. This is the product "Know how to organize". You then get a third line in your inventory !

To have a fourth line, you will have to wait a little. You must first improve the residents ' office, welcome new neighbors in order to access new products at this same kiosk. This time it will cost you 8000 bells. This is the "Pocket Tote Guide". Once you've done that, you'll be able to carry twice as many items and resources as when you started the game ! < / p>

How to get a lot of money ? < / h3 >

The first solution, which is by the way the same as in the previous opuses, is to fish and catch the most different fish and insects. Then, depending on their relative rarity for each of the species, you can resell them for a considerable amount of bells. By spending a few hours (or less, if you are lucky), you will be able to raise a good bundle of money. In order to optimize your sessions, we recommend that you release all cash that is ultimately worth little money. This allows you to better manage its storage, and therefore optimize all your trips where you will sell your catches. As an example, ordinary butterflies are worth almost nothing, and you can completely ignore them. Note that some of your neighbors are very interested in your activities, and are willing to pay a larger amount (50% more for some species of fish) to get some species. < / p>

We also advise you to type rocks of your island with your shovel, daily. One of them will give you money, eight times. Enough to easily pick up 16,000 bells every day. Be careful to monitor the condition of your shovel, since the worst case scenario would be that it breaks in full action. A third tip is to visit other islands. For about 2000 bells it will be possible to temporarily go to a specific location, which is full of high-value resources. Fish, insects, plants : you have something to do, in addition to improving your knowledge. Note that it is also possible to fall, if you are lucky, on islands filled with pebbles giving money, as we saw above. < / p>

By visiting the islands of your friends, you can also collect fruits that you do not own on yours. You then have the choice to replant them, or sell them, at 500 bells per unit. By building yourself a small plantation, you will be able to have a steady income by selling dozens of foreign fruits every day. In the m

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