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Trump cancels $ 200 million in aid to the palestinians

The announcement of the department of State: funds will be used for other purposes">

  • 26 August 2018 Sunday 12:05
  • Trump cancels $ 200 million in aid to the palestinians
    WASHINGTON - L39; Administration of president Donald Trump has announced that it has cancelled more than $ 200 million in aid initially destined to palestinians in Gaza Strip and west bank, targeting it quot;elsewherequot; or quot;projects high priorityagrave;.quot;.A high State department official has told press that decision quot;under direction of presidentquot;, egrave; came after a review of aid programs in palestinian Territories. The move quot;takes account of challenges that communityagrave; international must face in order to provide assistance to Gaza, where Hamas puts in danger life of citizens and deterioration of a humanitarian situation and economic giagrave; direquot;, explained source. The official did not specify for what purpose y will be redirected to fundsL39;Administration Trump is preparing in coming weeks to reveal details of long-awaited peace plan between Israel and palestinians, which has worked with son-in-law of president, Jared Kushner, toger with all39;special invitation Jason Greenblat. But premises are not good: relations between Washington and Ramallah are almost is null and void since Trump has decided to move l39;Us embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing town; as capital of State of Israel: palestinians do not recognize piugrave; role of mediators of americans and have broken off all contact with Washington. Who has responded by cutting funds because it39;Un agency for Refugees Plaestinesi UNRWA.
    Updated Date: 26 August 2018, 12:05



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