Asylum policy: Seehofer wants simpler deportations

Medical certificates, missing papers: This is no longer an obstacle for deportations. According to the media report, this is based on a paper from the Ministry of Interior.

Asylum policy: Seehofer wants simpler deportations

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer wants to facilitate deportation of rejected asylum seekers. This is based on a report from German editorial network, which refers to a cornerstone paper of Federal Ministry. Thus, Seehofer intends to present a "Master plan for Migration" before summer break, aim of which is to accelerate asylum procedures and deportations. The cornerstone paper is refore regarded as a central component of asylum reform.

According to report, medical certificates or missing documents from persons who leave exit should no longer be recognised as absolute impediments. The Interior Ministry also plans to set up a total of 40 return centres, so-called anchor centres. The abbreviation "anchor" stands for "arrival, decision, repatriation". These centres are to be distributed throughout Federal territory and remain in jurisdiction of countries.

All points of an asylum procedure would be in future in planned Ankerzentrengebündelt when plans were implemented, report furr states. The arrival of a refugee should be covered, protection status should be decided and, if application for asylum is rejected, a rapid deportation will also be initiated. The operation of new anchor centres will first be tested in pilot tests. For this purpose, up to five such centres in large federal states are to begin ir work in September and October. In order to ensure operation of anchor centres, Federal Office for Migration and refugees should receive more staff.

Deportations should remain a matter for countries

Earlier plans were to lay down responsibility of federal government in addition to entry of deportation of persons who had to leave country. For a corresponding constitutional amendment, however, a two-thirds majority in Bundestag is missing — that is why union rejected se plans, says report, citing union circles. According to cornerstone paper, in future, departures will no longer be flown out with line flyers, but preferably with charter machines. Secretary of Interior Stephan Mayer (CSU) told editorial network that plans were "not yet ready for comment".

At beginning of this month, Seehofer had announced an "improvement in process duration and process quality" and promised to use it in ongoing budget discussions of federal government. It should be deported more often and faster, said Seehofer back n. Especially against offending asylum seekers and so-called endangering must be harder to grasp.

Date Of Update: 21 April 2018, 12:02

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