Gaza Strip: Erdoğan designates Netanyahu as terrorists

The Turkish president accused Israel of committing a massacre in Gaza. Israel's prime Minister Netanyahu, in turn, countered accusations.

Gaza Strip: Erdoğan designates Netanyahu as   terrorists

AlsReaktion on Ausschreitungenan of Gaza border, Turkish president RecepTayyip Erdoğan Denisraelischen head of government called BenjaminNetanjahu a "terrorist". "EyNetanjahu, you're an occupier. And you're alsBesatzer in this country. At same time you are a terrorist, "SagteErdoğan in a Redeim südtürkischenAdana. He described Israel as a "terrorist state."

The day before, ErdoğandieSchüsse Israeli Soldatinnenund Soldatenauf condemned Palestinian Demonstrierendeals "massacre" undangekündigt that Turkey would support "palästinensischenBrüder in its legitimate concerns until end."

Netanjahureagierte on it on Twitter. "Diemoralischste Army of world will not preach morals Anhörenvon someone who has been bombarding a civilian population ohneUnterscheidung for years," SchriebNetanjahu and called ErdoğansÄußerungen as April Fool's joke.

Mass protests are expected to last until May

AmFreitagwaren mass protests on border between Israel and DemGazastreifen escalated. Israeli soldiers shot at Palestinians, and 17Menschen died. Since Gaza war 2014 're not more so many people have died at once.

According to information Israelshätten some of Demonstrierendenauf soldiers shot or stones thrown. The soldiers would only have shot at people who had attacked border fence. More than 1,400 people were injured, especially by tear gas. DieAusschreitungen continued on Sunday, according to Einerisraelischen Army spokeswoman, a Palestinian fatally injured.

Grundfür The protests is 70th anniversary of founding of Israel. Undertakings will last until Nakba day on May 15th – on this "day DerKatastrophe" Palestinians are reminded of expulsion of some 700,000 people who had to flee in ErstenNahostkrieg in 1948. The United States wants to open its embassy in Jerusalem one-off before.

Israel accuses Turkey of supporting Hamas

Un-GeneralsekretärAntónio Guterres called for "independent and transparent investigations" on Friday. The IsraelischeVerteidigungsminister Avigdor Liebermanlehnte this and defended IsraelsVorgehen in Gaza Strip. By 40,000 demonstrators were lautLieberman rund90 percent activists or employees of Gazastreifenherrschenden Hamas as well as ir relatives. Demnachseien most of on Friday killed Palestinians have been "known terror activists", Lieberman said.

Lieberman announced that Israeli Government would not cooperate with UN for an investigation, as his country Angeklagtwerde Regelmäßigvonden United Nations in an unjust and cynical way. "I propose this whole march of hypocrites in Israel Undim abroad to investigate death of half a million people in Syrienzu, hundreds of thousands dead in Yemen, in Libya, in Sudan," said Lieberman.

Israel has long accused Turkey of supporting Hamas herrschenderadikalislamische in Gaza. In 2016, BeideLänder signed a reconciliation agreement. In doing so, Erdoğan also carried out Turkish relief supplies for Gaza Strip.

Updated Date: 02 April 2018, 12:02

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