Two banners of populism, european, Hungarian prime mini" />

Salvini and Orbán are combined in a front antinmigración

Two banners of populism, european, Hungarian prime mini

Salvini and Orbán are combined in a front antinmigración

Two banners of populism, european, Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, and minister of Interior and leader of far-right League, Matteo Salvini, have gared this Tuesday in Milan to join positions antinmigración. It was a meeting purely political, not institutional, and hence, it is attempted to leave out Movement 5 Stars, a partner of Government of League. But chosen venue for garing was to prefecture of Milan, an institutional home, and in subsequent press conference were presented with ir respective flags with a message in common: to reduce weight of Brussels and shield borders of europe. And with a slogan to share: “You can curb immigration.” With this affinity laid foundation of what you want it to be a partnership antinmigración. “It will be first of many meetings”, concluded Salvini.

this Is a unique closeness, almost contradictory if one takes into account that Salvini is focused on demand from rest of countries of European Union to assume ir responsibilities in field of migration and take one step ahead to reach an agreement stable over distribution of immigrants. Orban, in turn, bases its policy on negative absolute to receive a single immigrant in ir territory. “Hungary has shown that immigration can be stopped. Before saying all that it was impossible to both at legal level, as a physicist”, launched triumphalist Orbán. Salvini nodded: “we Respect absolute right of Hungary to defend its frontiers. Our shared goal is protection of external borders”. “Here begins a tour to change Europe,” he warned.

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however, appointment comes after a clash diplomat between Italy and Hungary because of management of case Diciotti, boat that was blocked in port of Catania for five days with more than 150 migrants aboard that Salvini refused to stop stepping on Italian soil.

The Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, held several bilateral meetings to hand out to immigrants of patrol Italian among or european partners. Budapest has rejected outright request to host a party. The Foreign minister of hungary, Peter Szijjarto, spoke on eve of meeting in Milan of “points of convergence” where almost everyone saw orwise. His Italian counterpart, did not hide discrepancies between two countries due to refusal of Hungary to welcome immigrants to Diciotti.

This, on or hand, it is also a new evidence of points of friction in governing coalition of League and Movement 5 Stars. Meanwhile, owner Foreign Hungarian flirted with idea of dragging Italy towards a kind of european fortress shielded to reduce to zero arrivals.

The harmony between Salvini and Orbán was evident during meeting with compliments with each or and talking to each or in key heroic. “Salvini is my hero,” said Orbán. The representative Hungarian sees in Italian, as a “mate of fate” and a leader of opinion in Hungary. “If Salvini was presented to upcoming elections re, win”. For leader of League, populist, Orban is “a role model”.

The Hungarian president likes iron hand of Salvini: “it Shows that immigration can be slow also in sea and no one had reached this point, he is first. Your success depends on security of Europe”. Asks you to “not step back”. We also offer “all possible assistance” but did not specify in what way. To Salvini likes to look at herself in mirror Hungarian, “a country that shows that we can grow not by cutting back and sacrificing, but investing”. Both of m joins in addition to an aversion common to Brussels.

European, 2019

Although it was not central objective of meeting, also passed idea to establish common positions ahead of european elections of 2019. Salvini already announced in early July its intention to unify nationalists europeans under same umbrella, a kind of League of League of europe. You want to take advantage of internal tension —after approval of new laws antinmigración Hungarian— in European people's Party, in which Orbán shares a bed with CDU of Angela Merkel, Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi and Spanish PP.

that's why Orbán advances convinced to Italy, sure of having nothing to lose and much that you plant with your encounter with Salvini. “We want to change many things; a new Commission and a new European Parliament: two entities that stand to defend borders with a heavy hand. The alliances that you have will be after elections. We want to get greatest number of supporters to lump m toger and give it a spin in Europe,” said Hungarian. “We are working in same field, to exclude left-wing and socialist, to bring center of identities that we represent and unite different energies with a common goal,” he said Salvini.

For Brussels, meeting of yesterday, is not reassuring and evidence of a pressing problem: how to deal with threats of extreme right in european elections in spring, when y are beginning to lay foundations of a new movement that moves in same direction. A sort of International populist, as defined by some analysts, with nationalist overtones.

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