Containment in Europe : restrictions strengthened in Germany and the UK, the latest info

iarc;the with of the fines will be put in place at the borders. The cross-border workers are not affected by the ban. Since the 30th of December last, all of

Containment in Europe : restrictions strengthened in Germany and the UK, the latest info
iarc;the with of the fines will be put in place at the borders. The cross-border workers are not affected by the ban.

Since the 30th of December last, all of the stays in the red zone are considered to be "contacts at high risk". Passengers arriving in the belgian airports in France are subject to a quarantine of seven days, with mandatory testing for the Covid-19 in the first and seventh day. There are exceptions for essential workers, students to pass exams as well as for the residents gone abroad for professional reasons. All passengers travelling to Belgium, whatever the means of transport used, must complete the Form and Location of the Passenger.

Reconfinement total in England, the bar of the 100 000 people reached

First country in Europe in this case, the United Kingdom has passed the sad threshold of 100 000 deaths related to SARS-CoV-2 : 100 162 people were killed after a positive test of less than twenty-eight days, according to data released on Tuesday 26 January by Public Health England, the department of health. Reported to the population (about 66 million people), these figures place the Uk among the countries in the world most affected by the pandemic, ahead of the United States or Mexico.

The United Kingdom has entered into the phase 3 containment, with a tightening of restrictions to cope with the rapid spread of a new strain of coronavirus, called B117, forcing it to close bars and restaurants, the shops of non-essentials, and schools. The Prime minister, Boris Johnson has announced the reconfinement total of England until mid-February.

in The United Kingdom, where a quarantine pay of ten days is imposed on travellers from countries considered "high risk" (including Portugal), the list of these now includes three new nations from which the flights are limited from this Friday morning : the flights direct from the United Arab Emirates are prohibited, while for Rwanda and Burundi, the restrictions relate only to certain travellers having stayed there during the last ten days.

The netherlands put in place a curfew

The netherlands began their first curfew. From 21 hours, it is forbidden to leave home until 4: 30 p.m., the curfew to be renewed every night at least until 9 February. This measure, justified by the government by the fear of the variant british, must avoid a containment mandatory day

The passengers travelling in the netherlands by air must complete a health declaration form before boarding. In the case where a traveller has any of the symptoms listed in the health declaration form, it will not be accepted on the vol, This is also applicable for transit passengers.

A reconfinement widespread in Portugal

Portugal is subjected to a second containment "generalized" to curb the epidemic of Covid-19, which reached new records in the country, announced Wednesday the Prime minister Antonio Costa. The new restrictions, which will remain in force for at least a month, which correspond to those which had been taken in march and April. This time, the schools remain open, in the same way that the courts and the churches.

In airports, to take the temperature of passengers at their arrival is mandatory. A rule of social distancing of 2 meters is to be observed in the public space. Wearing a mask is mandatory in the transport, public services, shops and supermarkets, closed spaces and tourist places or open to the public. A label "Clean & Safe" has been created by the body in charge of tourism, Turismo de Portugal. The obtaining of this label by a hotel or a tourist site must ensure that the managers comply with all security measures. The restaurants are open, with a capacity limited to 50% and a closing not later than 23h. For the beaches, a label on the occupation of beaches has been set up (green : low occupancy, yellow : high occupancy, red : use saturated). You can find all the information on the application Info Praia or on the site Apambiente. See the tips

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Hardening of the restrictions in Germany

Faced with a second wave of sars coronavirus far more deadly than the first, Germany has taken the decision to toughen and extend restrictions. Angela Merkel announced in early January that nurseries, schools and shops non-essential would remain closed until at least 31 January. Two new measures have also been put in place : the limitation of travel to a radius of 15 kilometers around the home in the "boroughs" where the incidence rate is higher than 200 cases per 100 000 inhabitants and the prohibition to receive at home more than one person outside his own home. Previously, the threshold was set at five persons belonging to two different homes.

Germany is expected to confirm on Friday a "drastic reduction" of air traffic with the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and Portugal, the countries most affected by the new variants

Date Of Update: 01 February 2021, 02:57

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