UN Security Council: USA threatens to single-handedly in Syria

The required ceasefire in Syria is not respected. If the UN Security Council did not act, the United States would intervene alone, threatening UN ambassador Haley.

UN Security Council: USA threatens to single-handedly in Syria

The United States has threatened to intervene in Syria, if necessary, if UN Security Council does not act in civil War country. It is not preferred way, said UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in front of UN panel. But US has proved in past that it is ready and is now. In what form United States wants to act, Haley left open. Last year, after a poison gas operation in Syria, US had attacked an air force base of Syrian armed Forces.

The United States requested Security Council to use an immediate 30-day ceasefire for capital city of Damascus and rebel enclave of Ostghuta. The rebel area has been attacked for weeks with Russian support from government-loyal forces. They justify ir action with fight against terrorist groups.

The Security Council had called for a 30-day fire break for whole country on 24 February. According to Russian view, a fire break cannot be enforced without an agreement of warring parties. There was no legally binding decision; In addition, exceptions have been approved for fight against terrorist organisations.

Russia had voted in favour of resolution, but shortly reafter announced a one-hour daily fire break for Ostghuta. Even this regional fire break has not been systematically adhered to. The advance of Turkish troops in Kurdish region also continued unabated.

UN ambassador to United States Nikki Haley speaks to Security Council in New York. © Spencer Platt/Getty Images Russia calls immediate ceasefire "utopian"

An immediate ceasefire would have been "utopian", said Russia's UN ambassador Vasily Nebensja now. Moreover, "Antiterroreinsätze" of Syrian government is covered by resolution. Haley announced a new resolution that does not contain any more "Antiterrorschlupflöcher". However, it was not clear at first wher and if so when this draft could be voted on.

In face of ongoing fighting for Ostghuta, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for more protection for besieged civilians. "Humanitarian evacuations" from field of combat are "urgently needed", said Guterres before UN Security Council.

Guterres called on "all states" to exert ir influence in order to finally implement ceasefire, which was urged by Security Council two weeks ago. The parties to conflict would have to allow humanitarian aid deliveries to Ostghuta, sick and wounded people should be able to leave enclave.

Date Of Update: 13 March 2018, 12:03

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