Madrid is already the past. The way of the Champions league in Istanbul

have Just passed 48 hours, but Madrid is already the past and Istanbul demands attention to its end. The followers of the Liverpool are still celebrating their

Madrid is already the past. The way of the Champions league in Istanbul

have Just passed 48 hours, but Madrid is already the past and Istanbul demands attention to its end. The followers of the Liverpool are still celebrating their sixth Orejona, can be heard still talks implementing the goals from Salah and Originating through the streets of the Spanish capital and, until nearly midnight on Sunday, continued the celebrations of football in the spaces available in the Plaza mayor and the Puerta del Sol. But since today is the start of a new period of balance, reflection and work, the path that leads to the Champions league back to Turkey, as it does three decades.

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“Our space was packed, the turnout has been impressive,” says David Molina, head of Consumer Marketing and Sponsorship Europe at Mastercard, principal sponsor of the UEFA from 25 years ago now. He was one of the culprits of that in the Puerta del Sol and next to the urn where they exhibited the desired cup would have a scenario in which jugglers of the ball taught their tricks to the participants, while a two-arm robotic them recorded so that they could receive on their mobile phones right away the images and could share them on their social networks. From different angles, with a perspective and a quality of awe. “The two arms were black, so we wanted to add a few stickers decorative. Well, both worked, that the adhesive is melted on two occasions. Casting a smoke really,” explains Molina, who estimates that some 4,000 people had to stop to try their skills with a ball to share the videos on their networks. “In a day, despite the queues, we were able to save a thousand”.

Dove Pujol, champion of Spain of football, freestyle (with ball) and three-time global winner in the category of footbag (also with the feet, but with smaller balls, juggling), coincided on the stage with another star like Fernando Morientes, and people swirled to be photographed with both. “The final result is still better than holding Madrid in 2010 [which pitted Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, with victory by two to zero neroazurri]. On that occasion got fans in Retirement, in dates, as now, the park hosted the Book Fair. This time the most emblematic places of the center were filled with football,” says proud Molina.

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To commemorate the quarter century of support to the competition by the secretary general of UEFA, Theodore Theodoridis, presented a gift to Raja Rajamannar, global head of Marketing and Communication of Mastercard, and to celebrate the occasion, gave way to a show, before the conclusion of the match, in which the artist Didi Roll drawing with sand the passage of those 25 years, while the violinist Silvia Carbajal played, the violin, the anthem of the UCL Champions League and the entity sonora Mastercard.

The long road to Istanbul

The secretary general of UEFA, Theodore Theodoridis makes the delivery of an award to Mastercard for their 25 years of supporting the competition. Communication Mastercard

In the same instant that it met the designation of Istanbul as the venue for the end of 2020, almost a year ago now and, therefore, two before the party there, the UEFA and Mastercard processed the booking of numerous hotel places. All the manage is planned with a lot of advance and zeal. That is why Molina has met already, just hours after the final whistle of the match between Liverpool and Tottenham, with the delegation from turkey of Mastercard, to be able to analyze the successes of this campaign carried out in Madrid, and the early conclusion of what the development of the same make in the next year. “I think that we will take as starting point the social networks to the design of actions: the key is in the possibility of providing an experience shareable. There, the penetration is also very high, especially Facebook.” Explains Molina who seek to surprise you, but focusing on the pattern that you create that has enabled the success of this year: a commitment to digital, by the union of emotion and technology, of stories, as in the cases of kit beats (the system that devised to the children of holders of Mastercard, who accompanied the players before matches. It is a technology that moves to the rhythm of his own heartbeat until the hearts of their parents sitting in the stands) or as the short documentaries with actors gathered around the Champions of Daniel Sánchez Arévalo.

In August, will have a first meeting with UEFA and, before October, there will be due to submit your program proposals for 2020.

15 years after the miracle of Istanbul

The olympic stadium Atatürk Istanbul was in 2005 the scene of one of the end most unforgettable in the history of the Champions League, a competition that returns to Turkish soil three lustros after in as pointed out anniversary. The Milan Gattuso, Pirlo, Kaka and Sevchenko had been placed at the end of the first half with three goals of advantage to Liverpool, led by Steven Gerard and Xabi Alonso and led by Rafa Benitez. In six minutes, between 54 and 60, the reds managed to tie one end that seemed little more than a chimera, and they ended up winning the shootout and taking then, as in this edition, the title.

Scenario of Mastercard at the door of the Sun. J. Rojas

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