Xbox Series X: prices, stocks available... All info

than the previous generation. For the occasion, a video was also unveiled to testify to the technological leap between the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X: the

Xbox Series X: prices, stocks available... All info
than the previous generation. For the occasion, a video was also unveiled to testify to the technological leap between the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X: the loads are considerably shortened, with a high-end console that starts in 10 seconds, when the Xbox One X can take more than a minute.

The games at the launch on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Halo Infinite having been shifted to 2021, the two new Xbox were deprived of a big exclusive release for the end of 2020. Microsoft's consoles, however, can rely on important games from third-party publishers to attract players to the next generation. We think of Assassin's Creed Valhalla at Ubisoft, the racing game Dirt 5, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War but also Cyberpunk 2077. Note also that Microsoft has long insisted on the backward compatibility of its consoles that support games released on previous machines, which therefore offers an expanded catalog from the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Xbox

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NBA 2K21

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Call of Duty : Cold War

Rakuten44,99 €see Cdiscount63,83 €59,99 €see Fnac59,99 €see Baker60,82 €see Micromania74, 99 €64,99 €see Rue du Commerce71,89 €see Amazon74,99 €80,48 €see Darty79,88 €see La Redoute88,56 €see Xbox Game Pass, the subscription that changes everything

To distinguish itself from its direct competitor, Sony which launched the Playstation 5 on November 19, 2020 in France, Microsoft is pushing the Xbox Game Pass, an all-inclusive subscription formula in which you can get all Xbox Game Studios games from the day of their release. Far from being content with this, Microsoft regularly adds new games from more or less recent third-party publishers for a total catalog of a hundred games to which is also added the EA Play catalog composed of the best-known licenses of the publisher Electronic Arts. We will find Anthem, Battlefield 1, A Way Out, Burnout Paradise Remastered, The Sims 4, Star Wars Battlefrond 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Dragon Age Inquisition and many others... The Xbox Game Pass is offered at a price of €9.99 per month for the console or PC subscription and €12.99 per month for the console and PC subscription.

Learn more What prices for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

On September 9, 2020, Microsoft made official the pricing of its two future next-generation consoles. The Xbox Series X, the high-end version of the duo, is offered at the RRP of €499.99. Its little sister, the Xbox Series S, is slightly less powerful and deprived of the 4K UHD Blu-Ray player which allows the bill to be lower: the price of the Xbox Series S is set at €299.99.

What is Xbox All Access subscription?

Another important fact to note, Microsoft has marketed a subscription program called Xbox All Access to allow as many people as possible to get an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X in a system close to what smartphone sellers can offer, for example. For €24.99 per month for 24 months, you get an Xbox Series S and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that opens you access to a catalog of more than 100 games on Xbox but also PC as well as the Electronic Arts game catalog via the EA Play. For €32.99 per month for 24 months, this is an Xbox Series X that you get in addition to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

At the moment, two brands offer Xbox All Access formulas: Fnac and Micromania. Here is the Xbox All Access section on the Fnac website. Micromania, for its part, offers an online solution available here. Note that you will need to provide a number of documents to finalize your subscription:

a valid ID a proof of residence of less than 3 months a bank ID statement a valid bank card what does the new Xbox controller look like?

For many, the Xbox controller has been the best in the world in terms of ergonomics since the 360. Taking the main arguments of its big sisters, the Xbox Series X offers a thinner model, with a completely revised directional cross. Microsoft also explains that the latency between the signals emitted by the controller and the console are greatly reduced. The manufacturer promises that all controllers available on Xbox One are also compatible with the Xbox Series X. Similarly, the new Xbox Series X controller is also usable with the Xbox One. 

© Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Comparison

Since November 10, 2020, players have the choice between two consoles stamped Xbox: the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. How to decide between the two if you want to join Microsoft or continue with the consolidate? Know that the Xbox Series X is thought of as the top model with the highest performance. It is also equipped with a 4K UHD Blu-ray player and also poses as a media player. There is also a hard disk of 1 terabyte which will obviously store more games than its little sister.

The Xbox Series S, conversely, is more like the entrance to gam

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