Summer vacation : start date, borders, beaches... The point in France and in Europe

Where will it be possible to go on vacation this summer ? The external borders will re-open in July ? What will be the rules of social distancing ? Below you wi

Summer vacation : start date, borders, beaches... The point in France and in Europe

Where will it be possible to go on vacation this summer ? The external borders will re-open in July ? What will be the rules of social distancing ? Below you will find the date of reopening of the borders country by country, in European as well as info on the organization of summer vacation of 2020.

Summary Dates Travel 100km open Beaches Where from Other countries

[updated 11 June 2020 at 12h06] The beginning of the summer holidays 2020 is fast approaching, and the French tourists should be able to travel more or less freely from the 4 July, official date of the beginning of the summer holidays. Last week, the Commissioner for internal Affairs has announced that the european Union (EU) is due to reopen fully its internal borders by the end of June. The european Commission is about to publish its proposals for a " lifted "gradual and partial" restrictions of travel at the external borders of the EU from 1 July.

This announcement is a real breakthrough in the light of the statements of Emmanuel Macron beginning of may. The president of the Republic had announced the limitation "of international travel", stating in this regard : "We will remain among Europeans. May be, as a function of the epidemic, it will even reduce a little more." The minister of foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian had then confirmed these remarks at the microphone of LCI. The Schengen border are closed to non-Europeans and the access to the French territory is subject to restrictions. "Those are closed and will remain closed. [...] A country outside Europe may not return". Nevertheless, the figures are not yet at the appointment, because only 20% of the bookings recorded in the travel agencies French affect abroad. Jean-Pierre Mas, the president of the Business of the Voyage, in particular, indicates to be "very late in terms of bookings". In addition, 56% of future holidaymakers have not yet booked, according to a poll BVA-Companies in the Travel, carried out by internet from 2 to 4 June on a sample of 1 055 people representative of the French population. However, 81% of those surveyed are optimistic about the fact that their stay will run smoothly, despite the current situation.

What are the dates of summer vacation in the year 2020 ?

During the school year 2019-2020, the summer holidays will begin on Saturday 4 July 2020 after the class for all the students of primary, middle and high school. Jean-Michel Blanquer has assured that the dates of the summer holiday would be unchanged. The start of the school year 2020-2021 is scheduled for Tuesday 1 September.

travel will they always be limited to 100 miles this summer ?

the map of The déconfinement has been changed, and since June 2, 2020, the rule of the limitations of travel at least 100 kilometres around your home has been lifted. Provence, Côte d'azur, basque Country, the Arcachon Basin, in the Vendée, Brittany, the Alps and the Pyrenees... These expensive destinations to vacationers will be accessible to all French this summer !

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What to see within 100 kilometres of large cities ?

beaches will be open this summer ?

The beaches were all reopened gradually since the beginning of June. "As of the 2nd of June will be reopened to the beaches, lakes, museums, monuments, with mask-wearing mandatory," stated Edouard Philippe, in his speech of 28 may.

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Beaches open or closed : list, by department, reopening on 2 June

Where to go during the summer holidays ?

While many European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece re-open gradually their borders in this month of June to the beginning of the summer period, the summer holidays 2020 can also be synonymous with starting in Brittany, on the Côte d'azur, the Atlantic Coast, alpine mountains, auvergne, the jura or the pyrenees or just at the green in the absence of major trips. In the folder below, we give you our best ideas to stay in the different regions of france, whether you are with family, friends, solo or as a couple :

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Holiday in France 2020 : the best campsites and beaches, where to go this summer ?

The summer holidays are the favorite time of the French for a trip. If a good majority of them opt for a vacation in france, other are typically enjoyed these two months of summer holidays to fly to destinations around the headlights, or more atypical, according to their desires and their budget. Less than three hours of flight, the southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece) promises a change of scenery and an ideal climate for the season if the borders are reopened prior to this summer.

Where to go in July - August : the best summer destinations

Be the full of ideas for a vacation this summer. Here are some of the top destinations where to go during the months of July and August.

What are the dates of summer holidays in the other countries of Europe ?
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