Why are Americans moving so much?

Since the earliest times of our history, we as the human race have been moving all over the world.

Why are Americans moving so much?

Since the earliest times of our history, we as the human race have been moving all over the world. It is in our very nature to search for something better. To search for a better life. That is how and why we have colonized virtually every single corner of our planet. That is why even today people are moving across the globe looking for better jobs and safer lives. The United States is one of the greatest countries in the world and is the melting pot of all the world’s nations, races and religions. Even today, we like to move from time to time to new places. So, why are Americans moving so much?

It is in our genes to always look for a better life /alt: One of the chief reasons why are Americans moving so much is that they are looking for their place under the sun

Reasons for this are numerous. This habit of being on the move has even created an entire industry of moving companies. Their sole purpose is to help you manage your move in the best possible way. Hiring great moving companies, such as Best Cross Country Movers has become something that is a given when planning a move. One of the things that Americans moving so much has led to is that these companies have been constantly evolving and why they have trained themselves in so many different ways of moving process like relocating not just homes, but entire offices and firms. So, what is that that makes us move around so much?

We are always looking for our place

One of the most important traits of an average human being is that they need other people spending time with them, and especially spending time with their family is very important. This is neither a good, nor a bad thing. It is just what it is. Ever since those beginnings of our shared history, the concept of family has been in the very core of our society. Yes, there have been different types of societies throughout our history, but the idea of family is in the center of pretty much all of them. It is no wonder then that people mostly move for reasons strongly connected to their vision of what is good for their family.

Couples goals?

Until recent decades, it was a common thing for women to move to their husband's house once they get married. However, things have changed a bit since then. Younger couples are more and more likely to move away from both of their parents' homes. The average median age in 1950s, for instance, was around 22.8 for men and 22.3 for women. Today, it is around 29.2 for men and 28.8 for women. This change in people's lifestyle, however, hasn't changed the need for finding a partner to move in with. In fact, today it is not that uncommon to hear that a young man or a young woman have had two or even three relationships where they lived alone with their partner.

Couples often move in order to get a better home for their family / alt: a man and a woman with a dog

What happens next with those couples? They become a family

Yes, many relationships break up after a while. But a lot of them, of course, continue developing. For a young couple, living in a small apartment with just one small bedroom is not a big deal. In fact, it is often the perfect type of place early on in their relationship. However, as they as a couple evolve and grow so do their needs. Once they start planning to get married and having kids, naturally, their priorities are going to change. Then finding a new, bigger place becomes a very important issue.

So, a very important reason for why Americans are moving so much is because they are trying to find the best solution for their family. This gives them a chance to reset their life and get rid things they do not need anymore, such as getting rid of old furniture, but also of their "growing up phase" habits such as partying etc. Buying a new apartment or a house is not easy, but the real estate market in the USA, in general, has not been showing signs of slowing down at all, because there are people who are looking for a new home all the time.

One of the chief reasons why are Americans moving so much is the finances

Leaving your home to find a place where you can earn more money and afford yourself a better life is one of the most common reasons why are Americans moving so much. In the modern day's society, the race for acquiring more and more money is sadly becoming more and more heated. It is simply not possible for an average person to live without having to spend at least a third of their day to earn money. With the rise of social media and the Internet, in general, opportunities are more numerous than ever before.

One of the most common reasons for moving is because of a new job / alt: a hand holding a pencil

It is no wonder then that more and more people are moving because of their jobs. In fact, moving because you got an offer you did not expect is a common occurrence. Just remember that you have to be careful when making a sudden move. Some hacks for your emergency move are always welcome. Hiring a good moving company can be challenging when you decide that you are going to move in 7 days.

Moving because of college is growing increasingly more popular

Closing our list of reasons why are Americans moving so much is education. Every (good) parent wants their children to have the best of education. That does not mean that everyone has to finish college in order to be successful and worthy of respect. A child going to a high school or to a college in a different city is a regular thing for a lot of today's families. Thanks to modern day world's connectivity, through various scholarships and exchange programs, it is practically an everyday thing for teenagers and young adults to move not just across the United States, but also around the world. There are simply so many different options that it is hard to name them all. And it is a shame to pass them by.

Updated Date: 12 March 2019, 15:54

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