Half of the works in the state schools of the Comunidad de Madrid since 2012 have been done late, poorly or never

Half of the works in the state schools of the Comunidad de Madrid since 2012 have been done late, poorly or never

One of every two reforms in schools and public institutes of Community of Madrid between 2012 and 2018 is delivered late, with faults or it was abandoned.

it Is estimated that re are over 12,000 students have been affected in last six years.

One of every two of 67 state schools are built or expanded by Community of Madrid in last six years it has suffered delays, has been delivered without furniture complete or has been subject of abandonment of work. The municipalities most affected are Getafe, with four centres, and Paracuellos de Jarama, with three. We continue to Arroyomolinos, Tables, Valdemoro and district of Vallecas, in Madrid, with two each.

Ptas / Platform for Public Education

based on surveys and interviews with Ptas of schools and journals of Assembly of Madrid and or official sources, it is estimated that more than 12,000 students have been affected by se irregularities during this time, having to study in classrooms improvised, with cranes next to ir classes or at anor facility. Following request of this newspaper, from ministry of Education chose not to comment on se data.

Between contractors responsible for delays or abandonment of work, four focus 17 of 54 contracts unfulfilled: Consvial SL, Joca SA, Ielco SL, and Unika Projects and Works or Uncisa. All feature records some copies, however, were hired time and time again. This journal is put in contact with companies, who declined to make statements.

Consvial delivered with delay Colegio José de Echegaray de Ensanche de Vallecas, in 2015, Constitution of 1812 of Leganes, and Navas de Tolosa in Paracuellos, both in 2016, according to information from Ptas and trade union UGT. A year and a half later, at end of 2017, Consvial won bid to build an institute of Alcobendas and college of PAU 4 of Móstoles.

In Madrid, Ielco delivered with a delay of schools William Shakespeare of Coslada, in 2015, IES Rafael Frübeck de Leganés and SIES Humanes de Cubas de la Sagra, both in 2014. Of SIX Remaining gave first phase, which consisted of 6 classrooms THAT, with delay causing that classes will begin one week later and with parts of center without end, he explained Ampa. Also School Rafael Frübeck de Leganés was delivered with three months of delay, informed educational community.

For its part, Joca S. A, which has been vetoed by poor execution by inter-American Development Bank, left works in three centers.

In case of delay or delivery is defective, specifications of contracts provide for penalties, but in abandonment of a work does not. In October 2017, minister of Education, Rafael Van Grieken said in Plenary of Assembly of Madrid, which had fined companies for delays for an amount of 80,000 euros until that date.

Unika Projects and Works have open records penalty, Community of Madrid as a result of delays in previous works, and is being investigated for alleged traffic of influences in a branch of Operation Pokémon. Now operates under name of Uncisa, keeping same CIF and owners, and develops works of IES Simone Veil, in Paracuellos de Jarama, and of colleges of Miguel de Cervantes and El Bercial, both in Getafe. In case of se last two, your students will be relocated to beginning of course in or spaces such as dining room by delay in works.

companies had offered discounts of more than 30% of budget

In 70 of 113 contracts collected in this research, companies had offered to build schools with discounts of between 30 and 40% of budget initially adopted by Community of Madrid in invitation to tender.

The regional available to spend between years 2012 and 2018 in a budget total of 163.7 million euros to expand and build educational facilities, according to information extracted from Profile of client and of Official Bulletin of Community of Madrid. Fifty companies and five Temporary Unions of Entrepreneurs (UTE) won tenders in that period. Of se, 20 construction companies and three joint venture have left works or have completed late work. These companies incumplidoras have taken half of budget allocated for expansion and construction of schools.

A striking case is IES José García Nieto, in The Gardens, an institution in permanent construction since 2014 until today. Has had seven tenders and five phases, cause of delays, interruption of work or reconstruction of spaces above. "What story, and I don't believe it", explains Marta Ferrero. Your child attended any Secondary Education "between buildings, transportation, and barracks".

Something similar happened in IES Malala Yousafzai, in Las Tablas (Madrid). The company Ogmios Projects SL abandoned work, leaving 103 students in course 2016/2017 without institute. The students were relocated to or centres at which, reported parents, ir children did not have same access to sports hall, computer classrooms and labs. The first phase was already completed by anor company and, two years later, y expect to launch in September its first course in new center.

The Community of Madrid has invested in 2018 2% of its GDP in Education, while Spanish average is 4.5% of GDP. In educational infrastructure, Madrid spent a little more than 60 million euros in 2017. That money is used to build new infrastructure and to reform existing ones, both in Primary schools, as Secondary school and Vocational Training.


The work is based on analysis of allocation of work in public schools between 2012 and 2018. The data were extracted via web-scraping Profile of Recruitment and Official Gazette of Community of Madrid.Is made 12 requests for information addressed to different public bodies involved to have access to all records of contracts and penalties.We obtained four databases of ir own creation: of contracts expansion or construction of schools or public institutes between 2012-2018 in Community of Madrid, works, delayed in that period, a survey to Associations of Mors and Parents of Students with number of people affected, and finally a home base of companies.

This work is result of research developed during Master in Journalism Research, Data and Visualization of Rey Juan Carlos University and unidad Editorial. The Master has had support of Caixabank and advice of European Commission in Spain.The editing was done by Olaya Argüeso, coordinator of Master's degree . Read here full job.

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