Holidays in Spain : confinement, wearing a mask, beaches... The conditions

You are from Spain ? If the borders with France were reopened in the month of July, the stays are subject to rules and restrictions because of the outbreak of c

Holidays in Spain : confinement, wearing a mask, beaches... The conditions

You are from Spain ? If the borders with France were reopened in the month of July, the stays are subject to rules and restrictions because of the outbreak of coronavirus, and the resumption of the circulation of the virus. Here's a full point on the situation to plan your vacation.

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Containment in Galicia and in Catalonia, of which Barcelona... The situation concerned in Spain, already hard hit by the pandemic of sars coronavirus with nearly 300 000 cases reported at the beginning of July to more than 28 000 people dead. Spain was, however, gradually raised the containment to the approach of the summer and opened its borders at the beginning of July, including its land border with Portugal. But the return of homes, premises and the arrival of new cases of contamination are still concerned the authorities, who were able to install sub-local. However, it is possible to swim, sunbathe or stroll on the beaches, with rules laid down by each municipal council. If you are planning a vacation in Spain this summer, you should know that the measurements are not the same everywhere in the country and your holiday will be subject to rules that are more or less strict social distancing. The situation in Catalonia is particularly the object of special attentions. Here's a full point.

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Y-a-t-he regions confined in Spain ?

Many regions have been confined in Spain in recent weeks. In the region of Barcelona, the rules of containment are about four million people, invited them to stay at home, but without legal obligation. The outputs are discouraged and the inhabitants invited to stay with them. Groups of more than ten persons are also prohibited. Barcelona and its suburbs, 13 municipalities in total but also Figuérès and Vilafant are affected by this decision. Same device to Zaragoza, Aragon. In the Balearic islands, the local authorities have asked the ministry of Health to redo the controls for the passenger upon their arrival in the region.

on what date did Spain she re-opened its borders with France ?

the preferred Destination of the French holiday, Spain has officially reopened its external borders with all the member States of the european Union since June 21, 2020. No quarantine is required at the national level. Other nationals are allowed to enter Spanish soil, according to a list regularly updated. Here is the version of 4 July 2020 : Algeria, Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. "The principle of reciprocity is maintained in the case of citizens of Algeria, China and Morocco," says the office of Spanish tourism.

the Documents, formalities and health checks to go to Spain

To enter Spanish soil, tourists must, however, comply with certain rules and strict controls :

If you arrive by air or sea, you will have to submit yourself to take a temperature on arrival in Spain. It should not be greater than or equal to 37.5°. All travelers must fill out a form of public health. It is downloadable on the site or via the free app SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SpTH. The complete entry form will generate a QR Code that you will present on arrival in Spain. If you go through a travel agency for your permit, it will inform you of the obligation to fill in this form. A paper version will also be accepted during a transitional period that will last until 31 July. Visitors suspected of being contaminated by the Covid-19 will be subject to a new health assessment with a new temperature-taking and an assessment of their state of health. If it confirms contamination, the traveler will be "transferred to a health centre", says Spain on his site dedicated to tourism. Spain will impose a quarantine to foreign tourists this summer ?

Good news, the quarantine imposed on the foreign tourists arriving in Spain was lifted on July 1, 2020 at the time when the borders were opened. Subject to the presentation of documents health required upon arrival on Spanish soil, no quatorzaine or quarantine is required.

What are the measures of social distancing implemented in Spain ?

hygiene measures and social distancing will be to comply with during your summer vacation. For the moment, the port of the mask remains mandatory in public transport and in public places where it is not possible to keep a safety distance of 2 meters, for example in the vehicles if the persons on board do not live under the same roof.

In the hotels and tourist accommodations but also restaurants, shops, cultural centers, concert halls, the managers must ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meter between the customers but also with employees.

The port of the mask is it compulsory in Spain ?

The port of the mask is compulsory from the age of 6 years on the public highway, in the open-air spaces, public spaces closed if it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meter. It is also mandatory in public transportation, airplanes, trains or boats, as well as in private vehicles if the occupants do not live under the same roof. The non-compliance results in a sanction of up to 100 euros.

Attention, Catalonia is a special case. Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the public space as early as 9 July, even if the measures of distance are met.

The beaches will be open in Spain this summer ?

The beaches of the Balearic islands and the Canary islands, the Atlantic and a large part of Andalusia have reopened to bathing, always with strict security measures. The ministry of Health recommends limiting the number of visitors to the beaches, to delineate spaces for each group and spacing the umbrellas of 4 metres. Then, for municipalities to prohibit access if the beaches are too crowded. Has Benidorm, the famous beach resort of the Costa Blanca, plots were installed with a booking system upstream. On the Costa Brava, in the municipality of Lloret de Mar has opted for a separation into three areas : families, adults, and senior citizens whereas other municipalities recommend not to stay more than three hours on the beach. You can find advice and recommendations on the website of the Institute for quality Spanish tourism (ICTE), which launched a label Safe Tourism Certified in collaboration with the ministry of Health.

The airports have reopened, with what companies from Spain this summer ?
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