Transavia : the company resumes its flights starting June 15, destinations and info

The airline Transavia will raise gradually its programme of flights from the June 15, 2020. Find the destinations offered from France and the various health mea

Transavia : the company resumes its flights starting June 15, destinations and info

The airline Transavia will raise gradually its programme of flights from the June 15, 2020. Find the destinations offered from France and the various health measures are put in place.

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[updated June 1, 2020 at 10h44] a Subsidiary of Air France, the airline company Transavia had halted all its flights in the month of march following the spread of the coronavirus around the world, and its impact on the aviation sector. While several european countries have already announced the date for the reopening of their borders, in the low-cost Dutch has announced that it will raise gradually its flights starting June 15, next. As of June 15, Transavia will operate its first connections summer from the airport of Lyon-Saint Exupéry to Lisbon, Faro and Porto and then to Athens and Heraklion from 29 June. From Nantes Atlantique, you can fly to Portugal from as early as 15 June and then to Dubrovnik, Palermo, or Malta on the 29th June. At the start of the Paris-Orly airport to Montpellier-Méditerranée, new destinations will be offered to Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, the netherlands, Croatia, Ireland and Iceland effective June 26. All the destinations are to find directly on the website of the airline.

The health measures will be put in place to protect both travellers and staff. Wearing a mask is mandatory at the airport and during the volume registration, it will be possible to file your free cabin baggage. On board the device, service and product offerings on board will also be adapted and e-payment will be made only by credit card.

Vol Transavia

once your reservation is made, you can always check the details of your trip (schedules, airports of departure and arrival, seat...), or even modify your flight Transavia. For a fee, you have the option to add baggage, reserve a seat, change data on passengers, or even your ride (depending on your terms of purchase initial). To do this, you must connect to the "My Transavia" with the email attached to your account. But if you do not have an account and do not wish to create one, you can access these options with our booking number. In addition, you can track flights in real-time. In practice, in particular in case of strike or disturbance.

Transavia France, based at Paris-Orly, Nantes and Lyon. © Pim Hendriksen Registration at Transavia

At Transavia, as for most airlines, the recording, or "check in", can be done in two ways : online or at the airport . Online check-in opens 30 hours before departure and closes 4 hours before departure of the flight, has the advantage of being fast and to save you time at the airport. In fact, if you have checked luggage, you just go deposit it at the counter for bag deposit. Otherwise, if you have only one carry-on baggage, go directly to security and then to the boarding gate with your boarding pass (that you have downloaded on your phone if you are registered on your mobile). But you can also register for free at the airport, with a check-in desk Transavia. Note that at Paris-Orly airport, the check-in kiosks self-service is the only way to save. If you must check in at the airport, allow a sufficient margin of manoeuvre. For example, if you are departing from Paris-Orly airport or gare de Lyon, the registration is open from 2: 30 to 40 minutes before departure for a flight to a destination in Schengen (60 minutes for a flight to a destination non-Schengen).

Transavia to Orly

Operating primarily from its bases at Paris-Orly, Lyon and Nantes, Transavia also serves in France Bergerac, Ajaccio, Chambéry, Grenoble, Montpellier, Nice and Toulon. From the airport of Paris-Orly, Transavia offers low cost flights medium-haul flights to 50 destinations in Europe and in the mediterranean basin . If you have not registered online, please be aware that at the airport you will not find a registration desk dedicated to you, but self-service . You will need your booking number and your passport to obtain your boarding pass. If you want to place baggage in the hold, in the direction of the bag deposit. Otherwise, head to the boarding gates. Level schedule, registration at Paris-Orly airport to Transavia flights is open from 2: 30 to 40 minutes before departure for a flight to a destination in that area, and from 2: 30 to 60 minutes for a trip outside the Schengen area.

Transavia Lyon

from the airport of Lyon St-Exupéry, Transavia serves 11 destinations with low cost flights to Algiers, Athens, Madeira, Porto, Seville, or even Tel Aviv. As to Paris-Orly airport, the airport check-in takes place from 2: 30 to 40 minutes before departure for a flight to a destination in Schengen (60 minutes for a flight to a destination non-Schengen). Departures are in Terminal 3 of the airport.

Transavia Nantes

The departure of Transavia from the airport of Nantes-Atlantique are from the Terminal 3 to 14 destinations , including Athens, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Malta, Porto or Venice. For the record, the counters are opened 2 hours 40 minutes prior to departure for a flight to a destination Schengen. For destinations outside the Schengen area, they opened a little earlier, or 2h30 before takeoff.

Baggage at Transavia For the guarantee that your baggage will need to be placed in the cabin at Transavia, it should not exceed dimensions 45 x 40 x 25 cm. © Rrrainbow-123RF

passengers are entitled to one hand luggage of 10 kg in the cabin. To be sure it is allowed on board, its dimensions must not exceed 45 x 40 x 25 cm, or a little less than the standard dimensions usual for suitcases cabin. The hand baggage measuring 55 x 40 x 25 cm are allowed, but if the compartments above the seats are full, they may be placed in the hold. All baggage transported in baggage is a paid option. Prefer the online state when you make your reservation. You will benefit from advantageous prices. To 15 kg are transported, it will cost you 10 euros for 20 kg, it will be 15 euros and for 23 kg, this will be 25 euros (for single journey). A baggage may not weigh more than 32 kg, and each passenger is limited to 50 kg and 5 pieces in total. In case of loss of your baggage, you must report it immediately to the company prior to the passage of customs. You will fill out then a property irregularity report. You can follow the status of research on the website of Transavia. If you need to advance expenses for basic necessities (such as toiletries) due to this incident, Transavia undertakes to refund you.

gift Card Transavia

In partnership with Flightgiftcard, the low cost of the group Air France-KLM has launched its service of gift card in January 2019. Valid for two years from the date of purchase and a value of 25 euros minimum, the gift card Transavia can be used on the entire network (over 100 destinations). By visiting the page of the service Flightgiftcard Transavia, you first, choose your gift card (printed, physical or e-mail), the value of it and then fill in the recipient's contact information. He will be able to convert the gift card directly in the flight ticket on the website of Transavia. A service simple to use that will allow your loved ones to discover a new destination at a lower cost.

Delay, cancellation, denied boarding

In case of major delays (5 hours minimum), you can request a refund of your ticket. During an extended delay (two hours for flights less than 1 500 km), Transavia will provide a tray-meal, two telephone calls and even accommodation and transport hotel-airport. Compensation is also provided if the delay in arrival is more than 3 hours after the scheduled time). According to the distance of the flight, it will rise between 250 and 600 euros. In the event of cancellation of a flight, Transavia offers either a refund of the ticket or rerouting of the passenger to its final destination in a timely manner and in the conditions of carriage that are comparable. If this is possible, the traveller may decide to postpone his trip at a later date. In both cases, Transavia is committed to the same services and compensation for the delay volume: In the event of denied boarding, you can get a refund for the ticket or take another volume In this case, the same provisions as to the delay and cancellation apply.

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Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 05:57