CDU: Merkel's grandson

On Wednesday is again chancellor election in the Bundestag. But the future in the CDU belongs to other protagonists, the party has exciting young politicians.

CDU: Merkel's grandson
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    It is a tightrope walk, but it succeeds. "Listen to me, n you can still learn something about constitution," calls Philipp Amthor of AfD from lectern in Bundestag. The 25-year-old CDUler with small German flag on lapel is supposed to explain why CDU cannot agree to request of AfD for a Burkaverbot in public space – even though it sees full concealment as self-critical. "Wherever political Islam tries to restrict our open way of life, we will be holding to it harshness of rule of law," Amthor. But AfD request Strotze only so from mistakes. "They have not even read opinion of scientific service, where it says that ir draft is unconstitutional," he accuses AfD.

    Amthor – mostly in blue suit and with side crests – is youngest member of Union group, speech is only his second in Bundestag. "Bild" titled shortly reafter: "Merkel's Bubi gives AfD acid", and video of speech is considered ten thousand subject on Internet. "I am glad that I am now no longer only youngest member, but also in terms of content," Amthor notes later during conversation in his office and smiles easily. The parliamentary debate is on a television, Amthor is coming from meeting of Internal Committee. "What in end counts in Bundestag," he says, "is quality of argument." Amthor sounds like one who still wants a lot.

    His party, CDU, has just had a week-long debate over rejuvenation. New faces should move forward, Chancellor had to respond. 37-year-old Jens Spahn will now become health minister, 45-year-old Julia Klöckner Minister of Agriculture. In addition, rejuvenation debate repeatedly had same names: Prime ministers such as Michael Kretschmer from Saxony or Daniel Günr from Schleswig-Holstein were in spotlight, including Carsten Linnemann, head of Union's Association of Associations, and Paul Ziemiak, chairman of Young Union.

    The surprise was great

    But when after appointment of Annegret Kramp-cart Builder to Secretary-General a largely unknown as 40-year-old Tobias Hans as prime minister in Saarland moved on, surprise was great. The CDU has a young guard who has a diligent career in Länder and at federal level, but so far has rarely been focus of nationwide public. So who are chancellor's political grandchildren? And how do you tick? Those who understand this know where CDU will develop in coming years.

    Manuel Hagel has not actually planned a career in politics. The 29-year-old Baden-Württemberger with hair to be applied to side originally wanted to become a ranger, later he made a apprenticeship as a banker, studied and was with 24 years Savings Bank director in his hometown. At same time he became group chairman of Municipal council. He was satisfied with that, Hail said. "But it was n with many candidacies: Manuel should do it sometime." Meanwhile hail sits in Landtag and is general secretary of CDU in Baden-Württemberg. He is supposed to bring party to fore, so that it will become strongest party again in next Landtag election. In a paper entitled "Awake to CDU", he called for a much more conservative basic orientation of CDU. Some criticized him for single-handedly. Ors see him as minister material.

    Also Nadine Schön has already brought it far. The 34-year-old lawyer became a member of Landtag with a good 20 years in Saarland, five years later she moved into Bundestag, with 30 she became deputy Group chairman. "You have to try to find his niche. Then it is also more appreciated that you tackle things with a younger look, "she says. In beautiful, this niche is digital politics alongside family policy.

    Florian Braun, who worked for a telecommunications association before joining North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag, says: "You cannot rely on older people to promote one." The 28-year-old negotiated coalition contract in NRW and is country's president of young Union. This is an important network for many in CDU – even if one has long since grown out of youth organization, contacts still work. "The young generation must take responsibility for mselves and support each or not to be outbooted," says Braun. In Landtag in North Rhine-Westphalia it was achieved that eight members of Ju were in group. "This is a weight that can be put into balance if we have impression that perspective of young generation in group's work is not enough."

    Date Of Update: 14 March 2018, 12:02

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