Death of Maradona : a doctor challenged, his daughter Dalma in tears... The latest info

Five days after the death of Diego Maradona, the tribute was continued yesterday in Argentina and on many soccer fields all over the world. Moreover, Leopoldo L

Death of Maradona : a doctor challenged, his daughter Dalma in tears... The latest info

Five days after the death of Diego Maradona, the tribute bonus veren siteler was continued yesterday in Argentina and on many soccer fields all over the world. Moreover, Leopoldo Luque, the doctor of the "Pibe de Oro", which has been questioned by the daughter of Maradona, Dalma, is the subject of an investigation for "involuntary homicide".

Summary Death of Diego Maradona Operation of the brain of Maradona Health of Diego Maradona Burial of Diego Maradona Biography of Diego Maradona Film about Diego Maradona, Maradona, The Hand of God Palmares of Maradona Family of Maradona The essential Diego Maradona died on Wednesday 25 November 2020, at the age of 60 years. The argentine press has detailed in the past week the circumstances of his death by stating that the former playmaker of genius was up early, before breakfast, walk a few minutes and then go back to bed. He was never identified and his death probably occurred in his sleep, was pronounced at noon, Wednesday. The doctor of Maradona , Leopoldo Luque, who had conducted the operation of the brain of the former player at the beginning of the month, is under investigation for "involuntary homicide", triggered in particular by the declarations of three of the daughters of Maradona, who wonder about the monitoring of the health of their father, particularly on the heart, in his last abode, in Tigre, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The health of Diego Maradona was particularly fragile. According to the argentine press, the forensic pathologists who have intervened to determine the causes of the death of Maradona have concluded that "a chronic congestive heart failure, which resulted in acute pulmonary edema". The ex-argentine footballer was faced with health concerns, regular for many years, especially since he had retired from player in 1997. In question, in particular, his addiction to drugs and in particular cocaine. In 2000, the former champion had been hospitalized in Uruguay, for a heart attack. Maradona had again nearly died following a serious heart attack in 2004. The following year, a heavy operation to combat her obesity had earned him lose more than 30 pounds, then follow a detox. In 2007, Diego Maradona had once again paid its excesses (alcohol, tobacco, food, etc.) with a malaise, and hepatitis was diagnosed. in Diego Maradona had been operated on in the brain at the beginning of November. Was back in the hospital 2 last November for anemia and dehydration to La Plata, the former n°10 of the decked out in argentine had had a scan, which revealed the presence of a haematoma in the brain. The operation is very delicate, had taken place in the aftermath in the private clinic of Olivos, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. It was held with success. However, during the post-operative period, Maradona had experienced difficulties related to a syndrome of abstinence, in connection with his consumption of alcohol and sleeping pills, according to Dr. Luque, his personal physician, to justify the duration of the hospitalization of his patient despite a healing "astonishing" after the intervention. Alfredo Cahe former medical history of Maradona, has, him, questioned, after the death of Maradona, on the manner in which the ex-player has been taken care of in the clinic Olivos and on his way out of the establishment, according to him premature, and ill-prepared. in "It has not been properly treated", he estimated. A burial under tension. the announcement of The death of former footballer, idôlatré in Argentina, has aroused an intense emotion in his country, where three days of national mourning have been decreed. Thousands of people went to the Casa Rosada, in Buenos Aires, to pay homage to Diego Maradona, last Thursday. The incidents then took place between the fans and the police. These tensions led first to the suspension of the funeral, which was eventually halted permanently a little later. The coffin then left the seat of the executive branch of argentina, in view of the burial, in the direction of the cemetery of the Garden of la Paz, Bella Vista, where rest also the parents of Maradona. See the photos

Diego Maradona, a life of excesses between light and shadow

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13:01 - Lionel Messi pays tribute to Maradona after his goal

Scorer yesterday in the face of Osasuna with Barça (4-0), the Argentine Lionel Messi has taken advantage of the celebration of its completion, to pay tribute to his countryman who died, showing under his jersey one of the Newell's Old Boys, the first club of El Pibe de Oro. A gesture that has the passage earned a yellow card to Messi because the regulations prohibit any player celebrating a goal by lifting his jersey to show "any kind of advertising, slogan, caption, acronyms, anagrams or drawings, whatever its contents or purpose of the action"...

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