Samsung debuts Galaxy S22 line including flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra starting at $1,199

Samsung has released its new flagship smartphone line-up: The $799 Galaxy S22, the $999 Galaxy S22+ and the $1,199 Galaxy S22 U Ultra.

Samsung debuts Galaxy S22 line including flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra starting at $1,199

The trio of phones are available for pre-order starting February 9, and will be on sale February 25, but there are some differences. These are the key differences.

Galaxy S22 U

  • 6.8-inch display

  • Built-in S Pen stylus

  • Quad-camera system

  • Improved low light photo capabilities

  • Storage up to 1TB

  • Starting at $1,199

Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22+

  • S22 receives a 6.1-inch display, while S22+ has a 6.6 inch panel

  • No S Pen stylus

  • 3 cameras. Wide-angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto

  • Up To 256GB Storage

  • S22 starts from $799, and S22 Ultra starts starting at $999

Samsung's S Pen stylus is a special feature of the S22 Ultra, making it the most popular of the S22 Ultra smartphones. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is actually more of a Note than its name suggests.

Its body looks almost identical to the Note thanks to its square design and flat bottom and top edges. Samsung is also putting an end to the Note line, which debuted in 2011 as the first big-screen mainstream smartphone.

The S22 Ultra's massive 6.8 inch AMOLED 2x display is front-facing. It offers vivid colors and deep blacks. The screen of the S22 Ultra is a cascading display that extends from its left and right edges. This adds more display space, just like previous versions of Samsung's smartphones.

The S22 Ultra's screen, like many other top-tier smartphones today, has a dynamic refresh rate. This allows the screen to update with new information at a lower frequency. It can be as low as once per sec when you read text on a website, or as high as 120 times per sec when you play high-end video games.

Samsung's Vision Booster technology is also featured on the S22 Ultra. This adjusts the brightness and color contrast of images to enhance overall display quality in direct sunlight.

The S22 Ultra's biggest draw is its S Pen. This pen can be used for everything, from quick notes to sketching. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, like the Note line has a slot for your stylus so that you don't have worry about it getting lost.

The S22 Ultra has a quartet cameras at its back. The S22 Ultra has a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide angle lens. It also features a telephoto with 3x optical zoom and a secondary lens with 10x optical zoom. Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max has three cameras, a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide angle lens, and a secondary telephoto zoom lens with 10x optical zoom.

Digital zoom uses software features to magnify subjects. Optical zoom uses optical zoom lenses that zoom in on specific subject matter. Images with optical zoom generally have a higher quality than images taken using digital zoom.

Samsung claims that the S22 Ultra can produce top-notch low light photography due to its new technology and 23% larger pixel sensor. The Galaxy S22 Ultra's 108-megapixel camera sensor will eventually produce 12-megapixel images.

Samsung's new auto framing technology, which automatically tracks people when they enter your frame, has been added to video capture. This allows you to capture group shots and keeps everyone's images crisp and clear.

The S22 Ultra's portrait mode now allows you to take photos of your pets. This will allow you to finally capture images that make your four-legged friends look as elegant as they do in person.

The S22 Ultra comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen.1 processor (4-nanometer), and 8GB or 12GB RAM. You can store anywhere from 128GB up to 1TB.

Galaxy S22 & S22+

Although the Galaxy S22 Ultra may get an S Pen, 4 cameras, and the Galaxy S22+ has a Galaxy S22+, they are not slouches. The S22 has a 6.1-inch AMOLED 2x panel with dynamic refresh rates. The S22+ has a 6.6 inch version.

The S22+ and S22+ have more appeal to me than the Edge display on the S22 Ultra.

The S22 and S22+ have three rear cameras, a wide-angle lens and ultra-wide angle lens as well as a telephoto lens with 2x optical Zoom. These phones have many of the same low light camera capabilities as the S 22 Ultra. They can also take portrait mode photos of pets and AI image enhancement.

The S22 and S22+ have the same Snapdragon processors as the S22 Ultra. Each phone comes with 8GB RAM and your choice between 128GB or 2GB of storage.

We will be covering more details about the S22 lineup, including a complete review, in the coming weeks.

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