Evicted a block of 13 houses in calle Alcalá

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Second scare in the building of Alcalá 143: quot;we're all dead of fearquot;

Evicted a block of 13 houses in calle Alcalá


Second scare in the building of Alcalá 143: quot;we're all dead of fearquot;

Evicted a block of 13 houses in calle Alcalá

"The house shook like a small earthquake, and n we hear a "boom"

In solar demolished are going to build a residential building with three garage floors

Just a few hours lasted lull in building of Alcalá 143, evicted on afternoon of Monday due to damage caused by demolition of lot adjoining, in which is going to raise a building of flats with three floors for garage. The residents of damaged building, y spent that night outside of ir homes, y returned on Tuesday morning because y were told that re was no danger, but about 16.30 hours came out alarmed by a new crack and this Wednesday, some, like workers of Shop of Spy, without being able to be in ir local.

"we Had cleaned store, went to lunch and, upon our return, wall that was already on loan again assign and to collapse, so again we had to call and run out", explains to THE WORLD Mabel, of said commercial establishment. "Now have propped up, is a crane huge removing debris and at us remains only a minimum of space-free shop, where we cannot be, we are working on next bar," he says.

Mabel recognizes that " people are very scared." One of m is Marina, a neighbor of one of 12 housing -more low - that you have building evicted. She lives in left wing, which is not adjacent to solar demolished, but it is still "dead of fear". Already on Tuesday again "with many caveats" to your home, and when last 16.00 "we had to come out again, after we had been told that he was not going to happen, because just imagine, you get fear in body and since you will not be", says this newspaper. Municipal sources make it clear that y were locals who, alerted by manager of local commercial, evicted this time, property and technicians tried to reassure m in street.

The building, which was constructed in 1916, "has a very good structure, as we have been told technical. If you don't get to be a house so well built, damage would have been much higher, even you would have been able to come down," says Marina, who insists that "what is important are lives of human beings", and asked to "watch more of this type of takedowns". This woman points out that "since construction began on solar, at beginning of August, we have called several times to police to alert you that something could happen, until that has happened." And now "we are with more fear than shame, for what may come." Fear Marina, on whole, works to construct three floors of parking.

collapses a residential building in Alcalá street in Madrid

Her husband, José María, president of community of neighbors, hoped that, after this, "will work with more care and more manual, not with so much heavy machinery". With "many reservations", he trusts "that everything will go well from now on". If anything, neighbors have hired a firm of architects and a firm of lawyers to do follow-up.

The most affected by damage caused to building are on first floor, basement, "I can't get in", according to Navy, and The Shop of Spy. From city Hall indicate that " damage is very localized, and that work to shore up areas thoroughly and ensure safety of building have already been completed". For more details you must wait for report of municipal technicians, which is not yet finished.

Due to works this morning, have cut traffic to two lanes of calle Alcalá and area of work remains cordoned off.

three months Ago, anor building in works, in street General Martínez Campos, collapsed to collapse floor of seventh floor. Two workers died in event.

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