quot;run, Run and never stopquot;, so enjoy the already famous Boloencierro Mataelpino

quot;run, Run and never stopquot;, so enjoy the already famous Boloencierro Mataelpino

Ten wounded character is very mild, despite excitement after two serious in past year,

Mataelpino will review security measures of 'boloencierro' after last two serious injuries

Mataelpino change bull by a giant ball in running of ir parties

still had a few minutes to 11.30, and a child of about eight years, and hairstyle to Cristiano Ronaldo persignaba looking to its next challenge askance. The subjects were six balls of about fifty pounds, which would cross at full speed, but mentored by two pastors, circuit in horseshoe 'Boloencierro' of Mataelpino. Rang firecracker and so, with children's event, gave starting signal for this famous party that six 'crazy' came up with eight years already,.

"at The end, in all this time re has only been that unfortunate two severely wounded", he told THE WORLD, Carlos Hernandez, one of inventors and current president of Association Boloencierro. The two serious injuries referred to Hernandez were ones that were produced last year. One ended up in ICU with a traumatic brain injury and or was left three ribs after being crushed by ball of elderly. "This year we expect more public incidents last year, people love morbid", added Hernandez.

More than a thousand people flocked to call of giant ball of which its creators do not want to give your actual weight but revealed that is between 150 and 250 pounds. Anor that it is not lost, obviously, is Russel Sanguino, an american who was also in germ of a project that is based on famous scene of Indiana Jones in raiders of lost Ark. "I say that is idea with shift of last few years," said Sanguino perched on stands of bullring, end of route of encierro.

One, two and even three times, threw six balls for children to enjoy smaller. After first launch, a little girl went crying and limping from a leg to device of Civil Protection along with his far; had fallen. The recognized Alberto Garcia, coordinator of device of Emergency running of Bulls; he had a small laceration on a knee, nothing serious. Interestingly, 10 people injured in running of bulls of this year occurred in route child, all mild lacerations and contusions, according to Garcia himself. "People are really worried more this year and make more case to security recommendations", expressed health.

Since yesterday, Town of Mataelpino affected in different tips for coping with confinement. Today y were handing out 'flyers' ennumerándolos and also reminded people in a raid initial was made for tour, more than 500 meters, in which is required right shoes, not drinking and or recommendations to avoid misfortunes.

Is a ball three meters in diameter that wheel to a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour hence, in addition to recommendations, Council has tripled security device with respect to last year and has created loopholes for special two critical points of tour to promote safety of runners. Although main advice he gives Hernandez in addition to inventor is also a runner: "run, Run and never stop; that is only thing to do," she revealed.

Neila and Luis made one last photo before facing its third year running, running of bulls. "Just run it, when re are horns we dare not", said young man. They said that y saw less people running this year and attribute it to that "has been made aware that you can occur something serious," y explained.

Then sounded first rocket and left ball out of whole cloth with a pack running down front, from behind and from sides. One fell down but he got rid of winding. "He has gone straight, has entered first place", commented Luis on first pitch of ball. Yet would descend once again, both without incident.

Finished boloencierro, Luis Salmerón smiled looking at square while he caught his breath. It was first year that came and said that he had been enchanted and that it had been quite affordable. "I saw that it was a short tour and I jumped," she said. The wounded of last year not it was a beacon of more respect than own giant ball. "The truth is that we shit at end when ball speeds up and makes journey more narrow' , he concluded.

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