Cifuentes: four official trips, 11 days and 4.268 euros of spending when he was president of Madrid

Cifuentes: four official trips, 11 days and 4.268 euros of spending when he was president of Madrid

Visited three european cities and island of Menorca during your mandate

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Cristina Cifuentes spent 4.268 euros in official travel outside of Community of Madrid during nearly three years that he was president. In course of his mandate he made visits of an institutional nature, out of a total of 11 days to three european destinations -Brussels, Rome and Milan - and to island of Menorca.

The data in economy and its breakdown consists in Transparency Portal of regional government, which also collects information about counselors that have been moved to go to events in or regions or countries until 7th of may. Toger, six responsible for areas of Government that have made bags from 2015 have been uploaded 9.304 euros to charge public purse for ir travel, which in sum elevates bill to 13.696 euros.

The longest journey of Cifuentes was to Brussels, where he arrived on 29 November 2017, and left 2 of December. For three nights that he spent in belgian capital to participate in European Committee of Regions paid 833 euros of accommodation and 233 support, to which are added or 587 euros in transport.

The previous year, in his first official start abroad, president autonomous region had gone to Milan from 27th to 29th of may to present in Italy a tourism promotion campaign of products of Madrid. On this occasion paid 604 euros in concept of locomotion, and 610 for accommodation of two days, but was not required to make any disbursement by eating.

Also in 2016, Cifuentes moved to Menorca to participate in a few garings organized by Municipality of Es Mercadal. He was on island on 18 and 19 August and paid a total of € 225 for displacement and 522 euros per night you slept re, although on this occasion, nor did any charge to regional budget for support.

Finally, still n-leader popular was from 18 to 19 November 2016 to Rome to attend institutional ceremony of appointment of archbishop of Madrid, Carlos Osoro, as a cardinal. On that visit he spent 384 euros in concept of locomotion, 225 euros in accommodation and 41 euros of food.

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Both in that journey as in Brussels and Milan Cifuentes was accompanied by her counselor of Presidency and today successor to front of Door of Sun. To defray costs of Angel Garrido in his three trips abroad during this legislature have been allocated a total of 3.380 euros.

The regional portfolio which has been shot in se three years has been Environment when held Jaime González Taboada. During that time, did four departures abroad and a furr two at Logroño and Valladolid 2.405 euros.

The cheaper have traveled are holders of Health, Jesús Sánchez Martos initially and now Enrique Ruiz Escudero, who in total have made four exits to Pamplona, Seville, Alicante and Murcia and funded almost entirely by organizers of events.

In total only spent as costs 216 euros.

From that I think ministry of Culture in September of 2017, Jaime de los Santos has participated in four official acts of artistic content outside of Madrid, two in Rome and two in Seville. The total outlay amounts to 2.456 euros by adding transport, accommodation and meals.

Finally, Education officer, Rafael Van Grieken, and Carlos Left, when he was at front of Social Policies and Family, have been spent on travel 847 and 122 euros respectively. The first one has gone to acts educational Santiago de Compostela, Castellon, Valladolid and Rome and second a meeting about dependent older people in Lleida.

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